TweetDeck 3.14 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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TweetDeck 3.14 Mac

TweetDeck for Mac 是最強大的 Twitter 實時跟踪,組織和參與的工具。 TweetDeck 是您的個人瀏覽器,用於與現在正在發生的事情保持聯繫,將您與 Twitter 上的聯繫人連接起來。 TweetDeck for Mac 顯示你想要立刻看到的一切,所以你可以保持組織和最新.

創建一個自定義的 Twitter 體驗
組織和建立自定義時間表,跟踪列表,搜索,活動和更多 - 所有在一個界面.



TweetDeck 功能:
在一個簡單的界面中監控多個時間表。計劃將來發布推文。打開警報以跟上新出現的信息。根據參與度,用戶和內容類型等條件過濾搜索結果。建立和導出自定義時間表放到您的網站上。使用直觀的鍵盤快捷鍵進行高效導航。靜音用戶或條款以消除不必要的噪音。不要再次刷新:TweetDeck 時間軸實時流。管理多個帳戶,鳴叫並關註一個或所有。選擇一個光明或黑暗的主題。注意:需要 64 位處理器.

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檔案版本 TweetDeck 3.14
檔案名稱 TweetDeck.dmg
檔案大小 3 MB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Twitter, Inc.
軟體類型 2019-03-22

What's new in this version:

TweetDeck 3.14
- Fixes a bug that could result in links opening in the main window instead of your browser

TweetDeck 3.13
- Fixes a minor web view issue. Updates minimum supported macOS version to 10.12 (sierra)

TweetDeck 3.12
- Fixes a bug with attaching images and videos on older versions of macOS

TweetDeck 3.11
- This release replaces the old web view implementation with a modern one based on WKWebView. Because of this change the minimum supported macOS version is now 10.10 (Yosemite)
- Memory usage has been significantly reduced
- Fixes the ability to link Twitter accounts through Teams
- Fixes a major crash that was impacting a lot of people. This should significantly improve the stability of the app

TweetDeck 3.10
- Updated to support macOS Mojave, including Dark Mode. You can also set a custom theme that doesn’t match the system setting
- Rebuilt TweetDeck for Mac to fix many crashes and to include better crash reporting, so we can fix bugs faster in the future
- Updated Help page to point to correct version
- Many other internal improvements

TweetDeck 3.9.889
- Enhancements and small bug fixes

TweetDeck 3.9.482
- Share access to your accounts safely & securely with Teams
- Keep the conversation going with Group DMs
- Add up to 4 images with every Tweet
- GIFs and Videos now play in-line
- Share a Tweet via Direct Message to a group of friends
- Dataminr subscribers can now add columns and receive notifications of new alerts to Dataminr watch lists
- Loads of little bug fixes and improvements under the hood

TweetDeck 3.8.4
- Fixes issue with empty columns after computer wakes from sleep.
- Regional + City level Trends. You can now find locally trending topics for Regions and Cities, and add a column based on the trend.
- Retweeting a Tweet with emoji no longer scrambles Tweet contents
- Removing time from a scheduled tweet now removes that Tweet from the Scheduled column.
- Multiphoto inprovements for large columns

TweetDeck 3.8.2
- Edit and Retweet fix
- Ability to see more than 200 items in the Scheduled Tweet column
- Return of emoji
- Various other small improvements under the hood

TweetDeck 3.7.2
- Critical fixes.

TweetDeck 3.7.1
- Ability to schedule Tweets with images
- Emoji support
- Blue box icon font issues with YouTube/Vine previews
- Lots of other bug fixes and general improvements

TweetDeck 3.6.4
- Fixed bug with Undo Retweet
- Custom Timelines are now known as Collections, Twitter-wide
- Migrate your TweetDeck setup to use Twitter sign-in

TweetDeck 3.6.2
- Fixes for flickering
- Create a new DM from Messages column
- Mute users from user profile menu
- Various fixes and improvements

TweetDeck 3.5.9
- Improvements to compose typeahead functionality.
- Favorite tweets from any added account.
- Fixes issue with application start-up for users upgrading from older versions.

TweetDeck 3.5.5
- Send photos in direct messages.
- Add Tweets to custom timelines via URL.
- Fixes bug where login session was not persisted across restarts.

TweetDeck 3.5.0
- Login with your Twitter account

TweetDeck 3.4.0
- Custom timelines

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