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Max 8.1.0 Mac

Skim 是一個非常小巧,快速的 PDF 閱讀器和筆記記錄器,可以被每個 Mac OS X 用戶輕鬆使用。 Skim 的主要功能是功能強大但易於使用的功能,可以在 PSD 文檔(科學論文,工作文件,研究論文等)中重要的數據註釋和標記在良好創建的用戶界面,將很好地顯示原始文檔和您的自定義筆記。雖然許多其他應用程序專注於其開發,以支持每個人都知道的功能,即使那些永遠不會使用,只會導致這些應用程序啟動和工作緩慢,Skim for Mac 完全專注於快如閃電,精簡和能夠滿足用戶誰想要輕鬆閱讀 PDF 文件,並在上面做標記。除了這個核心能力之外,Skim 當然還支持文本高亮顯示,內部鏈接預覽,全屏幕渲染,書籤,遠程控制支持(使用 PDF 文件進行演示完美)等許多其他必要的服務,以及更多的內容.

Skim 是流線型的,在 PDV 查看區域周圍安排了用於頁面導航,縮放級別,工具模式(文本選擇器,手工工具,區域選擇)的工具和 Add Note 部分,以支持所有可能的筆記記錄方式,並強調用戶將需要。 Skim 和 app 服務的視覺風格可以在配置窗口中精確調整,配置窗口分為四個主要部分 - 一般的調整,顯示,備註和同步選項。如果你在學校或在工作,脫脂絕對是一個必須自己的軟件為你的安寧.

Skim 特點:
查看 PDF 文件。添加和編輯筆記。突出重要的文字。製作快照以方便參考。使用目錄或縮略圖進行導航。查看所有筆記和精彩集錦。全屏方便閱讀。給予強有力的介紹。方便的內部鏈接預覽。使用閱讀欄進行對焦。放大工具。廣泛的 AppleScript 支持。書籤。支持 Apple Remote Control。與 LaTeX 和 PDFSync 的交互。 Spotlight 支持。高度可定制。

檔案版本 Max 8.1.0
檔案名稱 Max810_190924.dmg
檔案大小 512 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Skim Team
軟體類型 2019-09-30

What's new in this version:

New Features:
- Inspector: save, restore view, disclosure, filter etc on a per-object basis and other improvements
- matrixoutput support
- Package added to the standard Max distribution
- live.comment: new object - text color follows Live interface colors
- MC: initialbusystate attribute to set the default busy state to zero to avoid high CPU usage
- pattrstorage: added filter bar to client and storage windows
- Themes: allow loading from Packages (interfaces/themes)
- thispatcher: can get path of .amxd
- vst~: valuemode attribute to set output format

Fixed Bugs:
- Audio Settings: Fixed crash with mismatched sample rates
- Autocomplete: holding down arrow key works as expected
- Database: fixed crash when harvesting a patcher missing a 'box' dictionary
- Debugging: Window properly drawn at all sizes
- dict.view: fixed issues and possible crashing with dictionary display
- expr: random no longer produces an offset of -1 (Win)
- Fonts: “light” and “italic” fonts fall back and render properly (Windows)
- groove~: plays back without artifacts when sample rates do not match
- high-res rendering enabled if enabled on app (via open in low resolution checkbox)
- js: fixed logic of multi-line posts
- jweb: fixed drop position with drag and drop from jweb to Max patcher
- jweb: fixed flashing when deleting jweb (Win)
- jweb: works in Max for Live
- kslider: range no longer resizes object on reopen
- live.banks window: fixes and improvements
- live.drop: fixed issues with recalling large files
- live.text: fixed crash with changing picture attributes
- Mac OS: 10.15 Catalina Support
- Mappings: all entries properly shown in window
- Mappings: fixed issues with removing entries
- Max Console: fixed crash after an object that posts is deleted
- Max for Live Device: border color follows Live theme
- Max for Live phasor~: @lock 1 does not degrade
- Max for Live: fixed crash when editing a device while a large number of files are open
- Max for Live: fixed errors with floating point arguments like in sprintf
- MC amxd~/vst~: fixed issues transforming to multichannel versions
- MC: objects in a subpatch can be muted
- mc.selector~: wrapper no longer converts int to float
- opened object: works at app launch
- Packages: max.db.json respects exclusions (Win)
- Parameter window: fixes and improvements
- Parameters: fixed crash when automating a parameter via another parameter
- Patching: patch rendering improvements
- pattrstorage: client window updates interp column when default_interp is set on client pattr
- pattrstorage: corrected cell colors
- pattrstorage: fixed crash when double-loading a file
- playlist~/jit.playlist: loop button always appears
- poke~: protect against zero sized buffers
- poly~ / thispoly~ outputs voices in correct order
- print: no longer adds a space before list messages
- Templates: "New from Template" no longer triggers duplicate loadbang, loadmess, and js post
- text object: entering cr works as expected
- textedit / pattrstorage: recalls properly
- textedit: set message is synchronous
- vst~: eliminate double output of some parameter values
- vst~: fixed crash after plug_vst followed by params message
- vst~: fixed setting attributes in object box
- vst~: parameter names correctly reported with Reaktor plug
- vst~: state restored when plugin name differs from plugin display name

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