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The Unarchiver 4.3.0 Mac

Unarchiver 是 Mac OS X 內置的歸檔提取軟件“Archive”的一個更強大的替代品.Unarchiver 旨在處理比 Archive Utility 更多的格式,並且更好地適應 Finder。它還可以處理外部字符集中的文件名,使用其他操作系統的非英文版本創建。我個人認為它對於打開日文檔案很有用,但是它也應該處理許多其他的語言.

它使用和安裝非常簡單 - 只需將它複製到你的應用程序文件夾,或者你可能喜歡的任何其他文件,然後將其設置為檔案文件的默認程序。這可以從程序本身的首選項面板或 Finder 中完成。支持的文件格式包括 Zip,Tar-GZip,Tar-BZip2,RAR,7-zip,LhA,StuffIt 以及許多其他古老和晦澀的格式。 The Unarchiver for Mac,快速和免費的方式來解壓你的文件!

檔案版本 The Unarchiver 4.3.0
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 MacPaw Inc.
軟體類型 2021-04-21

What's new in this version:

The Unarchiver 4.3.0
- WARC 1.1 is now partially supported

The Unarchiver 4.2.4
- The Unarchiver is running like a champ on the new macOS Big Sur

- Malformed RAR archives don't crash The Unarchiver anymore
- Extracting malformed archives won't result in out of memory errors or reading out of memory bounds error
- RARE8E9Filter crash is fixed

The Unarchiver 4.2.2
- RAR 1.5 extraction is working once again
- RAR 5 solid archives extraction is now working as expected

The Unarchiver 4.2.1
- Fixed: The Unarchiver would occasionally crash on older systems

The Unarchiver 4.2.0
- We tweaked extraction settings to feel even more system-like
- Hardened Runtime was enabled
- Sentry error reporting was integrated. It will help us better identify and fix errors

- Parsing comments inside ZIP archives won’t result in them being extracted as zero sized files
- Sometimes, upon trying to open an especially large number of archives at the same time, The Unarchiver would crash. That has been fixed.
- The Unarchiver will now correctly identify a ZIP in a RAR and vice versa
- Parsing Extra Fields in ZIP archives was improved
- Permissions handling for Windows files is now working as expected
- Last but not least, multiple extraction errors in old archive formats are fixed and won’t bug you anymore

The Unarchiver 4.1.0

- The Unarchiver goes dark. We adopted the new Mojave Dark Mode so your archive management could become much more stylish

- Extraction speed for most archives is now much better
- The Unarchiver is not going to confuse separate archives with similar names and multipart archives anymore
- Direct warc.gz extraction is now supported along with a fix for some specific warc archives
- Some specific 7-Zip archives are now handled correctly
- RAR self-extracting archives are now handled correctly
- Large zip files extraction problem fixed
- Italian localization fixeda  

The Unarchiver 4.0.0

- New icon is here
- UI was given a makeover: we leveled every string of text and measured every indent
- Localizations were meticulously checked, fixed and then checked again. BTW, did you find an error?
- Speed was improved. You can now get the contents of the archive you’ve just downloaded much much faster

- More RAR4, RAR5 and multipart fixes mean even more weird archives could and will be extracted
- Symbolic links inside of ZIP archives won't be broken upon extraction anymore
- Sometimes, upon trying to open an especially large archive, The Unarchiver would crash. That has been fixed
- Password protected archives used to crash The Unarchiver in some cases. Well, not anymore!
- Extracting multiple files won't bug you with multiple "Extract to.." pop-ups
- Sømé characters in file and folder names caused random crashes

The Unarchiver 3.11.6
- Fixes an issue where the archives in the directories with non-unicode encoding weren't being opened correctly
- MacPaw updated its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to give you more transparency into how we collect, use and disclose information. We encourage you to review them

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