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Scrivener 3.1.4 Mac

Scrivener for Mac 是一個作家的專業內容生成工具,可以自動化和簡化長和困難文檔的撰寫和結構化過程。 Scrivener 的強大功能使您可以完全控制這些文檔的格式,讓作者更容易創建文檔的重要初稿.

如果您負責編寫需要大量參考的文檔,跟踪筆記,概念和研究文件,可能包括或不包括音頻和視頻文件,那麼 Scrivener 毫無疑問將提高您的生產力,並使您能夠創造更好的最終產品。


Scrivener 是暢銷小說家,編劇,非小說作家,學生,學者,律師,記者,翻譯家等各類作家的必備應用程序。 Scrivener 不會告訴你如何寫 - 它只是提供你需要的一切,開始寫作,並繼續寫作.

為長時間的寫作項目而製作的作品,Scrivener 允許你以任何順序撰寫你的文本,在你喜歡的部分大小。有一個好主意,但不知道它適合?當靈感來襲時寫下來,然後找到它的位置。有機地發展你的手稿,有想法的想法.

斯維爾內爾是否按照你的方式工作:在打字前敲出每一個細節,或者稍後開始草稿和重組。或者混合你的方法,並做一些。在 Scrivener 中,您所寫的所有內容都集成在一個易於使用的項目大綱中。因此,對您的稿件進行概述只是一個點擊即可,而將第四章轉化為第一章就如同拖放一樣簡單.

需要參考研究嗎?在 Scrivener 中,您的背景資料總是隨時可用,您可以在工作旁邊打開它。寫一個基於照片的描述。轉錄採訪。做一個 PDF 文件或網頁的筆記。或者通過參考正在進行的一章的前一章來檢查一致性.

如果您準備好與世界分享您的工作,請將所有內容編譯成單個文檔,以便打印,自行發布或導出為流行格式如 Word,PDF,最終草案或純文本。您甚至可以使用不同的格式進行分享,以便您可以使用自己喜歡的字體進行書寫,並且仍然能夠滿足那些提交準則.

注意:30 天試用版.

檔案版本 Scrivener 3.1.4
檔案名稱 Scrivener.dmg
檔案大小 105.66 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Literature & Latte Ltd.
軟體類型 2019-10-14

What's new in this version:

- Clicking the “X” button on a comment to remove it now scrolls to the location in the text where the comment was located
- “Update Document Links to Use Target Titles” in Edit > Text Tidying now removes links to documents that no longer exist
- Find by Formatting can now search in the URLs of links
- Removed script summary and note font options from Compile for FDX since Final Draft now ignores these settings
- Updated the abbreviated title placeholder in Compile metadata to show “Use Title”, as a more accurate indicator if the field’s function
- When “Base page view size on” is set to “Compile settings”, the page size now ignores the Compile settings and uses the File > Page Setup settings for Compile formats that do not support page settings
- Updated a number of Compile formats
- Page break characters are now stripped out of the text when compiling to ebook or HTML formats, to avoid HTML errors

- Fixed bug with PDF cover images that could cause them to be cropped incorrectly
- Worked around an Apple issue whereby file links dragged in would use an arcane private Apple ID scheme rather than the file path
- Fixed bug whereby pressing up/down buttons on corkboard arranged by label when there was no selection would throw an exception
- Fixed bug that could cause a crash with unfound bookmarks
- Fixed bug whereby shadow artefacts could be left in page layout view until resized when switching the “Base page view size on” preference
- Fixed bug whereby Opt-clicking on the “open collection” arrow in the collections header, which loads all documents set to “Include in Compile” into the editor, would erroneously include a representation of the collection itself in the corkboard or outliner
- Fixed a bug whereby certain toolbar items could have text drawn over them on Catalina
- Worked around an OS bug whereby the bold and italic menu items would not work on Catalina
- Worked around an OS bug whereby the UI elements of the main window may not resize correctly on Catalina
- Fixed an issue whereby epubcheck would report a warning for sections with no explicit title in Scrivener
- Fixed a bug whereby an exception could be thrown when entering composition mode, causing buttons in the control strip to go missing, if the screen size had changed since first launching composition mode
- Fixed bug whereby newly-created styles would include Inspector comments until the project was closed and reopened

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