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Slack 4.10.2 Mac

Slack for Mac 把你所有的溝通都集中在一個地方。這是實時消息傳遞,歸檔和搜索現代團隊。不僅僅是你的信息,而且你所有的文件,圖像,PDF,文檔和電子表格都可以直接放入 Slack 中,並與你想要的任何人共享。添加評論,明星供以後參考,並且它是完全可搜索的。如果您使用 Google 雲端硬盤,Dropbox 或 Box 等任何服務,只需粘貼該鏈接即可同步並蒐索該文檔.

將您使用的所有工具連接到 Slack,並避免所有應用程序之間的不斷切換。設置您的集成,以便您可以直接在 Slack 中獲取所有通知(從支持請求,代碼簽入和錯誤日誌到銷售線索),所有這些通知都可以在一個中央檔案庫中搜索.

Slack 中的所有內容,消息,通知,文件,所有— 會自動編入索引並存檔,以便隨時隨地獲得。 Slack for Mac 也索引每個文件的內容,所以你可以搜索 PDF 文件,Word 文檔,谷歌文檔,等等。通過一個搜索框和一組強大的搜索運算符,您可以在通信中切分和切換一條消息。haystack.

在公開頻道中組織您的團隊對話。為一個項目,一個主題,一個團隊或任何其他事物建立一個渠道 - 每個人都可以透明地了解所有正在進行的活動.



注意:需要 Slack 帳戶和 64 位處理器.

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檔案版本 Slack 4.10.2
檔案名稱 Slack-4.10.2-macOS.dmg
檔案大小 73.2 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Slack Technologies Inc
軟體類型 2020-10-10

What's new in this version:

Slack 4.10.2
- Bugs fixed

Slack 4.10.0
- Use files? Us too! If you’ve recently used or linked to them on your device, Slack will be slicker at swooping them up and snatching them into your grasp in Slack.
- Updates mean that Big Sur is totally supported in a very holistic, west coast, chill way. It’s, like, totally gnarly. Or sick! Whichever means “good”, basically.

Bug fixes:
- Sometimes, you could not exit full screen mode with escape on windows, which was wrong, because that’s literally what escape means. Now, it works.
- We fixed some issues that caused window resizing of Slack to be difficult. We never want to be difficult.
- Quickly switching workspaces caused problems. Switching workspaces should only cause opportunities, so we fixed that.
- There were a few little bugs that caused crashes, like bugs do. We fixed those, and we’ll fix the next ones too.

Slack 4.9.0
- Bug fixes: we’ve tuned the engine and given the interior a thorough clean. Everything is now running smoothly again

Slack 4.8.0
Bug fixes:
- In rare cases, Slack would simply fail to start altogether. While we’re sure we could all use a coffee break, we know you could also use an application that runs. So we fixed that.
- We made the screen you see when you have connection problems more useful. We also spruced it up a bit with a fresh coat of paint
- Our notifications system sprung a leak, so we brought it in for a tune-up. Everything should be running smoother now

Slack 4.7.0
- Upgraded all the backend stuff that the apps run on, resulting in better performance and fewer bugs

Slack 4.6.0
- Batten the hatches! The app sandbox is now enabled for all web content. This is a fancy way of saying we’ve dialed up the security of the app. It wasn’t unsafe before, but it’s double safe now.
- A preference that allows you to choose a unique save location per download, instead of choosing a folder for all of them. For the choosy types.

Bug Fixes:
- Downloading app updates is less prone to timing out on slow networks, as we’ve extended the timeout to something reasonable
- The Close button has returned to its rightful place on notifications, for all your dismissing needs
- If you found yourself, in some distant past, trying to start a song on Spotify with your keyboard’s play button, and it did not respond to your command while Slack was front and center, pesky hardware media keys were the problem. And this version is the cure.
- The app should be less spicy to your CPU when you’re viewing certain network error pages
- When a download completes, we’ll show an in-app prompt rather than a bothersome system notification

Slack 4.5.1
Bug Fixes:
- We’ve tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges. The app is now better than it was.

