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SecuritySpy 5.2.3 Mac

SecuritySpy for Mac 是 NVR 軟件(網絡視頻錄製軟件),使您能夠快速建立一個有效的視頻監控系統,無論您是計劃中小型家庭還是辦公室安裝,還是大型專業系統。適用於 Mac 的多攝像機 CCTV 軟件!

SecuritySpy 可以連續捕捉多個攝像機,或者響應運動檢測,音頻電平檢測或外部觸發。它可以在移動偵測時將通知發送到您的手機或電子郵件,其遠程監控功能允許您從世界任何地方通過互聯網查看和管理您的系統.

通過硬件加速的視頻處理,多線程和其他優化,SecuritySpy 可以充分利用 Mac 的強大功能,提供大量相機的高性能。

如果您使用網絡攝像機從頭開始構建視頻監控系統,我們可以幫助您選擇合適的硬件來滿足您的需求。如果您有一個使用模擬攝像機的現有系統,SecuritySpy 將使您能夠升級到數字系統,同時仍然保留現有的攝像機和佈線。


SecuritySpy 可以捕獲來自多個攝像機的視頻和音頻時間 - 例如,Mac Pro 可以處理具有 1MP 分辨率和 8fps 幀速率的 76 台攝像機.


通過本地網絡或互聯網查看您的 SecuritySpy 系統。支持標準的 HTTP 和安全的 HTTPS,輕鬆一鍵設置.

iPhone,iPad 和蘋果電視 app
SecuritySpy 有它自己的 iOS / tvOS 應用程序,輕鬆地查看您的所有設備上的相機,無論你在哪裡.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ)支持
直接從 SecuritySpy 控制您的攝像頭.

SecuritySpy 支持所有行業標準的視頻和音頻壓縮編解碼器(JPEG,MPEG-4,H.264,AAC),以有效存儲捕獲的素材。 SecuritySpy 可以自行執行壓縮,也可以直接使用壓縮數據,以便攝像機而不是計算機正在完成所有工作,從而獲得最佳性能和質量。

Secure FTP 上傳功能
SecuritySpy 可以自動將所有捕獲的素材上傳到遠程服務器用於安全的場外存儲。

ONVIF 是基於 IP 的安全產品的開放式行業標準,可輕鬆集成兼容設備。任何支持 ONVIF 的 IP 攝像機都應該使用 SecuritySpy.

注意事項:30 天試用版。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 SecuritySpy 5.2.3
檔案名稱 SecuritySpy.dmg
檔案大小 14.2 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Ben Software Ltd
更新日期 暫無資訊
軟體類型 2020-06-09

What's new in this version:

SecuritySpy 5.2.3
- New options to export/import preferences files
- Automatic daily preferences backups
- Volume control for audio from IP cameras
- Support for Hikvision PCM audio format
- PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) improvements
- Improved logging of web server connections
- Improved remote screen control, including mouse scroll support
- Support for Backblaze B2 and other S3 cloud storage solutions
- Motion detection improvements
- Fixed SFTP upload issues with recent macOS versions
- Fixed erroneous free space warning messages for NAS drives
- Fixed motion detection mask problems with flipped/rotated video
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

SecuritySpy 5.2.2
- New option to exclude tagged files from automatic deletion
- New option to generate warnings about low disk space
- New per-camera volume control for Action sounds
- More options for ProRes video compression
- More Preferences options available via the web interface
- Enlargeable video previews in the Preferences window
- AppleScript commands to add/remove cameras to groups
- Improved latency for local video devices
- Fixed H.265 video decode problems with Dahua/Amcrest cameras
- Fixed H.264/H.265 video decode problems with ACTi cameras
- Bug fixes

SecuritySpy 5.2.1
- Schedule Setter window to easily set schedules for multiple cameras
- Higher quality video previews when scaling down significantly
- Drag and drop copy of files from the Browser to the Finder
- Otions to customise the camera information shown in video windows
- User interface improvements
- Bug fixes

SecuritySpy 5.2
- Enhanced web server SSL security options
- Support for Amazon S3 uploads for offsite file backup
- Upload queue is now retained across application restarts
- New quality setting for Screen Control
- New Action to run shell command (issue HTTP request, issue IFTTT event, say words, run Bash script etc.)
- Improved reliability of iOS Push Notifications
- Additional schedule overrides (2 hours, 3 hours etc.)
- User interface improvements
- Efficiency improvements for lower CPU usage
- Fixed problems with Screen Control with Retina displays
- Fixed problems with SFTP uploads
- Other bug fixes

SecuritySpy 5.1
- Notarized for full compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Video display using Apple’s Metal framework for improved efficiency and performance
- Mac Screen Control via the web interface
- Improved Browser export functionality
- Support for recording in ProRes 422 HQ video format
- New Action to wake screen and dismiss screensaver on motion trigger
- More information passed to AppleScripts actions
- Fixed problems with automatic file deletion
- Fixed problems with window positions not being remembered
- Fixed problems obtaining “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificates
- Other bug fixes

SecuritySpy 5.0.1
- Enhancement of the HTTP event stream to contain AI classification data
- Fixed problems with the vehicle detector on certain systems
- Fixed bug preventing display of Dashboard data
- Other minor bug fixes

SecuritySpy 5.0
- AI-based motion detection for exceptional detection accuracy and elimination of false triggers
- H.265 HEVC video format support for high-efficiency recording
- Support for automatically obtaining "Let's Encrypt" SSL certificates for the HTTPS web server
- New Dashboard feature for visual display of performance metrics
- Browser bookmarks, for easy annotation of each day's footage
- Browser file tagging, with Finder integration
- Dark mode support, including for the web interface
- User interface improvements

