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Tor Browser 6.0 Mac

Tor Browser for Mac 是一個虛擬隧道網絡,允許人們和組織在互聯網上提高他們的隱私和安全。它還使軟件開發人員能夠創建具有內置隱私功能的新通信工具。 Tor for Mac 為各種應用程序提供了基礎,允許組織和個人在公共網絡上共享信息而不損害其隱私。 Tor Browser for Mac 讓你安全地瀏覽網頁,同時隱藏你的身份!下載,安裝或更新 Tor Browser for Mac!

為什麼我們需要 Tor
使用 Tor 可以保護您免受被稱為“流量分析”的常見形式的互聯網監控。流量分析可以用來推斷誰在公共網絡上與誰交談。了解您的互聯網流量的來源和目的地可以讓其他人跟踪您的行為和興趣。例如,如果電子商務網站使用基於您所在國家或機構的價格歧視,這可能會影響您的支票簿。它甚至可以通過揭示你是誰和你在哪裡威脅你的工作和身體安全。例如,如果您在國外旅行,並且連接到您的雇主的計算機以查看或發送郵件,則即使連接已加密,您也可以無意中將您的國籍和職業聯繫人透露給任何觀察網絡的人員.

Tor Browser for Mac 也使它用戶可以隱藏自己的位置,同時提供各種服務,如網絡發布或即時通訊服務器。使用 Tor 的“集合點”,其他 Tor 用戶可以連接到這些隱藏的服務,每個不知道對方的網絡身份。這個隱藏的服務功能可以讓 Tor 的用戶建立一個網站,在那里人們發布資料,而不必擔心審查。沒有人能夠確定誰提供該網站,沒有人提供該網站會知道誰在發布。了解有關配置隱藏服務以及隱藏服務協議如何工作的詳細信息。下載,安裝或更新 Tor Browser for Mac!

Stateing anonymous
無法解決所有匿名問題。它只關注保護數據傳輸。如果您不希望訪問的網站看到您的身份信息,則需要使用協議特定的支持軟件。例如,您可以在瀏覽網頁時使用 Tor 瀏覽器來隱藏有關計算機配置的一些信息.

注意:需要 64 位處理器.

也可以:下載 Tor 瀏覽器 for Windows

檔案版本 Tor Browser 6.0
檔案名稱 TorBrowser-6.0-osx64_en-US.dmg
檔案大小 57.76 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 The Tor Project
軟體類型 2016-05-30

What's new in this version:

- Update Firefox to 45.1.1esr
- Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1t
- Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 5.1.9

Update Torbutton to
- Make Torbutton compatible with Firefox ESR 45
- Pref to hide 'Sign in to Sync' button in hamburger menu
- Hide unusable items from help menu
- Allow users to more easily set a non-tor SSH proxy
- Provide shortcuts for New Identity and New Circuit
- Translation updates:
- Code clean-up

Update Tor Launcher to
- Do not store data in the application bundle
- Tor Browser is not starting on OS X if put into /Applications
- Setup wizard UI flow improvements
- Translation updates

Update meek to 0.22 (tag 0.22-18371-3):
- Symlinks are incompatible with Gatekeeper signing
- Mac OS: meek-http-helper profile not updated
- and child tickets: Rebase Tor Browser patches to ESR 45
- Fix broken updater on Linux
- The update.xml hash should get checked during update
- Disable SHA1 certificate support
- Disable libmdns support for desktop and mobile
- Disable additional welcome URL shown on first start
- Exempt our extensions from signing requirement
- Disable MediaDevices.enumerateDevices
- Disable HTTP Alternative-Services
- Disable Mozilla's tracking protection
- Disable performance-based WebGL fingerprinting option
- Disable Selfsupport and Unified Telemetry
- Disable Network Tickler
- Remove DNS lookup in lockfile code
- Disable dom.push preferences
- Remove the JS-based Flash VM (Shumway)
- Disable MozTCPSocket explicitly
- Place Canvas MediaStream behind site permission
- Verify cache isolation for Request and Fetch APIs
- Fix OCSP and favicon isolation for ESR 45
- Disable for now
- Exempt the meek extension from the signing requirement as well
- Don't copy Torbutton, TorLauncher, etc. into meek profile
- Test importScripts() for cache and network isolation
- Hide pocket menu items when Pocket is disabled
- Fix circuit isolation issues on Page Info dialog
- Tor Browser should not fall back to Bing as its search engine
- Use our search plugins in localized builds
- Zip our language packs deterministically
- Fix first-party isolation for blobs URLs in Workers
- Disable or audit Reader View
- Remove Pocket
- Tor Browser reports "InvalidStateError" in browser console
- Disable monitoring the connected state of Tor Browser users
- Don't show error after add-on directory clean-up
- Disable the option of logging TLS/SSL key material
- SVGs should not show up on Page Info dialog when disabled
- Spoof screen.orientation values
- Disable Heartbeat prompts
- Use English-only label in tags
- Investigate server logging in esr45-based Tor Browser
- Add unit tests for keyboard fingerprinting defenses
- Regression test to ensure CacheStorage is disabled
- Add automated tests for updater cert pinning
- Add test cases for favicon isolation
- Remove some FTE bridges

- Support OS X Gatekeeper
- Tor Browser should not store data in the application bundle
- HTTPS-E is missing after update
- meek-http-helper profile not updated
- Upgrade is not smooth (requires another restart)

- Add LXC support for building with Debian guest VMs
- Don't use BUILD_HOSTNAME anymore in Firefox builds
- Remove unused keys and unused dependencies
- Update toolchain for Firefox 45 ESR
- Switch to Debian Wheezy guest VMs

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