Slack 4.5.0
- We’ve upgraded all the backend stuff that the apps run on, resulting in better performance and fewer bugs
- Our spell checker has been swapped out for a newer model that’s faster, leaner, and capable of fixing your typos in… wait, can this be right? “Multiple languages at the same time”! Open the “Language & Region” preferences to choose your languages. And for whoever it is out there requires that functionality: our hats are off to you. We can barely type in one language right now.

Slack 4.4.2
Bug Fixes:
- We're always working on performance improvements, and this release repairs a previously broken performance diagnostic tool. You won't notice a difference, but we'll have an easier time improving Slack

Slack 4.4.1
Bug Fixes:
- We tweaked some things too small to notice or too difficult to explain. We’ll return you to your regular, more interesting types of release next time (we hope).

Slack 4.3.3
- We've tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges. The app is now better than it was.

Bug Fixes:
- Slack would sometimes crash when the user right-clicked to see the context menu. In context, that was unhelpful. So it no longer does that.
- When maximized, the app had developed a bit of a distracting flicker. That flicker is now part of Slack history.
- Occasionally, a restart would result in connectivity issues for Slack… now you should be back online and back to work lickety-split.

Slack 4.2.0
- Our newest, fastest, best-performing, shiniest, most nutritious and delicious version of Slack is now fully rolled out, so that’s the one you’re now using. Brilliant.
- Like zooming in and out? Use a numpad? Great news. You can now do these things, on that.

- Notifications looked weird if your workspace name was long. Now, no matter your team name, notifications look lovely.
- Some messages were being marked as read when Slack was hidden behind applications, or not visible on screen. Now we won’t mark it as read until you’ve actually seen it. Which seems fair.
- Using three finger swipes to navigate channel history on touchpad now works again. And for those who never knew it could work in the first place: it does!

Slack 4.1.2
Bug Fixes:
- Long workspace names now no longer appear as incredibly long in menus
- Slack menus should now be showing up at the right language (meaning the one that is right for you)
- Spellchecker stopped working for a small count of users, leading to a shorp uptick in avoidabull erratz. With spellcheck now fully back online for those users, any remaining typos are officially not our fault

Slack 4.1.0
- Thanks to a few tweaks to the engine, a polish of the pistons, and recalibrated valves, the app should be running smoother and faster, than before.
- Spellcheck, revamped, is now a much better version of its old self (and back on Linux, to boot) — now it supports Greek, Portuguese and British English. So now spelling correctly should come more naturally to us all (which is good, because “correctly” can be a difacult word to spell).

- After uploading a video into Slack some found it would give an infinite circle of loading, but not play, which was never our plan. Now: it works! It plays; no more circle! Because, it turned out, all circ and no play made Slack a null ‘ploy.

Slack 4.0.3
- We’ve updated all the background things to ensure that whenever a new OS update may arrive, Slack will continue to work perfectly. Or, at least, work as expected.

Bug Fixes:
- Now, when we check for network connectivity, it’s more reliable than it was before. Making for a quicker connection, and less frustration.

Slack 3.4.0
What’s New:
- When you lock your device, your status will now, as you might expect, set you as away. Because you are.

Bug Fixes:
- Launch (and Hide) on Login now works better than once it did. Where by "once" we mean "five minutes ago before you updated your version of Slack"
- Our Slack app icon was missing smaller icon sizes, which was both problematic and aesthetically bad. It now renders as it should
- Slack would occasionally crash while you were restarting your computer. We looked at the bug causing this, turned it off and on ag ain, and now it works
- Some people were seeing sidebar icons from other teams they were signed into instead of the icons they were expecting. They will now show correctly
- Any keyboard and cursor actions you may have experienced behaving badly have been shown the error of their ways

Slack 3.3.8

- In a slight change to the way you sign in on desktop, you'll now sign in in the browser rather than directly inside the app.

