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Scrivener 3.1.2 Mac

Scrivener for Mac 是一個作家的專業內容生成工具,可以自動化和簡化長和困難文檔的撰寫和結構化過程。 Scrivener 的強大功能使您可以完全控制這些文檔的格式,讓作者更容易創建文檔的重要初稿.

如果您負責編寫需要大量參考的文檔,跟踪筆記,概念和研究文件,可能包括或不包括音頻和視頻文件,那麼 Scrivener 毫無疑問將提高您的生產力,並使您能夠創造更好的最終產品。


Scrivener 是暢銷小說家,編劇,非小說作家,學生,學者,律師,記者,翻譯家等各類作家的必備應用程序。 Scrivener 不會告訴你如何寫 - 它只是提供你需要的一切,開始寫作,並繼續寫作.

為長時間的寫作項目而製作的作品,Scrivener 允許你以任何順序撰寫你的文本,在你喜歡的部分大小。有一個好主意,但不知道它適合?當靈感來襲時寫下來,然後找到它的位置。有機地發展你的手稿,有想法的想法.

斯維爾內爾是否按照你的方式工作:在打字前敲出每一個細節,或者稍後開始草稿和重組。或者混合你的方法,並做一些。在 Scrivener 中,您所寫的所有內容都集成在一個易於使用的項目大綱中。因此,對您的稿件進行概述只是一個點擊即可,而將第四章轉化為第一章就如同拖放一樣簡單.

需要參考研究嗎?在 Scrivener 中,您的背景資料總是隨時可用,您可以在工作旁邊打開它。寫一個基於照片的描述。轉錄採訪。做一個 PDF 文件或網頁的筆記。或者通過參考正在進行的一章的前一章來檢查一致性.

如果您準備好與世界分享您的工作,請將所有內容編譯成單個文檔,以便打印,自行發布或導出為流行格式如 Word,PDF,最終草案或純文本。您甚至可以使用不同的格式進行分享,以便您可以使用自己喜歡的字體進行書寫,並且仍然能夠滿足那些提交準則.

注意:30 天試用版.

檔案版本 Scrivener 3.1.2
檔案名稱 Scrivener.dmg
檔案大小 108.54 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Literature & Latte Ltd.
軟體類型 2019-02-20

What's new in this version:

Refinements and Changes:
- Ebook tables are now more flexible, allowing for multi-line cells and different alignments within cells and between rows
- Removed limitation whereby previously the header and footer fonts chosen for RTF and Office formats needed to be used in the main text as well
- “Remove all hyperlinks” in Compile now removes page number and footnote links in PDF files too
- When compiling to PDF format, there is now a new “Reduce file size” option along with “Compression Settings” which allow you to determine how images should be compressed or resampled. Using these options can significantly reduce the file size of PDF files which contain a lot of images.
- When using the Compile option to resize images to the page width for RTF and Word files, you can now determine the DPI. This allows you to reduce the size of exported files
- When using the Compile option to resample images in ebooks, you can now determine the DPI and maximum size of the images. This allows you to reduce the size of exported files
- It is now possible to add trim and bleed marks to PDF files via “Page Settings” in the Compile format editor, which can then be turned on or off via a new “Add printer marks” option in the main Compile window
- Removed “Copyright” from Office Compile metadata options since it had no effect
- During Compile, Scrivener now strips any list formatting from paragraphs that do not contain a tab and are thus not valid lists. This avoids unexpected numbering being added to paragraphs that have stray list formatting left in them
- Improved support for a mix of links and code spans when converting rich text to MultiMarkdown
- Exclamation marks preceding MultiMarkdown footnotes are now escaped during Compile
- MultiMarkdown export now uses the extension“.md” by default instead of “.mmd.”

Converting to Office Formats:
- Scrivener now contains a brand new, native, in-house converter for Word .docx files (affecting import, export and Compile). Because this converter has not yet been tested widely enough, it is turned off by default - by default Scrivener still uses the mature Java-based converters from third-party company Aspose, as it has been doing for several years now. If you would like to test the new converters, open Preferences and then, under Sharing > Conversion, turn off “Use enhanced converters for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents”. This will turn off the Aspose Java converters, causing Scrivener to use the new in-house .docx converter instead. (Note that this will also result in poor OpenOffice conversions, however)
- When the Java-based Aspose converters for creating Word and Office files fail, Scrivener now shows a message to warn the user that Apple’s more basic converters will be used instead
- When the Aspose converters fail, Scrivener now falls back on the in-house converter rather than the low-fidelity Apple converter.

