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Sparkle Pro 2.8.6 Mac

如果你認為建設網站不適合你,Sparkle for Mac 會改變你的想法。 Sparkle 是直觀的網站建設者,可以讓您為在線投資組合,團隊或樂隊頁面或業務和客戶創建網站。跳過單調乏味,設計一個開箱即用的華麗網站。 Sparkle 將你的設計變成一個實時的網站,沒有編碼也沒有行話。您不需要了解代碼或其他網絡編程概念:Sparkle 使網站成為可能.

Sparkle 的易用性來自於所有內置組件,它們使用豐富的媒體和巨大的排版設置網站。 MacOS 的閃光是關於建立整個網站,而不僅僅是個人網頁。例如,您可以輕鬆地在多個頁面上共享您的網站頁眉或頁腳,並整合分析功能.

現代網站更多的是關於結構和內容,而不是關於“主題”或“模板”,但一個空白頁面可以是艱鉅的。這就是為什麼我們推出了,以便可以使用美麗的設計,而我們剛剛添加了一系列運動 2.0 功能的新設計。

注意:未註冊版本中的功能有限。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Sparkle Pro 2.8.6
檔案大小 37.3 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 River SRL
軟體類型 2019-12-16

What's new in this version:

Sparkle Pro 2.8.6
- Fixed text wrapping, broken by Chrome 75+
- Fixed text style ordering on different devices
- Fixed page background color transparency in dark mode on Catalina
- Fixed swiping gallery images on mobile
- Fixed copy/paste across documents to preserve text color
- Fixed layout of blurred images in fixed position backgrounds

Sparkle Pro 2.8.5
- Improved Catalina support
- Improved cookie consent to work with more embed scripts
- Fixed crashes on Macs with many CPU cores
- Fixed text lists not showing bullet points properly for pasted text
- Fixed layout of nested vertical menus with proportionally sized items
- Fixed some layouts with full width boxes and anchors

Sparkle Pro 2.8.4
- Improved support for macOS Catalina
- Improved compatibility with Safari 13 on macOS and iOS
- Improved text lists
- Improved the page import feature
- Improved German localization
- Fixed minor layout issues
- Many more improvements and fixes

Sparkle Pro 2.8.3
- improved publishing setup
- improved page importer
- added support for canvas page up/page down/home/end keys
- fixed layout issues with out of frame gallery labels
- fixed publishing crashes in some rare cases
- fixed occasional incorrect frame position for elements visible in multiple pages
- fixed grouping and ungrouping in multi-device pages
- fixed scroll locations not working in Firefox in some cases
- fixed text indent for right-aligned button and menu labels
- fixed sub-menu positioning in canvas
- fixed occasional canvas height issues
- fixed layouts with nested rotated elements in some edge cases
- fixed preview after navigating to a different page
- fixed cursor jumping at the top of the text block during editing in some cases
- fixed site search for gallery label text
- fixed character encoding issues in search result pages with some web server configurations
- fixed text wrapping reflow when hiding an element
- fixed in-canvas rendering of SVGs that contain text
- fixed fixed-position backgrounds on some browsers
- fixed privacy banner in some cases
- fixed TouchBar rotation widget
- fixed minor compatibility issues with macOS 10.9/10.11/10.12
- added warning when Sketch is not installed

Sparkle Pro 2.8.2
- Added right-to-left text support in the canvas and in the published page
- Added ability to place gallery labels out of the gallery frame
- Fixed publishing only changes
- Fixed excessive memory use when publishing
- Fixed TouchBar canvas zoom control
- Fixed footer elements sometimes causing editing issues
- Fixed iOS text sizing and fixed backgrounds in some cases
- Fixed SVG rendering in some cases
- Fixed contact forms sending multiple emails in some cases
- Fixed crash when attempting to print from the Finder
- Fixed uncommitted text fields losing content when window lost focus
- Fixed embed being vertically constrained
- Fixed undo/redo for some commands
- Fixed crash when setting the same name to different pages from the page outline
- Fixed publish completion notification not showing in some cases
- Fixed crash when opening files with mp3 extension but no mp3 content
- Fixed compatibility with older macOS versions
- Other improvements to stability and performance

