Apple Numbers 10.2 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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Apple Numbers 10.2 Mac

TeamViewer for Mac 是遠程控制,桌面共享和文件傳輸的解決方案,適用於任何防火牆和 NAT 代理。要連接到另一台計算機,只需在兩台計算機上運行 TeamViewer,而不需要安裝過程。在第一次啟動時,在兩台計算機上都會生成自動夥伴 ID。輸入您的合作夥伴的 ID 到 TeamViewer 中,並立即建立連接。

TeamViewer 功能:

隨著 TeamViewer for Mac,您可以遠程控制任何 Mac 上的任何互聯網的 Mac。無需安裝,只需在雙方運行應用程序並連接 - 即使是通過嚴密的防火牆.

第二個 TeamViewer 模式允許您向合作夥伴展示您的桌面。在幾秒鐘之內通過互聯網展示您的演示,產品和演示 - 在您的屏幕上實時顯示.

TeamViewer 帶有集成的文件傳輸功能,允許您將文件和文件夾從遠程夥伴複製到遠程夥伴 - 也可以在防火牆後面工作

Works Firewalls
使用遠程控制軟件是防火牆和阻塞的端口,以及本地 IP 地址的 NAT 路由。如果您使用 TeamViewer,則不必擔心防火牆:TeamViewer 將找到一條通往您的合作夥伴的路線.

TeamViewer 是一個非常安全的解決方案。商業 TeamViewer 版本具有完全安全的數據通道,具有密鑰交換和 RC4 會話編碼,與 https / SSL 使用的安全標準相同.

No 安裝要求
要安裝 TeamViewer,不需要管理員權限。只需運行該軟件即可...

優化了通過局域網和互聯網的連接,TeamViewer for Mac 功能基於帶寬的自動質量選擇,可在任何連接上優化使用.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可以:下載 TeamViewer for Windows

檔案版本 Apple Numbers 10.2
檔案名稱 AppleNumbers.dmg
檔案大小 211.9 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 TeamViewer GmbH
軟體類型 2020-09-22

What's new in this version:

Apple Numbers 10.2
- Improved performance when working with large tables
- Enhance your spreadsheets with a variety of new, editable shapes

Apple Numbers 10.1
- Play YouTube and Vimeo videos right in your spreadsheets (may not be available in all regions)
- Easily add captions and titles to images, videos, shapes, and other objects
- New functions, including XLOOKUP, XMATCH, and REGEX, let you match patterns, manipulate text, and create flexible formulas

Apple Numbers 10.0
- Create spreadsheets with more rows and columns than ever before.
- Apply a color to the background of a sheet.
- Add a Numbers spreadsheet to a shared iCloud Drive folder to automatically start collaborating. Requires macOS 10.15.4.
- Edit shared spreadsheets while offline and your changes will upload when you’re back online.
- Easily access your recently used templates in a redesigned template chooser.
- Print or export a PDF of your spreadsheet with comments included.
- Add a drop cap to text in a shape.
- Enhance your spreadsheets with a variety of new, editable shapes.

Apple Numbers 6.2.1
- This update contains stability and performance improvements.

Apple Numbers 6.2
- Improved performance when working with large tables.
- Easily add HEVC-formatted movies to spreadsheets, enabling reduced file size while preserving visual quality.
- Add accessibility descriptions to audio, video, and drawings.
- Improved accessibility of exported PDFs.

Apple Numbers 6.1
- Greatly improved accuracy using the enhanced 128-bit calculation engine.
- Style your text by filling it with gradients or images, or by applying new outline styles.
- Create links from text to other sheets in a spreadsheet.
- Place images, shapes, and equations inline in text boxes so they move with text.
- Using face detection, subjects in photos are intelligently positioned in placeholders and objects.
- Improved performance while editing and sorting tables.
- Add rows to filtered tables.

Apple Numbers 6.0
- Performance and usability improvements to Smart Categories.
- Save custom shapes and templates that automatically sync to all your devices using iCloud.
- Improved performance while collaborating on spreadsheets.
- Edit grouped objects while collaborating.
- Enhancements to Excel and comma separated value file import.
- Support for vertical text in shapes and text boxes in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

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