Keep with Next:
- You can now assign Keep with Next to Section Layout prefixes and suffixes
- Keep with Next now works over a maximum of a five successive paragraphs (previously it worked across only two)
- Keep with Next now works with empty paragraphs

- Comments now record the user name, so that if another user adds comments, that user’s name will show at the top of the comment. (A name is shown at the top of the comment if it differs from the current user name)
- Word and RTF import and export now preserve comment author information

Copy to Project:
- Added “Copy to Project” to the “Documents” menu as well as to the binder, corkboard and outliner contextual menus. This makes it easier to copy documents to another project without having to drag and drop
- “Copy to ‘project.scriv’ Again” also appears in these menus if you have copied any documents to another project during the session, and uses the keyboard shortcut Shift-Opt-Cmd-C. (Note that this shortcut was previously used by “Copy without Comments and Footnotes”. Those who relied on the previous use of the shortcut can restore it by customising keyboard shortcuts in the System Preferences)

Find Duplicates:
- A new “Find Duplicates” option has been added to Project Search. When ticked, the search results will show only documents whose text (or whichever part of the content is marked for search) appears more than once in the project

- Minor amendments to how the “Default” theme works
- Made improvements to the way absolute dates work with custom metadata
- Added an option to disable live row height resizing in the outliner to the “Behaviours” preferences, so that users of composite character scripts (e.g. Korean) can work around an issue with the way live row resizing breaks composite characters
- Further improved the workaround for Apple’s grammar/spell-checking mess in Mojave
- Tabbed windows are no longer hidden in composition mode, to avoid them breaking away from the tabs
- Zoom In and Zoom Out now works with regular corkboard mode for resizing cards
- Minor changes to the “Set Style Defaults…” options in the Preferences to reduce confusion
- When setting the character style to “None”, formatting not normally affected by styles (such as inline footnotes) is no longer removed from the typing attributes
- UI settings are now saved when saving manually (previously they were only ever saved upon closing the project)
- You can now open linked documents in a copyholder when Ctrl-clicking on links and choose copyholders as a default location for links in the Behaviors Preferences
- When exporting documents, file names are now limited to 250 characters long, since files with names longer than 255 (including the extension) are not allowed and so will fail to export
- Added “Reveal in Finder” to the binder contextual menu for aliases
- When editing or replacing project templates and choosing “Keep Both”, the new template will now be given a unique name

Bugs Fixed:
Major (Stability):
- Fixed a crash that could occur when resetting the preferences to the defaults after closing a project
- Fixed one instance in which an error can appear when closing a project saying that -setHasChanges: has been called after the final save (triggered when composition mode was open)
- Fixed bug whereby filtering the outline or corkboard could crash if set to use RegEx and the search text was empty
- Fixed bug whereby adding a keyword to the Inspector could cause a crash if there was already a blank keyword being edited

Minor (Usability):
- Fixed bug whereby changing the preference to use the system version of Java for file conversion would not take effect until you restarted Scrivener
- Worked around an arcane and bizarre Apple bug on 10.14 which caused the MMD and Fountain metadata areas of Compile not to be editable unless you Ctrl-clicked into them
- Fixed bug whereby “General Text” and “General Text (Centered)” did nothing in the script mode Touch Bar
- Fixed bug whereby if the full screen window was open in its own space and the main window got the focus (if not hidden), full screen would close
- Fixed a bug whereby, if the focus was in the title of the header bar in scrivenings mode, switching to a different view mode could cause the enclosing folder to be renamed with the title of the scrivening that was previously being viewed
- Hopefully worked around a bug whereby marked text (used for writing in certain languages such as Simplified Chinese) could mess up scriptwriting formatting
- Fixed a bug whereby, if the outliner was sorted and set to affect the other editor, what was shown in the other editor could change unexpectedly during autosave in some circumstances
- Fixed bug whereby the “Inspector uses dark appearance” Composition Mode preference was not saved between sessions

- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when exporting to ebook format
- Fixed bug whereby widow and orphan control could result in the top margins being wrong when compiling for print or PDF
- Fixed bug whereby single-row tables would not export correctly to ebook formats
- Fixed bug whereby PDF outlines were not getting included
- Fixed bugs whereby headers and footers in exported RTF and Word files could take on some of the formatting of the section’s title
- Fixed bug whereby the closing HTML paragraph tag could be placed in the wrong place in certain situations for ebook export
- Fixed a bug whereby Compile could hang when producing script documents with scene numbering and widow and orphan control turned on
- Fixed minor bug whereby the regular header and footer might not show up when exporting to RTF or Word if both “different new pages” and “different first pages” was set and no front matter was set
- Fixed bug whereby may incorrectly show the project title in headers for scripts set to fix script elements that fall across pages
- Fixed a bug that could cause problems with certain encodings in headers and footers for RTF-based formats

- Fixed bug whereby the text focus mode toolbar item would not work in full screen mode
- Fixed bug whereby rubber band area of binder used the wrong colour
- Fixed bug with rubber band scroll area drawing in page view
- Fixed bug whereby document icons may not appear in the Scratch Pad “Send to Project” menus
- Fixed the freeform drag indicator so that it no longer wrongly indicates a copy for a regular move
- Fixed minor glitch whereby “x” and “points” text in the image editor box were black in dark mode instead of white
- Fixed minor issue whereby the “Underline” tick state was inverted in the editor’s contextual menu
- Fixed bug whereby custom metadata dates in the outliner may use the wrong time zone when contracted
- Fixed bug whereby the selected character count in the footer popover statistics would be one over

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