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Scribus 1.5.3 Mac

Scribus for Mac 是用於編輯文檔,設置佈局,排版和製作交互式元素的免費軟件,允許您以 PDF,Postscript 和其他格式創建專業外觀的文檔,甚至可以用作雜誌分發的預印刷文檔,報紙,通訊,海報,書籍和小冊子。 Scribus for Mac 可以被專業人士和新手用戶使用,他們希望創建醒目的文檔和交互式 PDF 文件,他們可以分發他們的個人項目,學校或工作。為了讓每個人都了解這個功能強大的應用程序的所有功能,用戶可以聯繫 Scribus 周圍的熱情友好的社區,通過郵件列表,IRC 頻道,wiki,合同支持以及 bug 追踪器來幫助初學者和親們。 Scribus 支持多種格式,如 MS Word 文檔,PDF,OASIS(Open Document)等等。Scribus 的第一個版本於 2003 年 6 月向公眾發布,從那以後,它成功登陸了數量驚人的操作系統,包括 Windows,Linux,Unix,Mac OS X,OpenBSD,Solaris 等等。作為世界上最受歡迎的開源專業文檔構建應用程序之一,Scribus 設法吸引公眾的大量關注,甚至創建了幾本描述其所有功能的書籍,並提供了清晰的教程和示例來提取此應用程序提供的所有內容。

如果你有興趣注入您的業務與優秀的軟件準備專業文件,不會打破你的預算,那麼你必須真正仔細看 Scribus.6235896
Scribus 主要特點:最簡單的指出方面 - 該軟件是免費的。你不支付我們一毛錢。 Scribus 是根據通用公共許可證頒發的許可證,使其免費且合法,可用於任何場合,包括商業和政府組織.

專業人士和業餘愛好者正在使用 Scribus 製作高質量的出版物,這就是為什麼 Scribus 成功案例的列表持續增長以後一年.

Scribus 製作的 PDF 文件是 RIP-ready。 Scribus PDFs 正在不斷在尖端印刷廠設備和低成本打印機上進行測試。 Scribus 團隊將立即響應 PDF 生成查詢作為最高優先事項。 Scribus 是第一個支持幾代新的 Adobe PDF 規格的軟件,遠遠領先於商業軟件.

Scribus 用戶郵件列表非常活躍。許多 Scribus 團隊成員和專業 DTP 專家經常回答在列表上發布的問題.

在專業製作的 Wiki 中有許多文檔,包括 DTP 和 Scribus 的任何方面的 How-Tos,Tutorials 和文章.

Several books 用三種語言發表了關於 Scribus 的文章,所以你可能會找到一個能讓你馬上開始的文章.

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檔案版本 Scribus 1.5.3
檔案名稱 scribus-1.5.3.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Scribus Team
軟體類型 2017-06-17

What's new in this version:

- The most important change isn't immediately visible, namely a completely rewritten text layout engine, which supports complex scripts like Arabic, Hindi or Thai, as well as providing access to advanced OpenType features, such as ligatures and alternate glyphs
- Altogether, about 500 languages and/or scripts are supported. Please note that as of version 1.5.3, Scribus is supposed to render these diverse writing systems, which still needs thorough testing by those who are familiar with them
- Typing on the canvas and text rendering in general has become a lot faster
- Previews for fonts are now available in font selectors
- The "Text" tab has been removed from the Properties Palette and is now a separate UI palette
- The performance of copying and pasting objects in/from/to files with huge color palettes has been vastly improved
- An import filter for Krita's KRA format has been added
- Scribus now follows the XDG standard for configuration files. Therefore, the Scribus preferences directory has moved from ~/.scribus/ to a new default location: ~/.config/scribus/
- Color selectors display the color values as a tooltip
- A longstanding problem with the launch option for an external image editing program has been resolved. Until version 1.5.3 it was necessary to manually close the external program before it could be started again from within Scribus. This is no longer necessary
- The "Wikipedia RAL Classic" color palette has been updated, this time using Wikipedia's LAB color values
- A script called "Caption" has been included, which adds a text frame to an image frame, based on the latter's proportions
- The "Autoquote" scripts now supports inverted guillemets via the "de-g" parameter
- Code improvements have been made based on recommendations from using both the Coverity scan tool and the "clazy" tool ( These changes improved efficiency, removed bugs and improved security
- Countless bugs, mostly introduced with the new features in 1.5.x, have been fixed

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