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Reason 12.5.0 Mac

Reason for Mac 很容易上手,但仍然像你想要的那樣深。它是一款音樂製作軟件,可以幫助您與世界各地的音樂家一起創作,合作和發現.


使用 Reason for Mac 和 Allihoopa 創建,分享和與其他音樂製作商合作。從世界各地的音樂家那裡得到啟發。添加你自己的貢獻。然後與朋友分享你的音樂或所有人!


也可用:下載 Windows


檔案版本 Reason 12.5.0
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Propellerhead Software
軟體類型 2022-12-19

What's new in this version:

Reason can now host VST3 Instrument, Effect and Utility plug-ins:
Updated Plugin Rack Device for VST3 and VST2:
- Indicates if the plugin is a VST2 or VST3
- Increased the number of audio inputs to 16
- Increased the number of audio outputs to 64
- Sidechain inputs has moved on the back panel for easy access
- VST2 and VST3 versions are now indicated in the device browser
- Increased the max number of automatable parameters in both VST3 and VST2
- Parameters are now grouped in automation lists and on the Plugin Rack Device (by the plug-in developer in VST3, if implemented, otherwise with generic grouping)
- Akai MPK Mini Play Mk3 Remote codec updated
- New version of Monotone that fixes a bug where using Send to Track on a Player could cause a hung note
- New version of Mimic that fixes a bug where very short slices could play back more than single slice in Slice Mode
- Fixed an issue where Reason Rack Plugin could crash when loading a document in Bitwig
- Fixed a bug where the VST screenshot feature would not functioning properly when using two monitors
- Fixed a bug where the buttons were sometimes not accessible in save dialogs without resizing the window (Mac only)
- Fixed a crash that could appear when opening certain .rns files (Windows only)
- Fixed a bug where users couldn’t write to external exFAT disk (macOS Ventura only)

Reason 12.2.10
- Fixed an issue with VST scanning where validation failed on certain VSTs
- AKAI mini mk3 codecs added
- Fixed an issue where users with a large amount of Rack Extensions in Reason Rack Plugin AU resulted in a "Failed Reading Rack Extension Data" alert

Graphical fixes:
- Graphical glitches when editing audio in Comp mode Editor
- Buttons blacked out in Control Surface dialogs in Preferences (Windows only)
- On-Screen Keyboard Sustain button cropped (macOS Ventura only)
- Added an alert in case installation fails when auto-updating Reason on macOS
- Fixed a bug where bounced samples could disappear (we’re still not sure where they went, but we’re suspecting they just needed a vacation)

Reason 12.2.9
Rewrite of how Reason handles multicore audio:
- Reason now adapts better to your document
- Reason now runs better on M1 under Rosetta, defaulting to high-performance cores
- New preference options for setting the max number of threads Reason’s allowed to use
- Implemented Silent Login in Reason DAW so that when you choose to remember your credentials, Reason logs you in automatically
- You can now remove your saved credentials in the Reason Preferences
- Monotone has been updated and now supports sustain pedal

Fixes and improvements:
- New remote codec for AKAI mini mk3 that fixes some issues
- Fixed a bug that made a line appear on Malström knobs set to max
- Fixed a waveform glitch that could appear in audio clips when zoomed in
- Fixed a bug that made lines appear around buttons on the transport bar
- Fixed a bug that could cause lines of the same color as the track color to appear on the back of Mix and Audio channels
- Fixed an issue where the Edit Mode button in Sequencer jumped around slightly when clicked
- Dr OctoRex has learned to count (pretty late in life for a Doctor) and the outputs are now named 1-2-3-4 instead of 1-3-3-4
- Fixed a bug that caused Reason to not start when several audio drivers failed consecutively
- Fixed a bug with crackling audio on Mac when opening a second document while playing

