Skitch 2.7 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Skitch 2.7 Mac

Skitch 是一款免費的 Mac OS X 圖像編輯器,可讓您輕鬆截取計算機桌面的屏幕截圖,快速編輯並與朋友,同事和業務合作夥伴共享。這個方案的共享方面受到了特別的關注,因為人與人之間的輕鬆分享是良好溝通的關鍵。這個程序對於那些想要從同事或客戶那裡獲得他們當前正在工作的項目的即時印象的設計師或程序員特別有價值。通過分享桌面截圖的簡化方式,項目早期草稿的工作將顯著縮短和簡化,從而提高整體生產力.

有許多類似的程序可以截取桌面或當前活動的應用程序的截圖,但 Skits 使這個過程有點不同。 Skits 使用自己的儀表板來捕獲數據,而不是按鍵盤快捷鍵,然後在屏幕上繪製一個框來標記捕獲區域。用戶可以輕鬆調整 Skitch 的儀表板的大小,這個儀表板不僅要管理其邊界的大量工具,而且還需要大量的“取景器”將會記錄下所顯示的內容。拍攝的圖像可以使用繪畫或文本輸入工具進行編輯,保存在本地存儲或在互聯網上共享,只需按一下鼠標按鈕.

為了讓您在拍攝,編輯和分享圖像的方式上實現更多的自定義功能,您&rsquo ; 重新您的桌面表面,Skits 有一個全面的自定義選項,涵蓋了應用程序啟動後的方式啟動後的方式圖像保存和共享的方式。

Skitch 特點:
捕捉網站捕捉聊天時刻截圖應用程序 iSight 捕捉糟糕的頭髮一天快速勾畫一個想法點擊進入 iPhoto 圖庫重新打開 Skitch 歷史記錄中的圖像注意:需要 64 位處理器.899997423

檔案版本 Skitch 2.7
檔案大小 21.48 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Evernote Corporation
軟體類型 2013-10-24

What's new in this version:

- New Toolbar - When you open the app, the new annotation toolbar is one of the first of these improvements that you will notice. All of your tools are neatly lined up on the edge of your screen. When you choose a tool with multiple sub-options, a menu slides out to display them. The new toolbar design keeps everything cleanly tucked away to keep the focus on your content.
- Pinning - Whenever a submenu slides in, you’ll see a pin icon at the top. Click the pin and the submenu will stay in view. This is great for the style menus so that you can change the colors and sizes of multiple elements on the screen without very much clicking.
- Footer Focus - We’ve done a little reorganizing in this update to make navigating the app a more intuitive process. Everything you need to change the attributes of your image such as name, file type and size, have been moved down to the bottom edge of the screen. When everything is in one place, It’s much easier to make quick changes to your image before you share or save it.
- New Icon and Brand - We first introduced our beautiful new brand on Skitch for iOS. With this update, it has made its way to Mac. You’ll notice flashes of the new brand throughout the app, and here’s the sleek new app icon for your dock.
- Improvements and Fixes - With the introduction of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, we’ve made a number of updates to the app that improve Skitch’s performance on your Mac. In 2.7, the app’s screenshot capabilities on multiple displays are much more powerful, and Skitch now manages power more efficiently than ever. We’ve also fixed a number of bugs for a better-polished, faster experience all around.

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