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Screens 4.4.1 Mac

Screens for Mac 是一個美麗的,但功能強大的屏幕共享和 VNC 客戶端,可以讓你在客廳,在 world.

Screens 特點街角的咖啡店或任何地方的舒適連接回你的 Mac,Windows 或 Linux PC:現在

Faster 比 Ever
Screens 依賴於 OpenGL 渲染你的遠程計算機的 display.

Mobile Trackpad
Turn 你的 iPhone 變成一個觸控板,而你用你的 iPad.

Curtain Mode
Control 一台 Mac 的屏幕與用戶或任何人都無法看到 screen.

You 現在可以收集你保存的屏幕為團體和把一切都在 order.

One 觸摸屏 Password
Let 用 button.

Adaptive Toolbar
Screens 的只有一個水龍頭輸入您的用戶密碼,現在優化工具欄快捷方式分組,根據設備的您目前 using.

Full 3D 觸控 Support
Use 快速操作,皮克和流行馬柯屏風甚至更快,更容易 use.

1Password Integration
Screens 現在,您可以訪問所有的密碼和 you.

Note 輸入它們:試用後 10 成功連接到期。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Screens 4.4.1
檔案名稱 Screens.dmg
檔案大小 16.7 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Edovia Inc.
軟體類型 2018-02-03

What's new in this version:

Screens 4.4.1
- Fixed issue where the connection window would get closed after a connection error occurred

Screens 4.4
- Fixed URL scheme issues when launching the app

Screens 4.3.9
- Fixed iCloud sync issue
- Fixed rare issue where remote cursor wouldn't be visible
- Fixed keyboard selection issue
- Fixed issue with large file transfers
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.8
- Fixed rare issue that prevents some users to drag items around on the remote computer

Screens 4.3.7
- Fixed French AZERTY keyboard issues with some characters when connecting to PCs
- Improved Wake On Lan
- Fixed cursor issues when uploading files when the local cursor is hidden
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.6
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.5
- Fixed Italian keyboard mapping
- Bug fixes

Screens 4.3.4
- Fixed issue where blank passwords would not be saved after storing in Keychain
- Stability improvements
- Note: If you're using a blank password, you may me prompted to save it again one last time. Sorry for the inconvenience

Screens 4.3.3
- Fixed issue where blank passwords would not be saved after storing in Keychain
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.2
- Fixed window resizing issue when scaling is off
- Improved pasteboard transfers
- Now obfuscates sensitive pasteboard content in notifications
- Improved file transfers
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.3.1
- Screens will no longer re-populate shortcuts at every launch if they were cleared by the user
- Fixed freezing issue when connecting to a Windows or Linux PC via a SSH tunnel
- Fixed issue with service browser not always starting at launch
- Fixed German keyboard mapping on windows and Linux PC

Screens 4.3
- Fixed Dropbox issues
- Improved performance
- Bug fixes

Screens 4.2.2
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.2
- macOS 10.13 High Sierra compatibility
- Sending system shortcuts to the remote computer can now be turned off in the app preferences
- Screens will no longer show the Library window when it is launched from a supported file format
- Fixed Danish keyboard mapping issues
- Fixed issue where fullscreen window would pause when Screens is running on a multiple display configuration
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.1.4
- Bug fixes

Screens 4.1.3
- Screens wasn't checking for updates automatically
- Fixed issue where associated URLs wouldn't launch Screens
- You can now customize toolbars in both the Library and Connection windows
- Enhanced connection speed and responsiveness
- Improved stability and general performance

Screens 4.1.2
- Fixed update system that wouldn't check for updates automatically
- Fixed URL schemes when launching app
- Stability and performance improvements

Screens 4.1.1
- Fixed licensing issues
- Stability and performance improvements

Screens 4.1
- Command-Tab and Spotlight shortcuts are now sent to the remote computer
- Fixed issue where a key would sometimes stick when Command was pressed earlier
- Fixed license issues
- Stability and general improvements

Screens 4.0.5
- Fixed license validation issues when running Screens offline
- Fixed license resetting issues
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.0.4
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.0.3
- Fixed On-Disconnect Actions that were not executed for some users when Curtain Mode was enabled
- Custom screenshots could get deleted after disconnecting
- Operating system or a saved screen could be set to Linux if RFB minor version was invalid
- Fixed middle-click button
- Fixed scroll wheel not responding when connecting to a PC
- Screens now disables file transfers when in Observe mode
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.0.2
- Fixes OpenGL issues on some systems
- Stability improvements

Screens 4.0.1
- Fixed clipboard issue with iWork apps
- Fixed overlay items in Groups
- Fixed jumping connection window
- Fixed crash when resuming Screens from sleep
- Fixed scaling issue when moving a connection window from a retina display to a non-retina display and vice-versa
- Duplicated items in a group would be moved to root group
- Authentication sheet now allows empty passwords
- One-Click Password could send incorrect characters

Screens 4.0
- Fixed a crash under macOS 10.11
- OpenGL optimizations
- Improved clipboard receiving
- Fixed clipboard issues after re-connection
- Stability improvements
- Bug fixes

Screens 3.8.7
- Stability improvements

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