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Typinator 9.0 Mac

使用 Typinator for Mac,您可以將常用的文本和圖像存儲在快速的關鍵字和縮寫中。從電子郵件模板到代碼片段到網站網址,都沒有更簡單的方法來重新創建重複性文本。


Typinator for Mac 通過自動化插入經常使用的文本和圖形以及自動更正輸入錯誤的過程來提高您的工作效率。通過對美國和英國英語,德語和法語的常見拼寫錯誤和拼寫錯誤的單詞的數千個預定義的更正,Typinator 不僅是一個加速重複打字任務的打字助手,還是一個系統範圍的自動更正工具,可自動修復打字錯誤和拼寫錯誤的單詞.

易於配置 - 只需在列表中定義縮寫,擴展和样板。簡單易用 - 只需鍵入您的縮寫,Typinator 就可以擴展它。具有各種輸入字段的交互式表單助理髮布& 訂閱正則表達式強大的預定義集:英文,德文和法文的自動更正,自動標註句子,內聯計算,剪貼板轉換,下標,上標,超過 100 個 HTML 標準元素的 HTML 片段,以及更多。輕鬆導入 TextExpander 片段嵌套擴展 HTML 擴展在擴展文本中設置光標位置日期和時間計算在擴展中插入任意擊鍵插入當前剪貼板插入當前日期和時間插入圖片快速創建新片段快速搜索片段整個單詞和大小寫敏感的擴展袖珍計算器嵌入式計算可包含的文本和圖片文件包括腳本結果的擴展 Dropbox 的同步支持注意:限於 5 個縮寫

檔案版本 Typinator 9.0
檔案名稱 typinator-install.dmg
系統 Mac OS X 10.6 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Ergonis
更新日期 http://www.ergonis.com/products/typinator/
軟體類型 2023-04-21

What's new in this version:

Typinator 9.0
- Improved modern and fresh user interface
- Typinator now also available in Spanish
- Full Ventura compatibility & improvements
- Improved stability and robustness for Dropbox synchronization
- Enhanced onboarding with more examples and explanation
- Quick Search can now show roman numbers

- Speed and performance enhancements
- Enhanced robustness when importing sets
- Better support for Parallels proxy apps
- Typinator is now disabled in UTM for reducing unwanted expansions

- Fixes various bugs when changing expansion types
- Images are now loaded and saved in a more robust way
- Various cleanups and improvements under the hood

Typinator 8.14
- Stability and performance improvements under the hood

Typinator 8.13
- Typinator now displays tooltips for long abbreviations, expansions and set names that do not fit in the list
- Import of CSV files now also works with semicolon-separated files
- Fixes shadow lines in the icon buttons below the lists in the German and French localizations
- Works around a bug where the French regular expression cheat sheet (Expressions Rationnelles.pdf) could not be opened
- Fixes a problem with CSV import, where the last item in the file could get lost

Typinator 8.12.1
- Adds Apple Silicon code that was missing in version 8.12

Typinator 8.12
- Typinator is now a universal application with native support for Apple Silicon
- Preference option for expanding abbreviations in Raycast's search field
- Typinator now disables itself in Parsec
- Works around an expansion problem in TeXstudio
- Improved expansion technique for newer versions of Microsoft Edge
- Works around an expansion problem in Airtable
- Expansions in TeamViewer are no longer limited to 200 characters
- Typinator now works with the Chinese “LogInput” (落格输入法 3) input method
- When importing CSV files from TextExpander, Typinator now allows snippets with empty abbreviations
- Typinator now supports script languages installed via MacPorts
- Starting with macOS 12.3, Typinator now uses Python3 as the default version of Python
- When Typinator cannot find a Python interpreter, it displays installation instructions
- Improved handling of internal scripts in certain corner cases
- When adding an application/set assignment for an active application, the menu now shows the display name instead of the internal process name
- Updated link to current ICU user's guide for regular expressions
- Fixes incorrect cursor positioning in Microsoft Edge and Brave Browser
- Added missing localizations for a context menu command and an error message
- Fixes a potential issue with certain Unicode characters in Quick Expansion
- Works around a problem that could cause a crash when Typinator tried to display information about a new version

Typinator 8.11
- Support for PHP scripts on Monterey
- If PHP is not installed on macOS, Typinator displays installation instructions
- Expansions are enabled in Citrix viewer again
- Improved script invocations via /usr/bin/env for Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby
- Typinator now makes its internal variables available as environment variables for all script languages
- The diagnostics report now contains information about the computer model, processor and available scripts languages
- Information about the “start at login” setting in the diagnostics report
- Fixes a cursor positioning problem in Messages on macOS Big Sur and Monterey

Typinator 8.10.1
- Lower position of the Quick Search field avoids conflict with the notch on the latest MacBooks
- Extended checks for "related processes" in the diagnostics report

Typinator 8.10
- Typinator now disables itself in Citrix Viewer
- Typinator is now built with the latest compiler and libraries of Xcode 13.0
- Improved expansion of short text fragments in Messages
- Magic keys now work in the text fields of the Quick Define (“New item from…”) window
- Works around an expansion problem in Joplin's rich text editor
- Fixes a problem where new abbreviations added via AppleScript or JavaScript were recognized only after manually opening the Typinator window
- Fixes an expansion problem in Anki V2