Bug Fixes:
- The new app icon was looking a little fuzzy on some docks, which simply wouldn't do. It should be much crisper now.
- Equally, the new loading animation was looking a little stretched, or a little squished, depending on how you looked it. It's now practically perfect in every way.
- If you have had problems logging in using SSO (single sign-on), you should no longer encounter those problems.
- We fixed a problem wherein the "Open the Slack App" button in the browser did not, in fact, open the app. Honestly: it had *one* job. It now performs that job.

Slack 3.3.7

- From today, you'll notice a shiny new app button that matches our new logo. You can read more about it on our blog at Change! Everyone loves it. (Having said that, nothing about Slack or how you use it has changed. Just the button.)

Bug Fixes:
- Users signing in with Single Sign-On would see the same message twice when logging in.
- Users signing in with Single Sign-On would see the same message twice when logging in. This will not happen any more.
- When trying to select a portion of a code-formatted block of text (text formatted with ` or ``` at either end), some characters were proving slippery and hard to select. Please copy and paste to your heart's content.
- Several crashes — occurring rarely, and seemingly randomly, on launch and at other times — have been eliminated. More random and rare crashes inevitably exist, of course, and as soon as we know what they are, we'll eliminate those too.
- When downloading particular audio or video files from Slack, the download window will no longer misbehave or look weird.
- If you were running macOS Mojave, we sometimes wouldn’t ask you for permissions for microphone and video even though we needed to, which meant we couldn’t use them. We now will and can (with your blessing, of course).

Slack 3.3.6
- Change log not available for this version

Slack 3.3.3
- Bug Fixes: All updates are important, of course. This one contains security updates, and as we know, they’re the most important kind of all

Slack 3.3.1

- If you're having graphical issues, you can now use the "Disable Hardware Acceleration” in preferences to make things better.

Bug Fixes:
- Overall, stability of the app has been improved, thanks to a bevy of bug fixes.
- We appreciate it when you report issues — so we've improved the diagnostic reporting tools so that we can analyze them, and fix them, faster.
- Having multiple windows open sometimes led to you getting duplicate notifications at once. Whatever the message, it should now just be one ping per tool for y'all, one click to find them.
- Color profiles being slightly different in 3.2.0 may have caused a little flicker, which should now have been extinguished.
- The spellcheck, having had its logic tweaked, to be better at spellchecking, is now a lot bitter at chicken for erroneous spilling ersatz. In Slack.
- When you download something, we're now better at telling you so.
- In fact, notifications in general are noticeably more reliable now, too.
- One particular bug causing the app to crash upon launch has been squished. There may be more. But when we find them, we'll fix those too.
- We’ve tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges. The app is now better than it was.

Slack 3.1.1
- Bug Fixes: We got so excited about your emoji we kept requesting them, particularly at the moment you switched channels. This caused all manner of slowness. We've since bottled our enthusiasm, and now request emoji exactly one (1) time

Slack 3.0.0

- When you’re in a lot of workspaces, the app now uses much less memory, and starting up is faster, to boot
- And flipping between those workspaces is now faster. Not super-sonic, but certainly somewhere between a jiffy and lickety-split
- We shunted the sign-in page out of the app — it's now rerouted to a new window, for reasons of reliability
- A new-fangled lock badge subtly lets you know which workspaces you're currently signed out of. Or of which you're currently signed out. Either way
- Our start up screen, spruced-up and slimmed-down, is worth a gander — as is the helpful way that dates now stick to the top of a channel while scrolling through messages. Though if you don't notice them, but quietly feel a little bit happier for reasons you can't put your finger on, that's cool too

