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Telegram 5.3 Mac

Telegram for Mac 是一款專注於速度和安全性的通訊應用程序,它的超級快速,簡單和免費。您可以同時在所有設備上使用“電報”(&M); 您的郵件可以在任何數量的手機,平板電腦或計算機上無縫同步.

使用 Telegram for Mac,您可以發送任何類型(doc,zip,mp3 等)的郵件,照片,視頻和文件,也可以創建多達 1000 個人員或頻道播放給無限的觀眾。您可以寫信給您的手機聯繫人,並通過用戶名查找人員。因此,電報就像短信和電子郵件的組合 - 並且可以處理所有您的個人或商業消息需求.

您可以使用 Telegram for Mac 做什麼?
從大多數遠程位置進行連接。協調多達 1000 名成員的小組。同步所有設備上的聊天。發送任何類型的文件。加密個人和商業機密。用計時器摧毀你的信息。將您的媒體存儲在雲中。在我們的 API 上構建您自己的工具。享受客戶的反饋。注意:需要 64 位處理器.

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檔案版本 Telegram 5.3
檔案大小 26.4 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Telegram Team
軟體類型 2019-06-03

What's new in this version:

Telegram 5.3
- More Privacy Settings, Discussions for Channels, and Seamless Web Apps
- Choose who can see your phone number with granular precision in Privacy and Security settings
- Add group chats to 'Always/Never Share' exceptions for any privacy setting. Permissions will update as users leave and join the groups

For group admins and developers:
- Connect a discussion group to your channel, subscribers will see a 'Discuss' button
- View any public channel from the web, even if you don't have a Telegram account
- Integrate bots seamlessly with web services

Telegram 5.2.2
- Change log not available for this version

Telegram 5.2
- Bug fixes and minor improvements

Telegram 5.2
- Introducing Archived Chats, Online Badges and More
- Swipe left on any chat to archive it (or right click > archive)
- Swipe left on your archive to collapse it (or right click > collapse)
- Pin an unlimited number of chats in your archive
- See who is online straight from the chat list and sharing menu
- Copy links to messages in private groups to share with other group members
- Copy and paste text without losing formatting (bold, italic, monospaced and embedded links)

Telegram 5.1.1
- Improved speed and various visual tweaks
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram 5.1
- Emoji behave like stickers if you send a message without accompanying text
- Improved speed and various visual tweaks
- Fixed crash in stickers

Telegram 5.0.1
- Option-click on the input field to take a photo or scan a document with your iOS device and immediately send it using Telegram for macOS
- Bug fixes and minor improvements

Telegram 5.0
- Change log not available for this version

Telegram 4.9.9
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.9.5
- Apply blur effect to chat backgrounds in Settings > Appearance > Chat Background
- Set custom colors as backgrounds and apply patterns
- Share and set backgrounds via links that work on all platforms
- Set a different background for each theme (e.g., light and dark)
- Enjoy a selection of new backgrounds

Telegram for Mac 4.9
- Global permissions for groups. Restrict all members in any group from posting certain types of content
- Unified group settings. Make groups public, set admins with granular permissions and toggle persistent history in just a few taps in any group
- Undo deleting chats and clearing chat history within 8 seconds. Detailed confirmation dialogs when deleting chats
- Bug fixes and design improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.8
- Create polls in groups and channels – right from the attachment menu
- Support for custom languages. Crowdsource a cloud-based language using our Translations platform - then apply it in real time
- Pinned messages in small groups and Saved Messages
- Greatly improved performance for GIF playback
- Minor improvements and bug fixes

Telegram for Mac 4.7.1
- Improved design for forwarding messages
- Emoji suggestions on entering ':' now work when you're adding media captions
- Minor improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.7
- Support for video streaming. Start watching videos without waiting for them to download
- A cartload of minor improvements here and there

Telegram for Mac 4.6.1
- Improved search for messages in chats
- Swipe left on a message to reply
- Minor improvements (including a fix for creating a new line when typing a message)

Telegram for Mac 4.6
- Drag and drop folders into Telegram to send them as an archive
- Advanced settings for badge counter in Notifications and Sounds
- Auto-Night Mode can follow system appearance on macOS Mojave
- Minor improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.5.1
- Change log not available for this version

Telegram for Mac 4.4.1
- Listen to voice and video *messages in 2X mode if you're in a hurry
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.4
- Auto-Night Mode. Automatically switch to the dark version of the interface after nightfall or in low-light conditions
- Full support for MacBook Pro touch bar. You can now use your touch bar in chats (send stickers and media, open profile), when viewing media (rotate photos, move 15 seconds back/forward in videos), and to control buttons in alerts and pop-up windows
- Rotate any image with cmd+R when viewing. (Take that, upside down scans!)

