Spark 2.9.0 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Spark 2.9.0 Mac

Spark for Mac 是一款針對 macOS 的開源,跨平台 IM 客戶端,針對企業和組織進行了優化。它具有對群聊,電話集成和強大安全性的內置支持。它還提供了出色的最終用戶體驗,其中包括內嵌拼寫檢查,群組聊天室書籤和選項卡式對話等功能。

Sparkfor macOS 是使用 XMPP 協議的全功能即時消息(IM)和 groupchat 客戶端。 Spark for Mac 源代碼受 GNU 較小通用公共許可證(LGPL)約束,可以在此發行版的 LICENSE.html 文件中找到該代碼。該應用程序還包含來自第三方的開源軟件。在相關的源文件中特別註明了這些組件的許可條款。

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檔案版本 Spark 2.9.0
檔案名稱 spark_2_9_0.dmg
檔案大小 51.8 MB
系統 macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Igniterealtime
軟體類型 2020-08-17

What's new in this version:

- Add Contact dialog requires at least 5 letters to find a contact
- History viewer adds spaces between messages when changing a view
- Shouldn't show a toast popup for a last message in history when joining a room
- Messages in MUC history are out of order
- PrivacyManager throws an exception
- Privacy plugin doesn't work
- View client version menu option doesn't show information
- Some vCard fields are empty when checking contact's profile
- Reversi and tic tac toe plugins failed to build
- Search doesn't work with AD integration
- Plugins not being extracted completely
- Errors are not (always) shown in one-on-one chat.
- Throws an exception when using custom emoticons set
- Contact list tooltip causes temporary freeze
- Not able to move or copy contacts when Rename contact is disabled
- Should allow profile changes when Avatar tab is disabled
- Process Data Forms with Bool fields that have no value.
- Fix logic error in UserSearchResult
- Shouldn't check for voice status
- Spark does not parse Java version string correctly.
- ROAR plugin should not depend on com.sun package
- Contact list does not show users that are not in a group

New Features:
- Add a GUI for managing TLSSSL certificates
- Add option to disable invisible login and status via
- Add support for XEP-0198 Stream Management
- Make reconnection delay between attempts configurable
- Add option to disable Start a chat via Client Control
- Replace DummyTrustManager with complex trust manager
- Add a popup for accepting certificate from a connection
- Add an option to force IBB for file transfers
- Add support for Message Styling
- Add Http File Upload plugin
- Add initial documentation
- Hostname and Version as resource available in Client Control plugin

- Update bundled JRE with the latest version
- Remove & from Plugins menu translations
- Replace JxBrowser with anything else

- Stretch and move Find dialog
- Preferences, broadcast, profile windows should be saving their sizes and positions
- Spark should show a time stamp for every MUC message/activity
- Update JTattoo to the latest version
- ROAR should show MUC popups when window is not in focus
- Migrate Spark build from Ant to Maven
- Update Smack to 4.3 branch
- Add an option to disable Invisible presence
- Fix output of nicknames in Broadcast History
- Should resize large photo when applying as an avatar
- Spark history search should show context
- Spark history window should wrap text
- Spark should remove/overwrite old versions of libs during update
- Shouldn't show a toast popup for your own message in MUC
- Room password dialog should mask/hide the actual password
- Highlight searched keyword in the history search
- Various improvements to avatar management
- Transcript Window should be recomposable
- Replace (some) emojis with emoticons
- Remove green username colors from chat room
- Implement separate History settings in Client Control
- Improve rooms browser, dialogs and error messages
- Add an EditorConfig file
- Improve startup by disabling CPU-hungry themes
- Use a key-based lookup to find an emoticon
- Lazy load vcard data
- Non-UI processing should not occur on Event Queue dispatch thread
- Use unarchived emoticons packages in version control
- Security settings should go in dedicated tab
- Add visual hint for "not encrypted" connections
- Updated Lithuanian translation
- More descriptive error messages when login fails.
- Update Polish translation
- Update LittleLuck skin to 2.0.1
- Add support for TLS Mutual Authentication
- Remove PKI tab
- Add French spelling dictionary
- Rename 5223 port description
- Add (requires restart) to single click in system tray option
- Update Ukranian translation
- Don't require i18n source files to be encoded
- Improve on version detection
- Updated Brazilian Portguese translation
- Fix legacy links to
- Client Control: Save Password & Auto Login option should also hide in Preferences
- Schedule loadContactList() outside of sharedGroupLoader
- Replace deprecated Smack APIs
- Transfer Guard settings should be in Spark profile
- Add working with Spark source in VS Code guide
- Fix French translation
- Allow translations to be found when running from IDE
- ROAR setting changes should not require a restart
- ROAR should not offer 'system notification' if unsupported by OS
- Plugins should be runnable from IDE
- Update Bouncy Castle library to 1.66
- Guard against CVE-2020-10683 (dom4j reading external entities)

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