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Shotcut 19.12.16 Mac

Shotcut 是一款適用於 Mac,Windows 和 Linux 的免費開源跨平台視頻編輯器。主要功能包括支持多種格式; 不需要進口意味著本地時間線編輯; Blackmagic Design 支持輸入和預覽監視; 和解決方案支持 4k。使用 Shotcut for Mac 綜合軟件編輯您的視頻!

由於 FFmpeg 支持數以百計的音頻和視頻格式和編解碼器。不需要任何導入,這意味著本地編輯,加上項目內的多格式時間線,分辨率和幀率。支持多種視頻格式的幀精確搜索.

Blackmagic Design SDI 和 HDMI,用於輸入和預覽監控。屏幕,攝像頭和音頻捕捉。網絡流播放。支持高達 4k 的分辨率,並從 SDI,HDMI,網絡攝像頭,JACK& 脈衝音頻,IP 流,X11 屏幕和 Mac DirectShow 設備.

Multiple 停靠和不可停靠的面板,包括詳細的媒體屬性,最近搜索文件,縮略圖播放列表,過濾器面板,歷史視圖,編碼面板,作業隊列和融化的服務器和播放列表。還支持從文件管理器中拖放資產.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可用:下載 Windows 的 Shotcut

檔案版本 Shotcut 19.12.16
檔案名稱 shotcut-macos-signed-191216.dmg
檔案大小 80.8 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Meltytech, LLC.
軟體類型 2019-12-16

What's new in this version:

- Fixed Scale animation not linear in the Rotate & Scale filter
- Fixed audio crackles in first couple of seconds of export
- Fixed Ctrl+A selects all in Playlist as well as Timeline
- Fixed the size and position of the Text: HTML editor with Settings > External monitor enabled
- Fixed drag-drop from Playlist to Timeline sometimes reorders the Playlist
- Fixed Color Grading and Contrast creates a weird color after deleting a keyframe
- Fixed updating x265-params in Export > Other after making changes in Codec
- Fixed opening another project in the same session breaks master track filters
- Fixed saving a preset with a slash in the name
- Fixed export fails if the system temporary directory is not writable
- Fixed removing some temporary files on exit
- Fixed the timeline Ripple All Tracks option was not saved with history (before the current setting used during undo and redo)
- Fixed an image sequence in Export > From > Playlist may show "INVALID" on export
- Fixed changing Properties (for example, image duration) not updating the Playlist
- Fixed snapping to horizontal grid lines
- Fixed Timeline clip context menu > Properties broken in v19.09
- Fixed bad bad transitions created by trimming beyond media beginning or end
- Fixed audio does not follow default device changes on Windows
- Fixed changing the speed of the clip on the right side of a transition creates INVALID transition
- Fixed track filters were not restored when undoing a Remove Track

- Changed the minimum of the Gain/Volume filter to -70 dB
- Removed Settings > Deinterlacer > YADIF. (This was causing crashes, and this option only affects preview, not export)
- Added support for adding a transition in Timeline when dragging over a gap
- Added support for free-form movement of clips on the Timeline (no more snapping back)
- Change the Timeline and Keyframes toolbars respond to View > Small Icons
- Upgraded Mesa software OpenGL in Windows build to version 19.2.7
- Upgraded SDL audio output library in Windows build to version 2.0.10
- Added a limit to undo History configurable to new configuration key undoLimit that defaults to 1000

Added 3 new filters:
- Gradient video filter
- Scan Lines video filter
- Noise Gate audio filter

Added a new color gradient control to the following filters:
- Audio Light Visualization
- Audio Spectrum Visualization
- Audio Waveform Visualization

- Added View > Scopes > Video Zoom
- Added Reverse checkbox to the Mask: From File filter
- Added Remove Finished to the Jobs menu
- Added Playlist > Update Thumbnails
- Added Update Thumbnails to the timeline video clip menu
- Added keyboard shortcut Shift+Escape to give the player focus (take focus away from certain widgets)
- Added a Two Column Scroll template to the Text: HTML filter

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