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Things 3.9.1 Mac

Tresorit for Mac 是一個端到端的加密,安全的雲存儲和共享,旨在存儲,同步和共享機密數據.

只需將任何類型的文件放入 Tresorit 文件夾,它們就會自動與連接到同一帳戶的每台計算機同步。文件在上傳到雲中之前被加密。解密只有經過所有者的許可才可以。加密內容可以共享,無需重新加密.

Tresorit for Mac 特點:

在辦公室或路上合作。來自任何瀏覽器,台式機,Android,iOS,黑莓和 Windows Phone 設備的零知識訪問.

不要重複 Sony 和 Target 的錯誤。保持對文件的全面控制,即使在分享之​​後。訪問可以隨時修改或撤銷.

超過 30%的員工已經發送電子郵件給錯誤的人。電子郵件附件不能“未發送”,將您的敏感文件置於危險之中。隨著 Tresorit for Mac,撤銷訪問只需要點擊一下.


注意:需要 64 位處理器。您可以使用免費帳戶存儲高達 5GB 的數據.

也可用:下載 Tresorit for Windows

檔案版本 Things 3.9.1
檔案大小 16.6 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.7 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Tresorit Team
軟體類型 2019-05-22

What's new in this version:

Things 3.9.1
- Some improvements for date formats
- Added Quick Entry with Autofill support for DEVONthink 3
- Added a sync trigger when revealing a minimized window (or opening a new one if no windows are present)
- Fixed an issue where the Today Widget preference for opening Things wasn’t in sync with the app and didn’t work

Things 3.9

- Tweaked date formats throughout the app and app extensions
- Added Quick Entry with Autofill support for the Opera web browser
- Made behavior of the Cmd+(Opt+)K and Cmd+(Opt+). shortcuts match the iPad app
- Improved how Things URLs with the search parameter are handled
- Fixed a visual glitch with the search field’s clear button while running Things in Light Mode
- Fixed a bug where the UI might not update properly when moving to-dos to different days in the Upcoming list
- Fixed a bug where adding a to-do’s first tag via Cmd+Shift+T could break sometimes
- Fixed some issues with several keyboard shortcuts when using the Russian input source
- Fixed an AppleScript issue where a list’s to-dos would include list headers in a result

Things 3.8.5
- Fixed some UI glitches when using keyboard shortcuts in Quick Entry’s date picker
- Fixed a UI glitch where the drop target indicator wouldn’t disappear after cancelling a drag from another app
- Fixed a bug that prohibited inserting spaces while editing tags in the Tags window
- Fixed an issue with Japanese and Chinese input methods when editing tags in the Tags window
- Fixed a crash that could occur when expanding a completed item as it was being logged
- Fixed a crash that could occur when collapsing one to-do and quickly clicking to select another

Things 3.8.4
- General performance improvements

Things 3.8.3
- Fixed a crash that could occur when removing a to-do’s date

Things 3.8.2
- Added Quick Entry support for the Brave web browser
- Added support for tagging/untagging an area via keyboard shortcut while editing its title or tags in the right pane
- Added support for Cmd+Return in all tag fields
- Enabled the Cmd+Ctrl+T shortcut to reveal the tag management window while using Quick Entry
- Switched to light scrollbars while in Dark Mode
- Improved handling of dragged or pasted URLs with titles
- Changed how links to files and folders are formatted in the notes of projects and to-dos: we now show the full path
- Changed how clicks on file and folder links are handled: rather than opening them directly, the target is revealed in Finder
- Fixed an issue where an empty list’s watermark image might not appear while in Light Mode
- Fixed an issue where changes could be lost when quitting the app while editing a to-do
- Fixed an issue where a gray strip could appear across the top of the window while while editing a to-do in full screen mode
- Fixed an issue where an off-color strip could appear across the window while in Dark Mode
- Fixed a bug where reminders could stop working in some very rare circumstances
- Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging to-dos between windows
- Fixed some performance issues with Calendar Events

Things 3.8.1
- A checklist item’s contents now remain visible while dragging it around
- Fixed an issue where trying to expand a to-do after dragging it would expand a different to-do
- Fixed an issue where the Quick Entry window would be dismissed (or an expanded to-do would be collapsed) if you hit the Esc key while a popover menu was still visible
- Fixed an issue where Handoff wouldn’t work between Mac (App Store version) and iOS
- Fixed an issue where pasting a single line of text into a to-do would strip out any leading or trailing spaces
- Fixed an issue where an item couldn’t be revealed (from a notification, the Today Widget, or Quick Find) if the list was already filtered by a tag that hid that item from view; the list will now become unfiltered to reveal it
- Added a work-around for an issue with DEVONThink that affected pasting rich-text contents from that app into Things
- Fixed an issue where the Today Widget wouldn’t work in beta builds
- Fixed an issue where x-success callbacks weren’t called after adding a to-do via Quick Entry
- Fixed some sporadic crashes that could occur when switching between other apps and Things
- Augmented the sync triggers while editing a to-do; changes will now also be synced when your Mac is about to sleep
- Augmented the sync triggers while editing a project or area; changes will now also be synced when your Mac is about to sleep, you switch away to another app, or if your last interaction with Things was more than ~60 seconds ago

Things 3.8
- This update accompanies our 3.8 release for iOS, which brings Dark Mode to our mobile apps. On your iPhone and iPad, you can now choose between three beautiful appearances – Light, Dark, and Black – or have it switch automatically based on your display brightness
- Here on the Mac, where Dark Mode was added in 3.7, some users requested an extra option to run Things in Light appearance even when the operating system was set to Dark. This is now possible from the View menu. This update also includes various other fixes and stability improvements

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