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Stellarium 0.15.1 Mac

Stellarium for Mac 是一個免費的開源天文館為您的計算機。就像你用肉眼,雙筒望遠鏡或望遠鏡所看到的那樣,它顯示出真實的 3D 天空。它被用於天文館投影儀。只需設置你的坐標,然後去。 Stellarium 的特點:

超過 600,000 顆恆星的默認目錄額外目錄超過 2.1 億顆恆星的星座和插圖十二種不同文化的星座星雲圖片(完整的梅西耶目錄)現實的銀河系非常現實的氣氛,日出和日落行星和他們的衛星 Interface
強大的縮放時間控制多語種界面天文館圓頂的魚眼投影自己的低成本圓頂的球面鏡投影所有新的圖形界面和廣泛的鍵盤控制望遠鏡控制 Visualisation
赤道和方位角網格星星閃爍射擊恆星 Eclipse 模擬超新星模擬換膚景觀,現在與球面全景投影 Customizability
插件系統添加人造衛星,眼睛模擬,望遠鏡配置和更多能夠添加新的太陽係對象 s 從網上資源... 添加自己的深空天體,風景,星座圖像,腳本... 注意:需要 64 位 processor.

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檔案版本 Stellarium 0.15.1
檔案名稱 Stellarium-0.15.1.dmg
檔案大小 159.53 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Fabien Chereau
軟體類型 2016-12-25

What's new in this version:

New exciting features:
- The Digital Sky Survey (DSS) can be shown (requires online connection)
- AstroCalc is now available from the main menu and gives interesting new computational insight
- Stellarium can act as Spout sender (important for multimedia environments; Windows only)
- wait() and waitFor() in the Scripting Engine no longer inhibits performance of moves
- DE430/431 DeltaT may be OK now. We still want to test a bit more, though
- ArchaeoLines also offers two arbitrary declination lines
- Added support of time zones dependent by location
- Added new skyculture: Sardinian
- Added updates and improvements in catalogs
- Added improvements in the GUI
- Added cross identification data for star