Sparkle Pro 2.8.1
- Fixed many bugs

Sparkle Pro 2.8
- Added Instagram element
- Added Instagram support in images and galleries
- Added stock photo integration
- Added Sketch plugin to copy a design over to Sparkle
- Added Photos Extension plugin to create Sparkle image galleries from Photos
- Added site search element and search results page
- Added stick to top behaviors: overlap/stack/push previous
- Added pinning of a group to the bottom of the browser window
- Added SVG support for box backgrounds
- Added stock and custom patterns for box backgrounds
- Added option to make a text box scrollable
- Added free gradient angle for box backgrounds
- Added proportional width menu items
- Added support for removing backgrounds in images shot with portrait mode
- Added support for Continuity Camera
- Improved canvas drawing performance for complex layouts (macOS 10.13 or later)
- Added pinch to zoom in the canvas
- Improved startup performance for large projects
- Improved SVG rendering performance
- Added basic map mode that doesn’t require API key
- Added display of publishing progress activity
- Added ability to convert from one element type to another
- Added font style re-ordering
- Added the ability to import a website from the local disk
- Audio player now stops other audio players on the page
- Improved fixed background images on Android browsers
- Improved video player compatibility
- Improved page import accuracy
- Improved publishing setup diagnostics

Sparkle Pro 2.7.2
- Added support for multi-line button labels
- Fixed canvas drawing on Mojave
- Fixed align/distribute
- Fixed font not being loaded in some cases
- Fixed devices popover not showing which devices to review
- Fixed anchors and anchor navigation
- Fixed activate after consent for embed elements
- Fixed page import not working for some sites
- Fixed menu orientation issues in some cases
- Fixed a few Dark Mode issues

Sparkle Pro 2.7.1
- Fixed icons on macOS 10.9-10.11

Sparkle Pro 2.7
- Added support for macOS Mojave and dark mode!
- Added new toolbar icons
- Added support for publishing to International Domain Names
- Added drag and drop of images and video from Safari
- Improved offline compatible code generation
- Fixed FTP setup and publishing with some servers
- Fixed publishing cache, sometimes producing incorrect images
- Fixed text wrap on Internet Explorer
- Fixed Pixabay link back to original photo
- Fixed maps address lookup
- Fixed some layout and stick to top issues
- Fixed font-related crashes
- Fixed double audio autoplay
- Many other minor bug fixes

Sparkle Pro 2.6.3
- Fixed custom style for sub-menus
- Fixed page layout for groups with animation
- Fixed missing images when navigating pages in preview
- Fixed sitemap.xml generation with multi-lingual websites
- Improved privacy metadata to work with web hosts with hotlink protection
- Improved wrapping of text containing lists

Sparkle Pro 2.6.2
- Added offline-compatible code generation, as an option for export to disk
- Added “Open in new page" option for in-site pages
- Improved generated code size by about 15%
- Improved IE/Edge compatibility
- Improved website icon support
- Fixed setup of publishing with some FTP servers
- Fixed search and multi-lingual page metadata
- Fixed copy/paste style of some text attributes
- Fixed custom font panel on macOS 10.9
- Fixed dots not being shown in galleries with thumbnails
- Fixed loading some custom web fonts

Sparkle Pro 2.6.1
- fixed crash on startup when system doesn’t have Times New Roman installed
- fixed background not being applied on all pages
- fixed compatibility with some FTP servers
- fixed images appearing lower resolution in some cases
- fixed menus not creating submenus for sections
- fixed text wrapping in some cases
- fixed repeated font migration
- fixed SVG issues on IE 8/9/10

Sparkle Pro 2.6

- Major privacy and performance enhancements, in addition to new features. We’re feeling really great about this release
- We’re cutting a few corners due to the impending European privacy regulation (GDPR/DSGVO), so translations aren’t entirely complete and the documentation still needs to be updated. We will be correcting this in the next few days

Sparkle now scores 100% on the Swedish Internet Foundation privacy checker tool, one of the most advanced on the web. This is best in class in privacy compliance. The specific combination of improvements:
- all third party content is blocked until cookie consent
- embedded code is by default subject to activation after cookie consent
- fonts are now only ever stored in the local site, not referenced from Google fonts
- the page address is by default not leaked when loading third party content

