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Max 8.0.8 Mac

Tidy Up for Mac 是專業用戶的重複發現者和磁盤整潔實用程序。這是唯一的市場上提供的功能齊全的重複卸妝,並允許您有效地清理您的計算機從垃圾它建立。

Tidy Up for Mac Features:

Simple Search Mode
Tidy Up 帶有一種稱為簡單模式的搜索模式,其中包括超過 100 預定義的智能搜索。對於定制的策略,您可以選擇策略嚮導,根據您的答案,選擇適當的標準來查找重複項,並創建一個“智能框”,其中將包含要刪除的項目。要進一步調整搜索條件,您可以選擇高級模式.

高級方法是市場上提供的最為個性化的方法。它允許您通過所有者應用程序,內容,類型,創建者,擴展名,修改時間,創建時間,名稱,標籤,可視性和日期 / 年齡來查找重複的文件和包。您還可以通過 MP3,AAC 聲音文件和 EXIF 元數據的標籤,持續時間和分期付款進行搜索; 找到重複的電子郵件; 搜索照片,iPhoto,Aperture,iTunes,數據庫和郵箱的內容; 與 iPhoto,Mail 和 iTunes 同步刪除。整潔讓你找到重複文件夾的名稱,修改日期,創建日期,標籤,可見性,空文件夾,其內容和更多。

整潔是快速; 它不索引掃描的捲,所以你不浪費額外的寶貴空間。憑藉其多任務功能,您可以同時進行更多的搜索,並利用最新的 Mac 電腦和操作系統。

Tidy Up for Mac 最有趣的功能之一是能夠快速和分離找到的項目易於組織,通過使用“智能盒”。例如,可以使用智能盒來分離屬於受支持的應用程序的特定專輯,播放列表或郵箱的項目。

Tidy Up 提供了最常用文件的全尺寸預覽,例如音頻,媒體,文本,PDF,圖形,字體和更多... 快速查看也可用.

Alias 和安全系統
Tidy Up for Mac 允許您垃圾和移動項目,替換移動和刪除的項目與別名或符號鏈接,刻錄,分配彩色的 Finder 標籤和導出找到的項目列表為 html 和文本文件。結果的快照可以保存並稍後管理。整理有一個安全系統,可以確保您至少將一個重複組的文件保存在磁盤上; 它提供了通過菜單項撤銷複製和移動項目的可能性,並且只要垃圾箱沒有被清空,即使在計算機重新啟動之後,也可以恢復垃圾項目。

注意:只能管理 10 個找到的項目。需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Max 8.0.8
檔案名稱 Max808_190808.dmg
檔案大小 499 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Hyperbolic Software
軟體類型 2019-08-08

What's new in this version:

New Features:
- chooser: new selectedclick attribute
- expr/vexpr: fmod operator for float modulo operations
- Max Console: Copy Selected Text option in contextual menu
- sprintf: allows list input to cold inlets to set subsequent inlets
- vst~: 'get' message accepts a parameter name

Fixed Bugs:
- amxd~: fixed crash on unfreeze of device (parameter restore issues)
- atoi: no longer truncates floats
- audiounit~: improved usage of preferred plug format in response to plug_au/vst/vst3 messages
- autopattr/pattrstorage: fixed issues with deleting/reinstantiation of objects
- capture: @size attribute works when there is no object argument
- Collections browser: filenames with single-quotes no longer throw sqlite errors
- Create Template: fixed text wrapping in panel
- detonate / pianoroll: color theme improvements
- dict.view: improved performance with large dictionaries
- expr: fixed differences with pow on Windows
- expr: increased random range
- external editor: fixed issues with using some editors on Windows
- Font Panel: uses localized font names
- gain~: multislider attr is disabled in non-MC version
- Gen reference: removed duplicate ref pages
- Groups: fixed crash when editing a poly~ patch or abstraction that contains grouped objects
- Help: fixed windowing bug
- hover: fixed crash when deleting an object when @mode is set to 1
- JS: fixed crash using bracket notation
- JS: require works in frozen Max For Live device
- jstrigger: fixed issues with complex expressions
- live.* UI objects: improve how different mouse drag speeds changes values
- live.arrows: fixed presentation issues
- live.arrows: parameter-enabled (off by default)
- live.arrows: rename idle -> off in enum
- live.banks window: misc UI improvements
- live.dial: correctly draws modulation ring
- live.drop: disabled 'type' in inspector
- object with property argument observes after id is sent
- live.text: added blinktime attr and scheduling for passing bangs while in button mode
- loadbang: fixed hang when triggering the scripting of a new patcher
- Max For Live SR switching: fixed issues with speedlim, pipe, midiout, LFO etc, when switching SR in Live
- Max For Live: fixed crashing of some Max 7 amxds (parameter cloning issue)
- Max For Live: removed 2 pixel border in device view
- MC object reference pages: removed duplicate discussion tag
- mc.gen: added ref page
- mc.gen: registers param objects
- mc.mixdown~: activechans 1 outputs as expected
- mc.playlist~: sync output is single channel
- mc.send~ / mc.receive~: opens correct ref pages
- mc.send~ / mc.receive~: correct ref pages open
- mcs.* objects: improvements to help / ref
- MFL jit.pwindow: fixed issues with creation in Live (fixes some LFO display issues)
- MFL jit.vcr: write works in the MFL editor
- MFL midiin/midiout: fixed CPU spikes when two midiin/midiout devices are in a Live set
- MFL parameters: fixed some issues related to parameters being loaded in abstractions
- midiin/midiout: fixed CPU spikes when two midiin/midiout devices are in a Live set
- New Font Panel: follows Theme color changes
- nslider: alias 'staffs' to 'staves'
- omx.* objects: restored parameter ranges to signed values and fixed all level parameters with internal "dB" values
- out~: fixed crash when transformed to MC version (which doesn't exist)
- Package Manager: can update "extending" package
- Parameter window: correct text colors
- Patching Modes: Programmatic setting of presentation mode updates the toolbar
- pattrstorage: adding/scripting new objects added to correct level in patcher hierarchy
- pattrstorage: getcurrent and storagewindow indicate same slot after insert
- pattrstorage: storagewindow properly updates
- polybuffer~: removed appendempty channel limit
- sflist~: open message works
- standalone: respects attributes set in object box
- stutter~: threadsafe
- textfield: fixed justification of italic fonts
- umenu: filter by type improvements
- vst~ / amxd~: fixed applying 'show controls in patcher' on multiple objects
- vst~: fixed crash in IEM plugin
- vst~: improved response to DSP settings
- vst~: improved support for 64-bit processing

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