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TeXMaker 5.0.3 Mac

TeXMaker for Mac 是一個免費的,現代化的,跨平台的 LaTeX 編輯器,用於 Linux,macosx 和 windows 系統,集成了許多工具,只需一個應用程序就可以用 LaTeX 開發文檔。 TeXMaker 包括 Unicode 支持,拼寫檢查,自動完成,代碼折疊和一個內置的 PDF 瀏覽器,支持 synctex 和連續觀看模式。 TeXMaker 易於使用和配置。 TeXMaker 是根據 GPL 許可證發布的。

TeXMaker 功能:

Unicode 編輯器
Texmaker 是完全 Unicode,支持多種編碼.

Texmaker 包括拼寫檢查,同時鍵入.

LaTeX 主要命令可以快速插入,而鍵入.

Texmaker 包括一個“結構視圖“,在鍵入時自動更新。

Texmaker for Mac 允許您使用”主模式“輕鬆工作到以多個文件分隔的文檔中.

集成 PDF viewer
Texmaker 包含一個內置 pdf 查看器,支持持續滾動和 synctex .


370 數學符號可以插入只需點擊一下.

Wizards61235 896Texmaker 包含嚮導,用於生成最標準的 LateX 代碼('Quick document','Quick Beamer Presentation','Quick letter',表格,tabb 和數組環境。只需單擊一下,即可在文檔中找到相應的行.

使用 Texmaker,您可以搜索包含在文件夾(和子文件夾)中的所有膠乳文檔中的文本。如果你點擊一行,Texmaker 會在右邊打開相應的文件。

用鼠標 + Alt 鍵輕鬆選擇矩形。用戶可以很容易地剪切 / 複製 / 粘貼表格的列.

LaTeX 文檔
廣泛的 LaTeX 文檔配有 Texmaker.

用 Texmaker,用戶可以定義無限數量的片段與鍵盤觸發器.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 TeXMaker 5.0.3
檔案名稱 texmaker-5.0.3.dmg
檔案大小 69.3 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.12 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Pascal Brachet
更新日期 http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/index.html
軟體類型 2018-11-06

What's new in this version:

TeXMaker 5.0.3
- The bug about the bad highlighting on misspelled text before a cite{} or label{} command has been fixed
- If no text is selected the "(un)comment" command will (un)comment the current line
- The default size of the configuration dialog has been reduced (users request)
- Fold/Unfold/Fold All/Unfold All menu options has been added (thanks to Robin Watts)
- A bug about completion when citing references that contain numbers has been fixed
- A trouble in the "recent files" menu with names including an ampersand has been fixed
- A typo in the documentation has been fixed
- A typo in the de translation has been fixed (thanks to Stéphane YVON)

TeXMaker 5.0.2
- A memory leak has been fixed in the internal pdf viewer
- The trouble about the "open terminal" command on windows has been fixed

TeXMaker 5.0.1
- a trouble with the MikTex's ps2pdf command has been fixed
- the "-dpiscale x" option has been added to the Texmaker command line : with this option the environment variable QT_SCALE_FACTOR will be set to x before building the GUI (same behavior than adding "export QT_SCALE_FACTOR=x" to the environment variables). Can be used to adjust the interface if the monitor dpi is not well detected
- the cs translation has been updated

TeXMaker 5.0
- new and more modern interface look
- highdpi is now supported on windows and linux
- a spellcheck annoying trouble on kde5 has been fixed
- new pdf engine
- synctex updated to 1.18
- Qt4 support has been removed : Qt5 (>=5.7) is now required
- de, es, hu, pl, and zh_CN translations have been updated
- note: Texmaker depends now only from the Qt toolkit to be compiled

TeXMaker 4.5
- /Library/TeX/texbin/ has been added to the default path for MacOsX El Capitan
- the content of the cite{} command is no more scanned while the spell checking
- a compilation trouble has been fixed with Qt 5.5.x
- a new option allow the svn users to display the uncommitted lines with a different color in the line number widget (Configure Texmaker -> Editor)
- two more options for the pdf internel viewer contextual menu (user request): number of words in the current pdf page and open the file browser at the pdf file location
- de, hu, it, nl, pl, se and zh_CN translations have been updated

TeXMaker 4.4.1
Bugs fixed:
- a crash if the "% !TEX encoding=" meta tag is not valid has been fixed
- a bug related to some shorctuts (ctrl+shift+?) has been fixed

- The macosx Lion/Moutain/Maverick package is again compiled with Qt 5.2.1 (two much issues with Qt 5.3.2 webkit and macdeployqt on MacOsX >=10.10)