- It’s been a long time coming but brings us joy to say: 100% less reloading during drag and drop. How much? 100%. That's all the percents, people. Sorry about the previous frustration
- For those encountering a screen claiming "Something’s not working", it turns out the main thing not working was this screen: it is no more
- If you kept the app running for a long time, you might be on the receiving end of two consecutive updates. Now good things come to those who wait, one-at-a-time, as is proper
- The sidebar now scoots considerately out of the way when viewing full-screen video
- We fixed exiting full-screen video when pressing the aptly-named “Escape” key
- The blackout caused by a window being closed while full-screen, with one request confoundingly eclipsing the other, has been sunsetted
- Found: One missing Ctrl-1 / Cmd-1 hotkey. Please call 1-800-SLACKME to claim. Don't actually call that. It doesn't do anything. Unlike the hotkey (now)
- Should you forget what app you’re using, the About Slack window is all new and loads much faster than before
- Scrolling through messages is flicker-free
- There are now no more crashes in High Sierra when starting up the app
- Composing text in an IME (for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean customers) no longer inserts zero-width spaces; in other words, it’s blank-box-free
- The diacritics menu – the place where the alphabet goes to try on different hats and accents – no longer adds a duplicate letter to your input once you've chosen the one you want. We've said it before, but this time we really mëean it
- Pinch-to-zoom gestures could, sometimes, tragically, irreversibly zoom. You can now make things on your screen smaller again without resorting to moving your computer far away
- The popup that appears when you look up the definition of a word has been realigned to make more sense
- And finally, sometimes selecting text in the search box would move the window around. You could say… it was a bit of a drag

Slack 2.9.0
- Slack now officially, and fully, supports Japanese. Along with the already available French, German, Spanish, and, of course, English (of the US variety). Find them under Languages & Region in your preferences menu

Slack 2.8.2
- A small release containing nothing but another Electron update, this one better than the last

Slack 2.8.1
- Previously in Slack app releases: we fixed the Japanese input in 2.6.3. Then we re-broke it in 2.8.0. And now it’s fixed again. Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment
- Added bonus: An Electron update improving security. A precautionary measure, but it’s always good to be up to date

Slack 2.6.3
- Fixed: Sometimes if you changed networks, we used to rouse from sleep in a bit of a daze, greeting you with a blank screen. Now, we awaken bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or at the very least, with your team displayed
-  Fixed: Where, in rare cases, some external links didn't end up pointing to the right place when you clicked them, they now do
- Fixed: Video playback should now be much smoother, and nicer to your network
- Fixed: On certain keyboard layouts, hitting backspace didn't actually delete the last character, which was a surprise, but a surprise of the lesser kind - there is now one fewer lesser surprise

Slack 2.6.2
- Fixed: Unexplainably, context menus and spell-check stopped working in some teams. OK: we have an explanation but we'd rather not discuss it. It's embarrassing. Rest easy knowing that it's fixed here
- Fixed: We found – and cast out – the culprit behind high resource usage while the app's sitting idle

Slack 2.6.1
- Fixed: If you were experiencing issues making calls on macOS 10.10, you should no longer. Update and keep calling

Slack 2.6.0
What's New:
- We revamped video calls, making the experience more intuitive, and more attractive. As a bonus, they're more resource efficient and now let you change audio devices during a call. If that's the kind of thing you need to do

- We paved over a series of potholes that were strewn about the app, making crashes far less likely
- Should you ever wish to say goodbye to one of your teams, a right-click > Remove from the sidebar will do the trick now more reliably than before
- Switching teams using the numbered shortcuts is noticeably faster. We would say "37%" if we were forced to put a number on it. Fortunately, we aren't, and we won't
- Opening a context menu won't freeze videos or gifs playing in the app
- We dusted off the cobwebs in the app menu and composted a few menu items that weren't useful when signed into one team
- The default window size is a smidgen larger. You won't notice, because your window will keep being the same size it's always been. That's just the way it is, and we don't want it to change
- Our spellchecker would occasionally mark correctly spelled words as incorrect. It had ONE job. It now performs it

Slack 2.5.2
- We made the act of signing in more reliable for teams using SSO.
- It transpired that folks who downloaded our installer from were added to the beta program. If you wanted to be in the beta, you would have said so.
- A crash on startup for Linux customers with a non-English keyboard has been dispatched with a flea in its ear. Because that's just not cricket.
- For the times when Slack just... doesn't: try Help > Clear Cache and Restart. It has all the nougaty goodness of Reset App Data, without the stale aftertaste of losing your teams.