We vastly improved the performance of sites published by Sparkle 2.6, generally achieving a perfect 100% score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights, an important reference point for Google’s ranking algorithm. Specifically Sparkle is now:
- deferring loading of resources that delay page rendering
- inlining critical CSS
- encoding fonts in the more compact woff and woff2 file formats
- compressing images with a higher compression algorithm

Finally we added these great new features to make Sparkle an all around better website builder:
- a new publishing engine, faster and more compatible with web hosts
- a publishing cache, to limit image re-generation
- per-page language designation, and language variant (hreflang) support, which is picked up by search engines
- text style for checkboxes and radio buttons
- the option to hide sidebar thumbnails
- an in-Sparkle text search window
- the option to make radio buttons required
- 90 new web fonts built-in
- an improved custom font installer

Sparkle Pro 2.5.6
- fixed broken menu links

Sparkle Pro 2.5.4
- Improved performance in many areas
- Fixed many bugs

Sparkle Pro 2.5.3
- improved text editing performance for long text blocks
- improved performance with some images
- improved import for some sites
- fixed canvas and layout issues with text wrap
- fixed image gallery inspector thumbnails
- fixed image gallery labels not animating when using lightboxes
- fixed nested link HTML generation
- fixed HTML text encoding for web server that disable UTF8
- fixed excess memory use in some cases
- fixed publishing with multiple folders levels
- fixed incorrect layout related to scroll locations

Sparkle Pro 2.5.2
- fixed menu changing orientation in some cases
- fixed text editing crash on macOS 10.9 and 10.10
- fixed text elements changing position in some cases

Sparkle Pro 2.5.1
- fixed gallery labels with links and animation
- fixed layout differences with pre 2.5 sites
- fixed text wrap related issues
- fixed text list related issues
- fixed social media icon changing aspect occasionally
- improved performance in many areas
- fixed many bugs

Sparkle Pro 2.5

- Introduces high fidelity text layout and text wrapping around image shapes, giving you unprecedented creative control over web page layout. Sparkle 2.5 is also more efficient, more robust and more compatible

- added text wrapping around images
- significantly improved text layout precision and accuracy
- added advanced text settings and text shadows
- added image color filters
- added per-image links and labels on image galleries
- added Google Tag Manager support
- added local business metadata editor
- added HTML id customization
- improved file format to reduce system resource usage
- improved video player compatibility
- improved publishing compatibility with many web hosts

Sparkle Pro 2.2.3
- Change log not available for this version

Sparkle Pro 2.2.2
- verified functionality on High Sierra
- added support for forward delete key
- improved publishing setup
- improved compatibility of search engine and social metadata
- improved autoplay of background video on iOS
- improved Touch Bar rendition of border, rounding and shadow settings
- fixed access to Vimeo video search for some users
- fixed preview occasionally not showing images
- fixed Mavericks compatibility issues
- fixed Touch Bar related crashes
- fixed Facebook, twitter and maps placeholder images
- fixed layout issues related to scroll locations
- fixed copy/paste and duplication of locked elements
- fixed file downloads and contact forms for pages in folders
- fixed copy/paste across documents with different device configuration
- fixed click on cookie banner consent buttons scrolling the page
- fixed stick to top on IE/Edge

Sparkle Pro 2.2.1
- fixed Touch Bar related crashes
- fixed layout issues related to scroll locations and multiple devices
- fixed incorrect generation of robots.txt and sitemap.xml in some cases
- fixed links to downloadable files from pages in folders
- fixed menu text scaling with multi device documents
- fixed video in lightbox on iOS devices
- fixed text color of text inputs
- fixed crash when the sharing image is missing
- fixed scroll locations in hidden, sticky and wide boxes
- fixed links when source and destination are in the same folder
- fixed element rotation for elements entirely contained in non-rotated elements