TeXMaker 4.4

- a new wizard for a standard XeLaTeX document has been added
- a script ("User" menu to execute it) to apply a hard word wrap at 80 columns to the selected text has been added (will work like the php wordwrap() function just change the textwidth value in the script if you need another value)
- the list of furnished scripts is displayed in the "Run Script" sub-menu of the "User" menu (if a script is located at the same place than the furnished scripts, it will appear automtically in this menu)
- support for the meta tags "% !TEX encoding=" and "% !TEX spellcheck" has been added (the meta tag "% !TEX root" is already supported)
- .vrb,.listing and .spx extensions have been added to the "Clean" command (users requests) cs, de, el, hu, pl, ru, se and vi translations have been updated (thanks to all the translators)

Bugs fixed:
- the xelatex command is now included in the "Tools" menu
- a bad behavior when spelling the document while a text is selected has been fixed (issue 1393)

- The windows versions are now compiled with poppler 0.26.
- The macosx Lion/Moutain/Maverick is now compiled with Qt 5.3.2 and poppler 0.26
- The obsolete macosx 32 bits version is no more furnished (the 4.3 version will stay available on the download page)

TeXMaker 4.3
- a visual diff view has been added to the "source viewer" (differences between the current files loaded in the editor and in the "source viewer") based on jsdifflib from Chas Emerick (BSD license)
- when a command fails, the command is now displayed with the error message "Could not start the command"
- an "reload all documents from file" option has been added to the "File" menu (users request)
- if a "completion.txt" file is found in the same directory than texmaker.exe on windows, in the "/usr/share/texmaker/" folder on linux and in the "Resources" subdirectory of the .app package on macosx, all items from this file will be added automatically for the autocompletion (the syntax must be the same than for the ."Customize completion" option of the "User" menu.
- an option to launch the "Clean" tool when exiting the program has been added (users request)
- a texmaker man page and a texmaker.menu file have been added in the "utilities" directory of the source (thanks to Bernd Warken for the man-page)
- the cs, el, es, hu and se translations have been updated (thanks to all the translators)

TeXMaker 4.2

- script support has been added (only for the text editor part - "User" menu)
- with the new option "-n" for the command line, a new instance of Texmaker can be launched (will break the synchronization with the pdf viewers and others feautures)
- hu and nl translations have been updated
- the windows and macosx lion/maverick versions are now compiled with Qt 5.2.1

Bugs fixed:
- while loading the last session, the bug about the focus has been fixed
- a bug about the "commands" combo box in the main toolbar has been fixed
- a typo in the russion translation has been fixed
- a bad trigger detection for the snippets has been fixed

TeXMaker 4.1.1
- the latex reference manual has been updated
- ca and pt dictionaries have been added
- ca, cs, de, es, pl and se translations have been updated
- the math mode ( ) is now supported by the syntax highlighting (patch from Felix Löhr) [user request]
- double latex and pdflatex compilation has been added for the "Quick build" modes with asymptote (required for the cross references) [user request]
- while autocompletion, if the inserted item doesn't contain a placeholder the cursor will no more jump to the next placeholder [user request]
- the delay after regaining focus while the "check for external changes" option is used has been reduced [user request]
- autocompletion with an underscore character is no more stopped after reaching the undescore [user request]
- .snm and .nav files are also deleted while using the "Clean" command [user request]
- if the log report an error for the line 1, the cursor doesn't jump anymore to the top of the document [user request]
- "user" completion items can now be directly modified [user request]

TeXMaker 4.1
- a "Beamer presentation" wizard has been added (with theme preview)
- LuaLaTeX support has been added
- the macosx lion package is now compiled with Qt 5.1.1. According to this Qt bug report this should fix the trouble with macosx maverick. If not, the TexmakerMacosx64.zip package should be used.
- detection of utf8 encoding without BOM has been added
- the "two pages" mode for the pdf viewer is no more reseted after a new compilation (patch from Andreas Volk)
- "patent" entry to the biblatex menu has been added
- placeholders have been added to the "Tabbing" wizard
- de, el, it and uk translations have been updated
- a link to the english wikibook about LaTeX has been added to the "Help" menu (for non french users)
- a trouble about the "most used symbols" panel has been fixed
- new predefined "Quick build" modes have been added:
- lualatex + view pdf
- pdflatex + bib(la)tex + pdflatex + pdflatex + view pdf
- latex + bib(la)tex + latex + latex + dvips + ps2pdf + view pdf
- sweave + pdflatex + view pdf

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