Telegram for Mac 4.3.4
- Memory leak bug fix

Telegram for Mac 4.3.3
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.3.2
- Improved design for viewing photos and media
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.3.1
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.3
- Use swipe gestures for navigation and to access options in the chats list (just like you do on iOS to mark as read/unread, pin, mute, delete)
- Added support for Telegram Passport 1.1 and improved password hashing algorithm to better protect Telegram Passport data
- Various minor improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.2.2

- Drag'n'drop pinned chats to change order
- New section in Shared Media for voice and video messages
- Various fixes and improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.2.1
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.2
- Improved search menu: frequent contacts now show online status and unread badges
- Use the "Articles" section in the search menu to quickly get back to recently opened Instant View articles
- Improved music player: now displays album art, hover on the player to see the current playlist
- Report individual messages and restrict users in supergroups

Telegram for Mac 4.1
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram for Mac 4.0.1
- Change log not available for this version

Telegram for Mac 4.0.0
- Mark chats in your list as Read or Unread
- Replace media when editing messages
- Improved previews for links with multiple attached media
- Improved global search
- Added the new Dark Mojave theme
- A multitude of minor improvements

Telegram 3.9.2 Build 125989

- Fixed crash on playing audio

Telegram 3.9 Build 125223
- Improved Settings design
- Redesigned recording audio and video messages. Use cmd + R to quickly record a message
- Added audio streaming support
- Added Network Usage to Settings
- Added support for multiple proxies

Telegram 3.8.2 Build 119501

- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram 3.8.1 Build 119441
- Video messages and voice notes now start uploading immediately without waiting for you to finish recording – and get delivered faster
- If you used Telegram to log in on other websites, you will see a Connected Websites section in Privacy and Security Settings
- Bug fixes and improvements

Telegram 3.8 Build 118941
- Search for Stickers. Start typing in the new search field to quickly access your sticker sets or find new trending stickers. Also works for GIFs and emoji
- Auto-download settings for media
- Choose a custom download folder
- Support for Touch Bar on Macbooks Pro
- Over 9000 minor improvements

Telegram 3.7.5 Build 115423
- Minor fixes and improvements
- Fixed selecting text on non-retina displays

Telegram 3.7.4 Build 115375
- Choose a chat background when using the bubbles mode in appearance settings
- Minor fixes and improvements
- High memory usage bug fix

Telegram 3.7.4 Build 115237

- Choose a chat background when using the bubbles mode in appearance settings
- Minor fixes and improvements

Telegram 3.7.3 Build 113494
- Dozen of quality improvements
- Fixed some rare crashes

Telegram 3.7.2 Build 113207

- Added several new Accent Colors for the Day theme
- Toggle auto play for GIFs and animations
- Typing status now visible in groups

Telegram 3.7.1 Build 111991
- Bug fixes and design improvements
- New appearance settings
- Optional iOS-like mode for chats with bubbles
- New ‘night blue’ theme

Telegram 3.7 Build 111696
- New appearance settings
- Optional iOS-like mode for chats with bubbles
- New ‘night blue’ theme

Telegram 3.6.1 Build 110162
- Added a "Clear All" button for clearing cache in Storage
- Multiple fixes and minor improvements

Telegram 3.6 Build 109700

- Grouped Photos: Group media into an album when sharing multiple photos and videos. Choose the exact order of media you send.
- Saved Messages: Bookmark messages by forwarding them to “Saved Messages.” Access them from the Chats list or from the side menu
- Pinned Messages: If you are a channel admin, pin messages to focus your subscribers’ attention on important announcements

Also in this update:
- Use Touch ID to unlock the app
- Use ** for bold and __ for italic formatting
- Add links with custom text to your messages using cmd+U or the via the formatting menu
- View multiple attachments from Instagram or Twitter as albums
- Click and drag on waveforms in music and voice messages to rewind
- iTunes links now open in iTunes
- Add photos when creating groups and channels
- Added new design for all alert windows
- Greatly reduced the time it takes to sync the app after it has been inactive for a prolonged period
- Added a host of minor fixes and improvements

Telegram 3.5.3 Build 108404

- New attachment menu (preview files of any type before sending)
- New sharing menu (add comments when sharing)

Telegram 3.5.2 Build 107970
- Use Force Touch actions to instantly reply to, edit, or forward messages
- Change your phone number in Settings
- Set up two-step verification in Settings
- Numerous fixes and improvements

Telegram 3.5 Build 107595
- You can now send video messages. Tap the mic icon to switch to camera mode, then tap and hold to record video, release to send
- Control whether new members in supergroups can see the earlier message history
- Easily recognize messages from group admins by the new ‘admin’ badge
- Bug fixes and design improvements

Telegram 3.4 Build 106100

- Bug fixes and design improvements

Telegram 3.0 Build 100026
- Supergroups can now have up to 10.000 members
- Appoint supergroup admins with granular rights. Choose who can add users, manage messages, block members, edit group info and username, add new admins, etc
- Restrict and ban supergroup members with granular precision. Read-only bans, GIF and sticker bans, media bans, temporary bans and restrictions
- Check the new event log to see all service actions taken by members and admins of a channel or supergroup in the last 48 hours – with search and filters
- Change your language in Settings
- Dozens of other quality of life improvements

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