Slack 2.5.1
What's New:
- The way we load teams you don't view often has been changed to reduce the app's memory footprint
- Folks consistently unable to load the app will now be greeted by a troubleshooting page that offers suggestions on making their situation better. (Spoiler: it's usually to do with over-zealous antivirus software)
- Those pasting text with style into a Post then finding their text to have "no style" can now Paste & Match Style under the Edit menu
- You can see our Help Center documentation in – of all places – the Help menu. The almost over-intuitively named Open Help Center item will be your friend

- Waking Slack after hibernation or a system crash occasionally found all your teams missing. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience; it no longer should
- Some bold explorers moved their user profile off of the default drive and started the app to find nothing but a cryptic error message. We weren't prepared for this boldness, but have since girded our loins. Fine, explorers: Set your profiles free
- A rare bug where team icons shuffled out of formation in the sidebar. They're more stoic and sticky and as a bonus, rearranging them is smoother
- Customers typing in languages that use IME composition (Korean, for example) will find that the message input is 82% stickier

Slack 2.4.1
What's New:
- The shades of gray in our menu bar were so 1992 — they didn't match any of our outfits. So: we went shopping for a new window frame. This one matches your theme, and comes with a free hamburger menu!
- We discovered that removing a bunch of unnecessary processes improved app startup time. Who knew? Less really is more. Or at least, less is more-faster. Or should that be fewer? Whatever: It's better
- We simplified the way we remember your teams and app settings. This shouldn't affect much, aside from some bugs wherein we forgot your teams or app settings, which are now fixed
- For the savvy troubleshooter, a new tool: Help > Show Logs in Explorer will package up some app diagnostic files, should you ever need them

- Our zoom levels now match the Chrome browser, so you should feel right at home (so long as your home is Chrome)
- An infrequent crash when quitting the app has been dispatched
- A slightly more frequent crash while checking for updates; eliminated
- Signing out of teams from the right-click menu is 46.8% more reliable
- And finally, if you had multiple displays, new windows (such as a call or a Post) would appear on the primary display instead of the display that Slack was on. Rather than submit this to a physics journal for peer review, we decided to fix it. All is as it should be

Slack 2.3.3
- There was a small bug in Calls. We don’t think you saw it, but we fixed it anyway

Slack 2.3.3
- Fixed Window zoom jumping back and forth? No longer–we locked it down and threw away the key

Slack 2.3.2
- Contractions aren't causing spellcheck errors any longer, unless tehy're misspelled
- We fixed a problem with idle timing that made you look inactive and unavailable when truth be told, you were quite busy and attentive. If you were receiving a few too many mobile notifications, this was the culprit
- When typing in languages that require input composition, (Korean, for example!) switching between the input method editor and our app caused characters to go missing

Slack 2.3.0
- Summer is over and that means no more beach balls! ...Get it? Well then, how about this: the app starts a bit faster and switching channels or teams is a bit zippier.
- If you're signed into more than one team, we've removed the titlebar from the window for a streamlined, modern look. High fashion.
- A redesigned team sidebar with better support for light themes, and, as a bonus, it scrolls if you're signed into too many teams (you cosmopolitan!)
- Signing into a new team gets the same full-screen treatment as our other dialogs, because your 8th team could be just as important as your 1st.
- You're now able to approve (and then, with a lighthearted click, open) deep links from other apps.
- Use Help > Report Issue to send feedback or file a bug. It attaches your log files automatically, to make troubleshooting that much simpler.

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