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TheBrain for Mac(以前稱為 PersonalBrain)為您的思想創造了一個數字家庭。以視覺地圖的方式組織網頁,筆記和文檔。立即改進您的計算體驗,具有以下好處:

認為更清楚 610235896 使您能夠以關聯方式鏈接項目提供信息上下文和意義使用直觀的可視化界面更有效地工作
哪裡可以你今天真的在你的計算機上散佈一個新的想法,當前的事件,或以有意義的方式擴大你的計劃? Brain 讓你數字化你的思維,讓你可以從字面上看到你的想法和精煉你的想法。您的每一個想法都可以通過與其他相關思想的聯繫進入屏幕,創造一個思考和行動的環境.

您的大腦可以存儲無限量的各種信息。為所有的想法寫筆記。保存文件,網頁,圖像,甚至電子郵件到 TheBrain 立即訪問。添加事物就像拖放一樣簡單.

您的數字大腦可以在多個平台和計算機上工作,並可以跨多台機器進行同步。從 TheBrain 桌面軟件,Web 瀏覽器甚至移動設備訪問您的大腦。保存您的數據在本地,再加上在線備份,以便遠程訪問和與朋友分享.

在幾秒鐘內激活任何想法或文件。 TheBrain 不僅提出正確的想法,而且讓你看到它與其他事物的關係...... 所以你準備好了任何事情。這意味著您可以快速切換上下文並通過查看連接的主題獲得即時可視化簡報.

移動超出線性文件夾層次結構,按照您的想法組織文件 - 在多個類別或項目下。任何東西都可以鏈接到其他任何東西。跟踪並保存多個版本,添加註釋和標籤文件的優先級。即使集成了 Outlook,Apple Mail 或 Webmail 郵件,也可以獲得完整的項目視圖.

TheBrain 可讓您了解您的想法和信息是如何相關的。使用強大的可視化功能發現通常會被忽略的信息,建立聯繫並獲得對項目和內容的新理解.

注意:30 天后,Premium 程序自動更改為免費版.

檔案版本 TheBrain
檔案名稱 TheBrain9.0.250.0.dmg
檔案大小 63.5 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 TheBrain Technologies LP.
軟體類型 2018-03-01

What's new in this version:

- TheBrain 9 has been re-engineered from the ground up and provides enhanced capabilities in all aspects of the software. From the front-end user interface to the back-end data storage, literally everything is new and improved

Redesigned Intuitive UI:
- Content-focussed design gets out of the way so you can focus on your stuff. From creating thoughts to adding attachments, everything is easier and more intuitive

Faster and More Scalable:
- Featuring powerful database tech that's much faster and more reliable, TheBrain 9 has quick startup, more responsive Brains and augmented scalability

Native on Every Platform:
- TheBrain is a true native application on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, optimized for the OS-specific features of each platform. Look Ma, no Java

Brain Tabs:
- Open multiple Brains or multiple views of one Brain all at the same time. Brain tabs can be grouped together or separated into different windows

Effortless Beautiful Notes:
- Write notes with the new, modern, style-based notes editor quickly and easily. Includes hassle-free embedding of images, videos, links, and more

Faster Search:
- Search the content of every thought in your Brain, including notes, file attachments and events in seconds. Just start typing

More Powerful Sync:
- Work online or offline and sync everything including attachments across all your devices. Sync is rock-solid and now includes support for iOS and Android

Open Storage Format:
- Export 100% of your data to JSON files at the click of a button

Renaming of Related Thoughts:
- When you rename a thought, related thoughts are automatically renamed if you are using context-sensitive names (AKA the "comma trick")

Integrated Content Previews:
- Images, PDFs, web pages and more load automatically for instant viewing. Quick Look on macOS and File Preview on Windows are tighty integrated

Embedded Browser:
- Web attachments appear right inside TheBrain 9, letting you access web information without even having to open it in a separate browser

Timeline View:
- The all-new timeline view smoothly scales to show you your day, week, month, or even year at a glance. Events can be color-coded and associated directly with thoughts and links

Tag Icons and Abbreviations:
- Tags can be assigned icons and abbreviations that appear right next to the tagged thoughts for instant recognition. This also lets you use tags to add multiple icons to thoughts

Mind Map View:
- Mind map view is perfect when you want to focus on one area of your Brain. Re-orient the mind map at any time

- Changes are automatically logged so you can review the individual history of each item in your Brain

Two-Way Google Calendar Sync:
- Events can now be synced both to and from Google Calendar as part of sync services

Offline Mobile Access:
- The iOS and Android apps for TheBrain 9 are vastly improved, including the ability to sync your Brain so you can access it without an Internet connection

Much More:
- Since everything is new, there are improvements throughout, including: better properties access, Brain management, colors, thought ordering, searching in reports…

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