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Sonos 7.3 Mac

Sonos for Mac(以前稱 Sonos 桌面控制器)允許您控制 Sonos 音樂系統的軟件。 Sonos 致力於不斷改進家庭聆聽體驗。下面列出了最新免費軟件更新中包含的增強功能和更改.

從 Sonos 音樂菜單中選擇 Google Play 音樂,然後查看基於一天中的時間,最近的活動,增強的播放列表支持等新功能。打開隨機播放,隊列中曲目的順序改變。不喜歡新訂單嗎?關閉隨機播放以將曲目恢復到其原始播放順序。再次打開洗牌,並獲得不同的組合!在這個版本中,我們使得家庭影院設置變得更加簡單。您的 SUB 或環繞聲現在可以綁定到 PLAYBAR,而無需將 Sonos 組件連接到路由器。按照 Sonos 應用程序中的步驟設置您的家庭影院。如果你的 Sonos 家庭影院已經成立 - ndash; 不需要改變東西。

當談到播放音樂時,我們相信所有的房間都應該是平等的。這就是為什麼您可以將 ZonePlayers 放置在任何您想要音樂的房間中 - 可以直接連接到揚聲器,也可以連接到家庭影院和立體聲系統。隨著 Sonos,沒有房間是禁止的,你可以添加音樂幾乎任何數量的房間:臥室,後院,甚至浴室.

Sonos 把所有的音樂和所有房間的權利控制在它應該在你手中。只要用手指觸摸,就可以找到並播放音樂世界,無論是直接從互聯網上傳輸還是存儲在電腦上。收聽您最喜愛的廣播電台或瀏覽整個音樂庫。您可以在每個房間播放同一首歌曲,或為不同的房間選擇不同的歌曲。隨你便。您使用的是哪個控制器 - 專用的 Sonos 控制器,用於 iPhone 的 Sonos 控制器,用於 Mac 或 PC 的 Sonos 控制器,或者所有四個組合的控制器.

檔案版本 Sonos 7.3
檔案名稱 SonosDesktopController73.dmg
檔案大小 15.2 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.10 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Sonos Inc.
軟體類型 2017-08-24

What's new in this version:


Sonos app tips:

Tap Help&Tips on the menu to learn how to:
- Set a musical wakeup call
- Build, tweak and save your playlists
- Find go-to songs in seconds with Favorites
- DJ your house party with Crossfade, Shuffle, and Repeat
- Control Sonos directly from your Spotify app

Sonos speaker tips:
- Same drill. Tap Help&Tips. Discover new ways to get the most out of your speakers
- Tune your speaker for the best sound in any room
- Add music to another room, or create a stereo pair
- Play, pause, and skip songs with touch control. No app required
- Adjust your home theater to fit your life: Speech Enhancement and Night Mod
- Play your vinyl LPs on Sonos
- Check back often. New tips posted regularly
- Customer care help, right at your fingertips
- Is your Sonos having an off day? Loop us in and we’ll lend a hand. Go to Help&Tips > Contact Us to connect directly to live customer care. We’re here and happy to help


Four-letter lyric alerts:
- Fan of Spotify or Apple Music? You will now see content featuring explicit lyrics flagged on Sonos

Android gets a new look:
- Control your Sonos with an Android device? We improved your home screen widgets and added new app shortcuts. All in the name of better listening

Name that music service:
- A small logo on the Now Playing screen instantly tells you which music service you’re listening to

Handier Windows app navigation:
- We improved the Wizards and Settings navigation in our controller app for Windows–a convenient option for visually-impaired listeners using JAWS (Job Access with Speech)

More peace of mind:
- Squashed a few minor bugs. Beefed up system security. All good.

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