Sparkle Pro 2.2.0
- added Touch Bar support within Sparkle
- added Touch Bar support for Sparkle-generated websites
- added support for Live Photos
- added robots.txt and sitemap.xml generation
- added support for website verification with search engines
- added metadata for website language indication
- added OpenGraph metadata for twitter/facebook/linkedin/pinterest sharing
- added option to exclude a page from publishing
- added the ability to send contact forms via authenticated SMTP
- added support for on click phone calling
- added support for publishing individual pages to folders
- added option of higher compression jpeg
- fixed mouse clicking and dragging glitches on some Macs
- fixed occasional crashes when publishing
- fixed stick to top with Chrome
- fixed preview limitations

Sparkle Pro 2.1.4
- improved FTP setup and compatibility
- fixed sub-menu animation with different orientations on different devices
- fixed menu auto resizing
- fixed crash when dragging and dropping menu items in some cases
- fixed menu borders when upgrading Sparkle 2.0 websites
- fixed footer moving on copy/paste on multi-device documents
- fixed crash with sub-menus with all items hidden

Sparkle Pro 2.1.3
- fixed crash due to menu synchronization of empty sections
- fixed slow file loading for projects with many images
- fixed incorrect drawing when editing long text blocks

Sparkle Pro 2.1.2
- added privacy bar background color customization
- fixed menu text occasional incorrect size
- fixed smooth scrolling sometimes not working
- fixed footer elements properly moved when the page bottom is moved by Sparkle
- fixed publishing setup for some web hosts that have aggressive caching
- fixed publishing setup for some web hosts blocking the Sparkle uploader
- fixed text color not changing while the text is being edited
- fixed crash when removing the current device in some cases
- fixed order of items in the contact form email
- fixed facebook plugin size with multiple devices
- fixed publishing popup crash when the toolbar is hidden
- fixed menu animation for some submenu combinations
- fixed twitter plugin not working with privacy options
- fixed crash when removing privacy page in some cases
- fixed layout issue in some instance
- fixed a few more crashes

Sparkle Pro 2.1.1
- Change log not available for this version

Sparkle Pro 2.1.0
- new affordable single site “Sparkle One”
- added menu auto-switch to compact mobile style
- added support for fixed backgrounds on mobile browsers
- added FTP setup auto detection of web server settings
- added option to export smaller webp images
- added single page import
- improved performance and reliability of FTP
- hardened anti spam on contact forms
- improved maps inspector on API key requirements
- improved support for working on projects on multiple Macs
- improved embed elements for some kinds of embedded code
- fixed import of portrait video
- improved performance in many areas
- fixed many other bugs

Sparkle Pro 2.0.6
- Fix minor regression on El Capitan

Sparkle Pro 2.0.5
- Sierra compatibility

Sparkle Pro 2.0.4
- Fixed In App Purchases not working in some circumstances

Sparkle Pro 2.0.3
- Added publishing completion notifications
- Improved publishing configuration reliability
- Improved publishing reliability and performance
- Improved performance for background patterns
- Fixed page alignment setting
- Fixed map color scheme setting
- Fixed in-page links for non-ASCII text and special characters
- Fixed background images with a fixed position
- Fixed rounded corners for images
- Fixed single-device document zooming when viewed on phones and tablets
- Many other stability improvements

Sparkle Pro 2.0.2
- Improve FTP configuration and transfer reliability
- Fix saving publishing settings
- Fix dragging scroll locations
- Fix undo of element resize
- Fix showing the settings inspector when a locked element is selected
- Fix an occasional crash when deleting pages
- Fix drawing fixed position box background
- Fix for a crash when copy/pasting from documents with different devices
- Other stability improvements

Sparkle Pro 2.0
- Video and audio from local disk, including dragging an .mp4 or .mp3 in
- Links to downloadable files, including dragging a pdf or a zip in
- Full window video background and custom background patterns
- In-page links with smooth scrolling
- On-scroll animations for images, video, text blocks and buttons
- Privacy and cookie law support, including opt-in/opt-out privacy banner
- Independent borders on boxes
- Element rotation
- Visual setup of contact form
- Built in incremental FTP support with streamlined setup
- Drag and drop from Photos
- Integration of stock photography
- Selection and drag autoscroll
- Constrained proportion element resize
- Selection of elements obscured by others
- Copy/paste of element style
- Automatic detection of the best image format
- Faster image download on retina devices

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