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BitTorrent Sync 2.1.1 Mac

Resilio Sync for Mac 以前稱為(BitTorrent Sync)允許您在所有設備之間免費同步文件。它具有在您自己的設備之間同步無限文件,或與朋友和家人共享文件夾以自動同步任何內容,文件傳輸被加密,並且您的信息永遠不會存儲在雲端的服務器上,您的數據受到私鑰的保護。 Resilio Sync 是專為處理大文件而設計的,因此可隨時同步原始,高質量和無壓縮的文件.

Resilio 同步功能:

Resilio Sync 使用 BitTorrent 的點對點技術來查找最短傳輸數據時設備之間的路徑。不管這些設備是在同一個家庭還是在全球範圍內,都無關緊要。這節省了時間,特別是對於大文件,並使失敗的傳輸成為過去。 Resilio Sync 還可以使用本地網絡移動數據,即使互聯網關閉或不可用。

編輯現有文件後,Resilio Sync 知道如何僅更新已更改的部分,而不是整個文件。這使移動數據更快,特別是對於大文件。更新和更改會立即自動同步。當你共享一個文件夾時,每個額外的設備使共享更快,並可以傳輸數據到任何其他同行。在連接受限的情況下,您可以暫時同步特定文件夾或所有內容.

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注意:您可以選擇使用 Pro 版本 30 天。需要 64 位處理器。有限的功能.

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檔案版本 BitTorrent Sync 2.1.1
檔案名稱 BitTorrent-Sync.dmg
檔案大小 12.37 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Resilio, Inc.
軟體類型 2015-07-17

What's new in this version:

- If you have a storage device linked to your identity in “Synced” mode, capacity information about that device is shown in the My Devices window so it can be remotely monitored; that device must also be running Sync 2.0.125 or later
- Notifications in Sync are now synchronized across your devices
- Keyboard shortcuts have been added; “ctrl + /” on Windows and “command + /” on OS X to display the available shortcuts
- You can now add a folder to Sync by dragging and dropping it into the main window
- Search for folders, users, and devices in the folder list, peer list, and licenses
- New optional column for “Owner” so you can easily see who owns which folder
- New optional column for “Last transferred” so you know the last time files were changed in a folder
- Ability to hide offline devices in the My Devices list that you are not using anymore

- Sync API v2 is enabled. For detailed information, see API page.
- Notifications have been added for changes in folder permissions and licensing status
- Reduced the size of placeholder files on OS X when the folder’s “Sync all” option is off
- All settings in a folder's Share dialog are now remembered the next time it is opened
- For Sync-specific options, icons have been added to the contextual menu of folders and files in Explorer (Windows) and Finder (OS X)
- When manually installing a new version of Sync for Windows, the installer now properly shuts down the existing version of Sync, making the update process easier
- Additional usability and design improvements
- Many core engine improvements

- Fixed issue that would cause UI to not update (like when linking a device or adding a folder)
- “Date synced column” is not empty when peers go offline
- Critical issues have been resolved on POSIX-based systems
- The UI is now properly scaled on high-resolution Windows displays, like those on the Microsoft Surface Pro
- Improved the accuracy of files that need to be sent or received in the peer list
- Accuracy of receiving performance statistic has been improved
- Resolved an issue when disconnecting/connecting a folder after changing the default path
- Resolved an issue that would cause the incorrect path to show in the “Path” column
- Resolved a CPU usage issue on OS X that would result in the WindowServer process consuming resources
- On OS X, hidden items can now be selected when adding a folder if they are made visible in the Finder
- Resolved an issue on OS X Yosemite that caused some checkboxes and radio buttons to be duplicated
- “Pause receiving” is changed to “Cancel receiving” in a file’s contextual menu when it is being received
- Resolved an issue that sometimes caused the Sync-specific contextual menu options disappear in the Finder
- Resolved an issue that Sync prevents OS X from entering sleep mode
- Minor design improvements

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