Reason 12.2.0
- The Combinator has been updated with new features and possibilities
- You can now customize the Combinator panel by changing its size, choosing and positioning controls, changing panel color, and adding a custom background with transparency
- The Programmer Section has been rehauled
- Mappings now have a “source range” setting for controlling a parameter with just part of the controls range (for example: only the second half of a rotary opens a filter)
- Several new built-in sources have been added (additional CV inputs, Random, Velocity etc.)
- The Combinator now has a summing mixer built-in to make it easier to add several instruments
- Right-click any parameter of a device in a Combinator to quickly assign it to a control on the panel (Standalone only)
- Automation lanes now show the name of the Combinator control instead of the generic “Rotary 1”
- Insert FX and Master FX section have been re-worked and are no longer treated as Combinators
- You can now add Combinators inside the Insert FX and Master FX sections
- The sound bank has been updated
- 100 new Combinator patches added
- 1000 Combinator patches has been updated to take advantage of the new Combinator features
- 100 new instrument patches added
- Mimic has been updated to Version 1.1.1
- Added root note detection, click SET next to the waveform overview
- Optimizations for better performance in time stretch modes and when playing high octaves
- Fixed a bug where the image shown while dragging a device in rack/mixer was not hi-res
- Fixed a bug where Ctrl-F didn’t work with a detached Rack in focus
- Fixed graphics glitches that could occur in Reason Rack Plugin in some cases. They made the rack look like abstract art and even though that was pretty cool it wasn’t very useful for making music
- New Authorizer version that handles hi-res Rack Extensions
- Please note: to update your Rack Extensions to hi-res, go to your account page and choose Sync All (or download just the REs you want to update)

Reason 11.3.9
- Feature: Shift+doubleclick on note in Edit mode selects that note + all following notes until end of clip
- Reason now falls back to Authorizer for updating licences, if Companion has been uninstalled, even for active Reason+ subscribers
- Trailing and leading whitespaces are automatically trimmed from Reason login username field
- Go To product page removed from Help menu for built in devices
- Improved performance for Rack Extension panels and glass / dirt overlay graphics
- Stepped controls mapped to knobs/faders and stepped outputs mapped to smooth displays were incorrectly scaled
- Improved error message for communication error alert
- Improved error message when downloading Rack Extension license fails
- Added retry option when Rack Extension license download fails

- a memory leak when loading samples
- a bug that made Calc wheel displaying incorrect status
- a bug that made it impossible to use keyboard to move notes above or below existing notes of same length in piano roll
- bug that caused crash when bouncing mono clip to MP3
- a bug in Remote where controls scales incorrectly between control surfaces and Reason
- a bug with malfunctioning external inputs on iZotope Neutron 3 (and possibly other plugins) in Reason Suite/Intro/Lite
- a bug that caused Redrum to crash if user did Delete Sample in the Assigned Samples list in the Song Samples page in the browser
- a bug that caused a crash when opening Sample Edit window for some users on macOS Big Sur
- a bug with song samples browser refresh in Kong
- bug that caused easy midi not to work on Windows
- a bug with Auto-routing of send / return sockets in Rack Extensions

Reason 11.3.8
- Fixed a bug where Windows users with French language setting got a crash upon opening Preferences

Reason 11.3.7
- General improvements and fixes

Reason 11.3.6
- Fixed a bug where Reason would not receive audio input on some versions of macOS in certain situations
- Fixed a bug where it was not possible to Run pattern devices inside a Combinator in Reason Rack Plugin

Reason 11.3.5
- Improved stability when running multiple Reason Rack Plugin instances
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused parameter automation to fail when running the AU Reason Rack Plugin in Live

Reason 11.3.4
- Updated version of Beat Map (included in Reason & Reason Suite)
- Two brand new maps, Arctic and Tharsis

- A number of new device patches and Combinator style patches, using the new maps

- Three quick buttons for setting Reset Step to 16, 32 or 64. These are especially useful when the maps play long, complex rhythms. Restrain the beat by selecting 16, and play a variation or fill by briefly selecting 64

- Default value for Reset Step changed to 32

- Fixed a bug where ratchets on the last step of a beat could be inadvertently skipped

- Fixed a bug where Beat Map could sometimes go out of sync while playing back in Block Mode
- Fixed a problem where the Send to Track button on Players would not work in Block Mode

- Fixed issues when using Undo with some VST plugins in Reason

- Fixed an issue that sometimes caused device parameters to reset to zero in the AAX version of Reason Rack Plugin Effect (when opening a document or changing instrument slot in Pro Tools)

- Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when removing an instance of Reason Rack Plugin in Maschine

- Changed heading text from Propellerhead to Reason Studios in the Create device menu

Reason 11.3.3
- Skip button at plugin scanning now skips only one plugin instead of all remaining plugins
- New “Enable All” button in Manage Plugins to re-enable all failed plugins for scan on restart
- Fixed a bug where plugin scanning would fail if Windows username contained non-ASCII characters

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