SecuritySpy 4.2.11
- Fixed bug causing gaps in video playback in the Browser
- Fixed bug preventing file deletion in the Browser
- Fixed problems playing back unfinished files via the web interface
- Fixed problems with AppleScript control
- Improved MP4 file compliance for wider media player support
- Support for Hikvision "field detection" events
- Other bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.2.10
- Improved audio/video synchronisation
- Improved ONVIF device auto-discovery
- Bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.2.9
- Compatible with macOS 10.14 "Mojave"
- New group-based camera selection via the web interface
- User-specified date format now used in web interface
- Bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.2.8
- Fixed problem with "Export Selection" from Browser
- Fixed problem with video input devices with 32-bit driver software
- Fixed problem causing incorrect width of multi-line text overlays
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.2.7
- New option to run a script after a captured file has completed
- Fixed compatibility issues with the Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP doorbell
- Fixed problem with JKL playback control in the Browser
- Fixed problem with 12-hour clock display in text overlays
- Other bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.2.6
- Improved reliability of streaming from network cameras
- Manual network device setup available via the web interface
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

SecuritySpy 4.2.5
- Sunrise-To-Sunset scheduling options
- Fixed problem connecting to Doorbird IP doorbell cameras
- Fixed inaccurate timing of Browser image export
- Other bug fixes and stability improvements

SecuritySpy 4.2.4
- Zoom/Pan captured footage during playback in the Browser
- Improved viewing of captured footage via the web interface
- Improved reliability of HTTP Live Streaming via the web interface
- Improved web server performance
- Improved recovery of corrupt recordings due to power outages
- Added local copy as alternative to FTP upload after capture
- Fixed PTZ control issues with Hikvision IP cameras
- Fixed connection issues with FTPS uploads
- Numerous other minor bug fixes and improvements

SecuritySpy 4.2.3
- Fixes video display issues with certain cameras
- Fixes auto-update installer permissions issues

SecuritySpy 4.2
- Schedules can be grouped and invoked together via "Schedule Presets"
- Improved web interface with new status and scheduling controls
- Improved audio streaming support for live viewing via the web interface
- Links to captured footage in notification emails, where possible
- Improved Browser playback and scrubbing performance
- New "Audio Format" column in the Camera Info window
- Improved volume control for audio input devices and two-way audio
- More date format options for time stamps, including YYYY-MM-YY
- Added quad view support for Axis panoramic cameras
- Bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.1.7
- Compatible with macOS 10.13 "High Sierra"
- Support for Amcrest/Dahua input ports and on-camera motion detection
- New action to show a red box around triggered cameras in video windows
- New “Auto-Detect Profile” feature to find working device profiles
- Automatic delay upon start to wait for capture destinations
- Bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.1.6
- ONVIF auto-discovery now works for Amcrest cameras
- Fixed problems connecting to some ONVIF cameras

SecuritySpy 4.1.5
- iOS notification images are zoomed in to show actual region of motion
- Improved motion detection accuracy and noise resistance
- Continuous Capture: playback rate can be specified to allow timelapse
- New option to set a different password for changing settings vs. quitting
- The settings password now also applies to deleting files via the Browser
- Daily statistics reports that summarise activity throughout the day
- Support for Hikvision input ports and built-in Passive Infra Red sensors
- Support for Hikvision on-camera motion detection
- SecuritySpy folder moved to Home folder to avoid issues with iCloud Documents access
- Alt-click a motion-capture file in Browser to start from time of motion
- Automatic port forwarding using UPnP now works with more routers
- Increased maximum length of usernames and passwords
- Ability to request JPEG snapshots from IP cameras at less than 1fps
- Fixed problem with schedule settings being forgotten
- Fixed problem processing video streams from GW Security IP cameras
- Fixed PTZ problems with Amcrest, Dahua, Hikvision and Sunba cameras
- Fixed audio problems with older Panasonic cameras
- Other bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.1.3
- Audio controls directly in video windows for easy access to two-way audio
- To help set up motion masks in the Preferences, areas of motion are highlighted in the video image
- Two-way audio support for Amcrest cameras
- Fixed problem causing jitter in video windows
- Fixed crashing problem when opening video windows
- Fixed problems with H.264 streaming from the web interface

SecuritySpy 4.1.2
- Performance improvements
- Improved latency of H.264 streams served via the web interface
- New option to mute incoming audio when sending audio to a camera
- The automatic updater now works from non-admin user accounts
- Fixed erroneous durations of continuous-capture recordings
- Fixed problems with UDP streaming from IP cameras
- Other bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.1.1
- Improved reliability of network connections to IP cameras
- Fixed problem with PTZ control of Axis cameras
- Other bug fixes

SecuritySpy 4.1
- Joystick-like PTZ controls, allowing fine direction and speed control
- Email relay service - no SMTP server setup required to send emails
- UPnP support for automatic router configuration for remote access
- Higher-resolution thumbnails for captured footage via the web interface
- Supports "ca-bundle" certificate bundle files for the HTTPS web interface
- Improved network performance and other speed improvements
- Added "Packet Loss" column to the Camera Info window
- Easy automatic software updates from within the application
- Improved ONVIF auto-discovery to work with more cameras
- Retries failed FTP uploads for improved reliability
- The pop-up "Errors" window can be disabled
- Fixed problem connecting to Axis cameras via RTSP-over-HTTP
- Fixed bug preventing the setting of PTZ preset positions
- Fixed memory leaks and multiple minor bugs

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