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Stencyl 4.0.2 Mac

如果你認為建設網站不適合你,Sparkle for Mac 會改變你的想法。 Sparkle 是直觀的網站建設者,可以讓您為在線投資組合,團隊或樂隊頁面或業務和客戶創建網站。跳過單調乏味,設計一個開箱即用的華麗網站。 Sparkle 將你的設計變成一個實時的網站,沒有編碼也沒有行話。您不需要了解代碼或其他網絡編程概念:Sparkle 使網站成為可能.

Sparkle 的易用性來自於所有內置組件,它們使用豐富的媒體和巨大的排版設置網站。 MacOS 的閃光是關於建立整個網站,而不僅僅是個人網頁。例如,您可以輕鬆地在多個頁面上共享您的網站頁眉或頁腳,並整合分析功能.

現代網站更多的是關於結構和內容,而不是關於“主題”或“模板”,但一個空白頁面可以是艱鉅的。這就是為什麼我們推出了,以便可以使用美麗的設計,而我們剛剛添加了一系列運動 2.0 功能的新設計。

注意:未註冊版本中的功能有限。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Stencyl 4.0.2
檔案名稱 Stencyl-full.dmg
檔案大小 316 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 River SRL
軟體類型 2019-12-16

What's new in this version:

Stencyl 4.0.2
- Updated support for: macOS Catalina, Xcode 11, Android API 29
- Increased default memory cap
- Many bug fixes, notably including a fix for scenes that won't open in 4.0.1

Full changelog:
- Don't allow resources to be opened while already loading

Scene Designer:
- Avoided index out of bounds error causing scenes to not open
- Don't try to use custom cursors on unsupported systems
- Fix "bring actor to front within layer" functionality

Design Mode:
- Don't allow dropdown menus beneath blocks to be opened
- More accurate tinting of Design Mode blocks on macOS/Linux

Actor Type Editor:
- Don't read in ghost shapes
- Always refresh collisions page when animations are added/removed
- Fix size of collision bounds of drag-and-drop imported animations

Behavior Page:
- Behaviors Tab cuts off behaviors with a lot of text

External Tools:
- Added missing dependency needed to unzip 7-zip files, including Pencyl
- Retry running external commands if they fail due to CreateProcess error (sometimes due to antivirus/cloud sync/etc creating short-lived locks)
- Make VsCode work on macOS if the .app is selected

- [creation] Prevented higher scale images from being created on import if higher scales are disabled
- [creation] Fixed a bug with number of rows/columns being swapped when importing tileset image
- [duplication] Fix: font images not being copied when duplicated
- [duplication] Fix: multiple copies of higher scales appearing when duplicating Actor Types
- [duplication] Fix: custom blocks in duplicated behaviors still referring to the original
- [importing] Set atlas ID for imported resources to 0 if atlas does not exist
- [importing] Fix loading of tilesets with images that don't match the claimed number of tiles
- [importing] Fix importing of resource packs with behaviors using each others custom blocks
- [exporting] Fix bug causing potentially high size of exported resource packs

Game Settings:
- [scaling] Don't read in enabled scales that have been disabled in project scales
- [android] Fixed custom Android keystore paths so they would actually be used
- [android] Limit allowed Android platforms to ones that have been tested
- [android] Allow accepting Android licenses from within Stencyl as needed
- [ios] Fix iOS launch storyboard scaling (thread)
- [web preloader] Preloader images can't be cleared (#1538, other little bug)
- [atlases] Fix: Atlas button on scene tab wasn't opening atlas page due to refreshing
- [atlases] Fix: Scene listing in atlas scene manager only shows scenes not in any folder when first opened
- [engine-extensions] Fix: labels extension not appearing by default

- [codegen] Fixed compilation error with certain number formats that are valid in Java but not Haxe, parse as text instead
- [codegen] Don't let faster code generator erroneously succeed if blocks are missing
- [issues] Hidden pref for showing errors dialog even if there's only warnings. "prefs.compile.showwarn=true"
- [resources] Ensure that we never write out scales that are excluded from project
- [windows c++] Fix visual studio detection when vswhere.exe exists but returns bad path
- [ios] Fix Xcode warnings when using deployment targets newer than 9. (thread)
- [ios] Fix various errors when min iOS versions other than 10 are selected
- [windows] Use the 64-bit release to allow compiling larger projects (thread)
- [windows] Default to 32-bit output for Windows desktop games
- [windows] Fix typeinfo.h error for recent MS Visual Studio update

- [rendering] Fixed drawing position for simple physics actors with top left origin points
- [rendering] Made camera movement smoother by not rounding layer positions
- [rendering] Fixed gradient background center being shifted by text/image drawing blocks in previous scene
- [rendering] Fix tilelayers being cut off when zoomed out in Flash
- [rendering] Fix font width/height blocks for default font when scaled
- [rendering] Make scaled text respect antialiasing
- [rendering] Fix crash when reloading screen with scale changes if an actor with no anim is present
- [rendering] (rare case) Fix drawString on non-flash platforms when tilemap rendering is disabled
- [rendering] Fix crash when actors are z-ordered in certain ways
- [input] Fixed actor mouse detection when x and y scale values are different
- [input] The "control key is down" block now also works with the command key on Mac
- [input] Handle gamepads being added and removed at runtime more gracefully
- [input] Enable multitouch on non-mobile platforms
- [sound] Fixed bug with sound channel event not working after pausing and resuming a sound
- [sound] play/loop sound blocks always start a sound with default volume and pan
- [game logic] Added log message clarifying that a transitioning scene cannot be paused
- [game logic] Don't retain Instance Customization of actors when recycled
- [game logix] Fix native events not being disposed when attached to actors
- [preloader] Don't show preloader image in front of preloader bar
- [coding] Small change to typing of event listeners due to Haxe 4
- [coding] Engine setting for preserving offscreen tolerance
- [android] Fix potential crash when gpg signin fails (thread)
- [android] Don't crash when purchases is disconnected mid-operation (#1516)

OS/Tool Compatibility:
- Fixed HTML5 and iOS compilation bug that occurred for some macOS users (thread)
- Stencyl is now bundled with Java 11 on every OS
- Windows 64-bit release now available
- Except for the win32 release, Stencyl opens with an increased default memory cap of 4GB
- Include example java parameter in linux script for hidpi displays
- Xcode 11 support
- Support for using the Desktop/Documents folders on macOS Catalina
- Stencyl dmg releases are notarized for Catalina
- Android API 29 support
- Allow JDKs other than Java 8 for Android compilation

Third-Party Libraries:
- Update Haxe: 3.4.7 -> 4.0.2
- Update Hxcpp: 4.0.2 -> 4.0.19
- Update OpenFL: 8.7.0 -> 8.9.5
- Update Lime: 7.2.0 -> 7.6.3
- Updated hxp, polygonal-ds, hxtelemetry

Stencyl 4.0.1
- Scene Designer: Allow setting order of actors within layer, preserve this info in engine
- Sound Editor: OGG playback support
- iOS: XCode 10.1 support, and recent simulators (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR)
- Android: Include 64-bit support and updated theme for alerts to comply with Google Play guidelines

Stencyl 4.0.0
- Bring HTML5 support out of "experimental" phase.
- Live Reloading (for game testing)
- Improved performance on mobile / desktop
- Improved support for larger projects (quicker build times, lower memory usage)
- Compatibility with the latest SDKs for iOS and Android (API 28)
- Allow external installs of android ndk/sdk

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