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Simplenote 2.7 Mac

Simplenote for Mac 是保存 Mac 筆記,列表,想法等內容的簡便方法。您的記事可以免費與所有設備保持同步。適用於 macOS 的 Simplenote 是具有降價支持的筆記應用程序。除了跨平台應用程序之外,還可以通過大多數 Web 瀏覽器進行訪問。輕便,乾淨,免費。現在可以在 iOS,Android,Mac,Windows,Linux 和 Web 上使用 Simplenote。







備份,同步,共享 - 全部都是完全免費的。

注意:需要 Simplenote 帳戶。

還可以:下載適用於 Windows 的 Simplenote

檔案版本 Simplenote 2.7
檔案名稱 Simplenote.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Automattic
軟體類型 2021-02-08

What's new in this version:

Simplenote 2.7
- New account verification screen
- Apple Silicon support

Simplenote 2.6
- New Sidebar Toolbar Action
- New Big Sur Iconset
- New Search Toolbar Action
- New Notes List Sort Modes
- New Search Sort Bar
- Notes List now display row separators
- Notes List will now animate content changes
- Search Results are now global
- Search Results will now display the Creation or Modification date when appropriate
- Updated Color Palette
- Entering Search Mode now displays automatically the Notes List
- Exiting Focus Mode will now restore the previous Sidebar State
- Full Width Line Length is now enabled by default
- Fixed a bug that affected Multiple Selection in Big Sur
- Fixed a bug that caused an artifact to show up in the SplitView dividers
- Fixed a bug that caused the Editor's Scrollbar to get clipped
- Fixed a bug that caused Line Height to be inconsistent in Empty Documents
- Fixed a bug that caused an unexpected jump in the Tags List
- Fixed a bug that caused the Tags List to go blank upon tag rename
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Window from Maximizing / Minimizing on double click
- Fixed a bug that caused the Editor Scroll Offset to jump

Simplenote 2.5
- Fixed a bug that caused the Metrics UI to display overlapped text
- Removed Main Window's Titlebar
- Adopted BigSur Inset Style
- Relocated Search Bar
- Minimum required OS is now 10.14
- Tags and Toolbar headers now display a blur effect

Simplenote 2.4
- Note Details now also display inbound references

Simplenote 2.0.0
- Updated Tags limit to up to 256 characters
- Fixed a crash while handling right clicks in the Tags List

Simplenote 1.12
- Refreshed the Tags Editor Interface!
- New Scroll Support in the Tags Editor area
- Implements Untagged Notes Filter
- New Note Metrics Interface
- Relocated Editor Actions into the new More Actions Menu
- Fixed a layout bug that affected the Tags List

Simplenote 1.11
- New Privacy Notice for California Users

Simplenote 1.10
- Simplenote now requires macOS 10.13 or higher
- Updated Checklist Icons
- Fixed a crash related to Text Linkification and Undo Support
- Fixed several Undo issues when dealing with Checklists

Simplenote 1.9.1
- Fixed a bug that caused the entire document to become linkified

Simplenote 1.9
- Fixed an issue affecting multibyte characters
- Fixed a bug in which Checklist Icons were disappearing
- Fixed a bug in which the Trash couldn't be emptied with a right click action
- Checklists now will grow in size, and match your selected font
- Checklists now will properly work in macOS 10.11 and 10.12

Simplenote 1.8.1
- Fixed a bug that caused notes with specific emoji sequences to crash the app

Simplenote 1.8
- Fixed a bug that caused emojis to disappear
- Fixed a bug that crashed the app at launch
- Fixed a bug that caused certain emojis combinations to crash the app

Simplenote 1.7
- Speed is important: with this version we made Simplenote MacOS faster than ever

Simplenote 1.6.1
- Fixed a bug that could cause high CPU usage on recent macOS versions

Simplenote 1.6
- Overall stability and speed improved

Simplenote 1.5.0
- Overall stability and speed improved

Simplenote 1.4.2
Fixes an issue related to displaying links in the note editor

Simplenote 1.4.1
- A better way to keep track of your tasks? Check! We've added an all-new Checklists feature to the app. Look for the "Insert Checklist" option in the "Format" menu to add a Checklist to your notes.

Simplenote 1.4.0
You can now sort the tags list alphabetically from the "View" menu

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