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MailButler 1704 Mac

Screens for Mac 是一個美麗的,但功能強大的屏幕共享和 VNC 客戶端,可以讓你在客廳,在 world.

Screens 特點街角的咖啡店或任何地方的舒適連接回你的 Mac,Windows 或 Linux PC:現在

Faster 比 Ever
Screens 依賴於 OpenGL 渲染你的遠程計算機的 display.

Mobile Trackpad
Turn 你的 iPhone 變成一個觸控板,而你用你的 iPad.

Curtain Mode
Control 一台 Mac 的屏幕與用戶或任何人都無法看到 screen.

You 現在可以收集你保存的屏幕為團體和把一切都在 order.

One 觸摸屏 Password
Let 用 button.

Adaptive Toolbar
Screens 的只有一個水龍頭輸入您的用戶密碼,現在優化工具欄快捷方式分組,根據設備的您目前 using.

Full 3D 觸控 Support
Use 快速操作,皮克和流行馬柯屏風甚至更快,更容易 use.

1Password Integration
Screens 現在,您可以訪問所有的密碼和 you.

Note 輸入它們:試用後 10 成功連接到期。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 MailButler 1704
檔案名稱 MailButler.dmg
檔案大小 10.2 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Edovia Inc.
軟體類型 2019-06-05

What's new in this version:

MailButler 1704
- First impressions are incredibly important, so we've made our communication even more clear should you ever come across a login or registration error
- Sometimes a message template wouldn't work properly when composing a message - an extra bracket here, or a missing period there. So we've provided more helpful messages so you can quickly locate and fix the error, and get on your way to sending your message
- When selecting from the message template dropdown, subject lines are now visible. It detects whether you've already set a message subject, or if left empty, will insert the template's default subject
- The summer sun helped us defrost a frozen compose window when sending a message untracked
- We now support spaces in macOS short usernames. Use them wisely

MailButler 1628
- Activity tooltips have decided to behave properly again, and are back to displaying its full content as intended
- No, your eyes weren't twitching. We mixed a minor display glitch in the Companion App
- For those that experienced issues logging in, we've repaved it back to a smooth experience
- In case you were one of the few who experienced an installation crash, we apologize for the unintentional teasers. Please download Mailbutler again and explore all our time-saving features
- We fixed a possible issue with tracking when rescheduling a message, so now you can go back to rescheduling confidently and capriciously as ever before
- Tracked links are back on track - there was a potential break in tracking links when unscheduling a message

MailButler 1607
- We polished some rough edges and delivered general enhancements here and there. Mailbutler is now better than it was. Mail was discarding empty email drafts that already had Notes and/or Tasks attached to them, without asking. This sadly meant orphaned Note and Task items in your Dashboard. We stepped in, now Mail will ask before closing.
- Undo Send will now politely returns the focus to whatever app held it last when dismissed.
- We optimized how Mailbutler accesses macOS keychain.
- Some of the default keyboard shortcuts weren't properly loaded on launch. They're back now.
- We made a few improvements to optimize how a user can install, uninstall and update Mailbutler.
- Fixed an issue that could result in 'fullName' not being rendered as expected when using Liquid templates.

MailButler 1415
- Fix incompatibility

MailButler 1412
- Whenever you change your account password, you'll now be prompted to relogin on all devices with Mailbutler installed.
- New users will now automatically activate a free 14-day trial to Mailbutler. Basically, there's no better time to invite your colleagues and friends.
- Small functionality improvements and minor fixes. So small that sometimes they get unnoticed. If you spot something that works even better than before, you should tweet us and let us know.
- Tracking Details now looks sleek in Mail's Dark Mode.

MailButler 1409
- Fix incompatibility with Daylite Mail Assistant

MailButler 1405
- Mailbutler is adding another security mechanism (provided by Apple) to make it even more robust and secure
- Fixes an issue with Auto-Bcc not working correctly for users with only one email account
- Fixes an issue where under certain conditions the popover would appear detached in the lower left screen corner
- Fixes a rare installation problem that could prevent the plugin from being loaded
- Fixes an issue where Mailbutler and other plugins modifying Mail's Dock icon would clash
- Our "What's new" notification will only appear once per version from now on

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