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Snes9x 1.60 Mac

Snes9x for Mac 是一款便攜式免費軟件超級任天堂娛樂系統(SNES)模擬器。它基本上可以讓您在 Mac 或工作站上玩大多數為 SNES 和 Super Famicom Nintendo 遊戲系統設計的遊戲;其中包括一些僅在日本才發布過的真實寶石。

Snes9xfor macOS 是三年多時間兼職黑客,編碼,編碼,調試,離婚等的結果(只是在講離婚)。 Snes9x for Mac 用 C ++ 編碼,在 i386 Linux 和 Windows 端口上具有三個彙編器 CPU 仿真內核。

進行了無數次內部內核更改,使該應用程序比以前更好,並且可以在比以前更多的平台上工作。毫無疑問,由於 Windows 端口與該工具的所有其他端口完全不同,並且沒有人願意維護 Windows 端口,因此此版本將沒有 Windows 端口。但是具有相關技能的有關方面可以將 Windows 作為源端口。但是,如果您這樣做,請將所做的更改發送回去。


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檔案版本 Snes9x 1.60
檔案大小 1.36 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Snes9x Team
軟體類型 2019-09-02

What's new in this version:

- Fixed subscreen blending with master brightness < 100%.
- Fixed NMI timing when toggling enable bit. Fixes Chou Aniki--hack removed.
- Reverted an IPL map optimization that misses a weird edge case that caused The Great Battle III to lock up.
- Clamp MSU1 addition to max amplitude instead of wrapping. Proper MSU1 tracks will not be affected by this.
- Save mipmap_input parameter with customized GLSL and slang shaders.
- Actually use mipmap_input parameter.
- Optimized subscreen math with help from Dwedit.
- Revert to measured APU clock speed instead of nominal speed. Fixes An American Tail.
- Fixed broken BPS patch support. (ArtiiP)
- Fixed MSU1 track restarting on load state.

- Changed window flags to allow NVIDIA cards to auto-enable exclusive fullscreen mode in OpenGL.
- Added a hidden option "DWMSync" that allows OpenGL to sync to the window manager while in windowed or borderless windowed mode.
- The automatic frame skip option no longer limits to 59.94Hz.
- Fixed bad icon scaling.
- Added a hacks dialog to enable settings for older hacks to run.

- Added ability to use Satellaview data in same directory as ROM.
- Fixed deviation from proper libretro spec.
- Added option to use the software NTSC filter. (stellarporter)

- Added icons to the entries to clear binding assignments.
- Fixed overlap in xBRZ multithreading.
- Changed glFenceSync option to an OML_sync option that works better.
- Fixed accumulation of partial pixel data on mouse motion when we update the mouse position more than once per frame.
- Allow one key to be bound to many controller buttons on the same controller.
- Force menu and button icons.
- Add the view menu to right-click when SNES mouse isn't used.
- Remove unused status bar option.
- Startup background can be changed in snes9x.conf.
- Improved PortAudio driver.

- Fixed sound output that broke with APU refactor.

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