List of changes:
- Added code which allows to display full-sky multi-resolution remote images projected using the TOAST format
- Added new option to Oculars plugin: enabling automatic install the type of mount from the telescope settings for saving horizontal orientation of CCD frame
- Added new option stars/flag_forced_twinkle=(false|true) for planetariums to enable a twinkling of stars without atmosphere
- Added calculations of conjunction between major planets and deep-sky objects (AstroCalc)
- Added calculations of occultations between major planets and DSO/SSO (AstroCalc)
- Added option to toggle visibility of designations of exoplanets (esp. for exoplanetary systems)
- Added support of time zones dependent by location
- Added option in GUI to edit colours of the markings
- Added a special case for educational purpose to drawing orbits for the Solar System Observer
- Added the new config option in the sky cultures for management of boundaries of constellations
- Added support synonyms of star names (2nd edition of the sky cultures)
- Added support reference data for star names (2nd edition of the sky cultures)
- Added support synonyms of DSO names (2nd edition of the sky cultures)
- Added support native names of DSO (2nd edition of the sky cultures)
- Added support reference data for native DSO names (2nd edition of the sky cultures)
- Added support Spout under Windows (Stellarium is Spout Sender now)
- Added a few trojans and quasi-satellites in ssystem.ini file
- Added a virtual planet 'Earth Observer' for educational purposes (illustration for the Moon phases)
- Added orbit lines for some asteroids and comets
- Added config option to switch between styles of color of orbits
- Added support of separate colors for orbits
- Added function and shortcut for quick reversing direction of time
- Added custom objects to avoid of getting of empty space for Search Tool (SIMBAD mode) and to adding custom markers on the sky
- Added tool to management of visibility for grids/lines in Oculars plugin
- Added the hiding of supernova remnants before their birth
- Added markers for various poles and zenith/nadir
- Added markers for equinoxes
- Added supergalactic coordinate system
- Added code for management of SkyPoints in Oculars plugin
- Added notes to the Help window
- Added commands and shortcuts for quick move to celestial poles
- Added textures for deep-sky objects
- Added Millions of light years distance to infostring for galaxies
- Added 2 custom declination lines to ArchaeoLines plugin
- Added dialog with options to adjust of colors of markers of deep-sky objects
- Added new options to infobox
- Added calculating and displaying the Moon phases
- Added allow for proper stopping of time dragging
- Added time scrolling
- Added Scottish Gaelic (gd) translations for landscapes and sceneries.
- Added usage the Qt 5 JSON parser instead of the hand-made one we used so far
- Added synonyms for DSO
- Added names consistency for DSO
- Added support operational statuses for few classes of artificial satellites
- Added special zoom level for Telrad to avoid undefined behaviour of zooming
- Added new icons for Bookmarks and AstroCalc tools
- Added missing Bayer designation of 4 Aurigae
- Added calculations of conjunctions/occultations between planets and bright stars (AstroCalc tool)
- Added 'Altitude vs Time' feature for AstroCalc tool
- Added location identification which adds canonical IAU 3-letter code to infostring and PointerCoordinates plugin
- Added elongation and phase angle to Comet and MinorPlanet infostrings
- Added cross identification data for stars from Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Ed. (Hoffleit+, 1991)
- Added AstroCalc icon
- Added new scriptable methods to CustomObjectMgr class
- Added Sardinian sky culture
- Allow changes of milky way and zodiacal light brightness via GUI while stars switched off
- Fixed visual issue for AstroCalc tool
- Fixed incorrectly escaping of translated strings for some languages in Remote Control plugin
- Fixed disappearing of star labels when the 'Navigational Stars' plugin is loaded and not activated
- Fixed offset issue for image sensor frame in Oculars plugin
- Fixed crash when labels and markers box in sky and Viewing Options tab is ticked
- Fixed spherical distortion with night mode
- Fixed behaviour of buttons on Oculars on-screen control panel
- Fixed misalignment of Veil nebula image
- Fixed build of planetarium without scripting support (Thanks to Alexey Dokuchaev for the bug report)
- Fixed coordinates of the open cluster Melotte 227
- Fixed typos in Kamilorai skyculture
- Fixed cmake typos for scenery3d model (Thanks to Alexey Dokuchaev for the bug report)
- Fixed crash when turning off custom GRS if GRS Details dialogue has not been opened before
- Fixed small issue rounding for JD for DeltaT tooltip on bottom bar
- Fixed rendering orbits of artificial satellites during changing of location through spaceship feature
- Fixed hiding the Moon during a total solar eclipse when option 'limit magnitude' for Solar system objects is enabled
- Fixed small bug for updating catalog in the Bright Novae plugin
- Fixed displaying date and time in AstroCalc Tool
- Fixed a typographical error in coefficient for precession expressions by Vodnark et. al.
- Fixed crash on exit in the debug mode in StelTexture module
- Fixed crash in the debug mode
- Fixed coverity issues
- Fixed obvious typos
- Fixed issue for wrong calculation of exit pupil for binoculars in Oculars plugin
- Fixed issue for Arabic translation
- Fixed packaging on OS X for Qt 5.6.2+
- Fixed calculations of the value of the Moon secular acceleration when JPL DE43x ephemeris is used
- Fixed distances for objects of Caldwell catalogue
- Fixed calculations for transit phenomena
- Fixed missing translations in Remote Control plug-in
- Fixed displaying of localized projection name in Remote Control
- Fixed search localized names of artificial satellites
- Fixed showing translated names of artificial satellite
- Fixed GUI Problem in Satellites plug-in
- Fixed moon size infostring
- Fixed AstroCalc lists transits as occulations
- Fixed resetting of DSO Limit Magnitude by Image Sensor Frame
- Fixed Nova Puppis 1942 coordinates
- Fixed error in light curve model of historical supernovae
- Fixed width of search dialog for Meteor Showers plugin
- Fixed shortcut for "Remove selection of constellations" action
- Fixed retranslation name and type of meteor showers in Meteor Showers when language of application is changed
- Fixed wrong tooltip info
- Fixed Mercury's magnitude formula
- Fixed cross-id error for alpha2 Cen
- Fixed core.moveToAltAzi(90,XX) issue
- Fixed view centered on zenith (restart after save) issue
- Updated DSO Catalog: Added support full of UGC catalog
- Updated DSO Catalog: Added galaxies from PGC2003 catalog (mag <=15)
- Updated DSO Catalog: Removed errors and duplicates
- Updated stars catalogues
- Updated stars names
- Updated settings for AstroCalc
- Updated Satellites plugin
- Updated Scenery3d plugin
- Updated Stellarium User Guide
- Updated support for High DPI monitors
- Updated list of star names for Western sky culture
- Updated Search Tool
- Updated default catalogues for plugins
- Updated list of locations (2nd version of format - TZ support)
- Updated pulsars catalog & util
- Updated Scripting Engine
- Updated rules for visibility of exoplanets labels
- Updated shortcuts
- Updated info for the landscape actions
- Updated Bengali translation of Sardinian skyculture
- Correctly apply constellation fade duration
- Expanded behaviour of for isolated constellations selection (only for skycultures with IAU generic boundaries)
- Ensure stable up vector for lookZenith, lookEast etc
- Verification the star names by the official IAU star names list
- Minor improvement in ini file writing
- Set usage Bortle index only after year 1825
- Re-implement wait() and waitFor() scripting functions to avoid large delays in main thread
- Restored broken feature (hidding markers for selected planets)
- Removed color profiles from PNG files
- Removed the flips of the CCD frame because it works incorrect and he introduced new one bug
- Removed the useless misspelled names from list of stars
- Removed the Time Zone plug-in
- Removed useless translations in ArchaeoLines plug-in

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