Typinator 8.9
- Typinator 8.9 is ready for macOS Monterey
- Typinator now works with the “Kingfisher 3” input sources for Japanese
- Possibility to explicitly specify the language version (2 or 3) for inline Python scripts
- When opening Typinator, the window appears on the currently active screen
- Updated built-in version of the “Product Names” set
- Improved clipboard-based insertion of plain text expansions
- Fixes an expansion problem in the Brief EnCounter 4D application
- Fixes an issue with gesture scrolling in the set list
- Works around expansion and cursor positioning issues in Edison Mail
- Works around a cursor positioning issue in Obsidian

Typinator 8.8
- Preference options for expanding abbreviations in LaunchBar's input window and Alfred's search field
- Tooltips show more of truncated expansions in the Quick Search result list
- Typinator now works in Parallels
- Improved import of ACL files from Microsoft Office
- Improved internal configuration for fine-tuning the backspace timing
- Typinator can now import and convert CSV files containing exported TextExpander snippet groups
- The diagnostics report now contains more detailed information about applications that may interfere with Typinator
- Improved compatibility with latest versions of Microsoft's Edge browser
- Works around an expansion problem in ClipGrab
- Works around a problem on Big Sur, where the file name's extension in the Export panel was not updated after selecting a different export format
- Fixes a problem in the German localization, where the preferences option to show/hide the window upon launch was missing
- Works around an expansion problem in Anki
- Works around a problem that caused omitted characters in certain short plain text expansions in Postbox
- Fixes a bug in the template code for Swift in inline scripts
- Fixes a problem with incorrect decimal separators in the built-in calculator
- Improves reliability of expansions in Telegram and Telegram Lite
- Typinator disables itself the KeyPad application, where sending expansions to the attached device does not work
- Typinator disables itself in Zoom, where expansions cannot be sent to remote computers

Typinator 8.7
- Typinator now requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer
- Clear buttons for the keyboard shortcuts in Typinator's preferences
- Typinator is now built with the latest compiler and libraries for Big Sur
- The Typinator window now automatically reopens after it was temporarily closed during processing of an input form
- Improved reliability of expansions in Apple Mail
- Updated built-in version of the “Product Names” set
- When Menu Eclipse is active, the Quick Search field now appears below the menu bar
- Updated internal tools (such as the built-in installer)
- Improved handling of column width changes in the abbreviation list when the Typinator window is resized
- Wider search field in the Typinator window's toolbar
- The toolbar can no longer be shown as “Text Only” when it contains the search field

- a cosmetic alignment issue with some items in the Preferences window
- problems with expansions and cursor positioning in Messages on Big Sur
- a cosmetic alignment issue in the keystroke marker assistant
- a problem in Mojave and Catalina where a white “T” icon was displayed in dark mode instead of the special status icons in the toolbar (e.g., for situations in which Typinator is disabled)
- a problem with expansions in Spark, where certain spaces were omitted in the result
- Works around a problem with MS Word, where Word did not recognize the restored clipboard in certain cases

Typinator 8.6
- User interface and compatibility improvements for macOS Big Sur
- When a Quick Search for PopChar characters has no matches, Typinator now correctly displays "no match" instead of similar results from sets
- Updated built-in version of the "Product Names" set
- Support for system-wide licenses
- Improved visibility of the "T" menu bar icon when the menu is displayed
- Fixes a problem where strike-through items were not ignored in subscribed regular expression sets
- Fixes a cosmetic issue where a light version of the Typinator icon was displayed in a light menu bar in Big Sur
- Works around an expansion problem with extra spaces in Messages on Big Sur

Typinator 8.5
- Typinator is now ready for Big Sur
- Typinator now supports direct editing of tables in formatted text expansions
- Typinator correctly disables itself in Splashtop Business
- Typinator correctly disables itself in Parallels Client
- Improved visibility of the Typinator icon in the translucent menu bar of Big Sur
- The diagnostics report now also contains information about keyboard changes
- Improved compatibility with CopyPaste Pro
- Fixes a crash when the built-in Repeat function was applied to an empty string
- New version of the built-in “ExternalIP” script
- Fixes an incorrect replacement in TidBITS AutoCorrections

Typinator 8.4.1
- Fixes a problem in the German localization, where the Typinator window could be resized too small

Typinator 8.4
- Typinator correctly disables itself in Remotix
- Tooltips for the statistics header items in the list of abbreviations
- Improved message better explains when a new license is needed after a beta test
- Improved internal management of pause/resume feedback sounds
- Improved handling of setups with multiple keyboards
- Typinator correctly disables itself in VMware Horizon Client
- Fixes a problem in the input field assistant with field labels that begin or end with space characters
- Works around a problem in some web browsers (such as Chrome), when the expansion started with the same characters as the abbreviation
- Works around a bug in Spark that resulted in failure of certain expansions (such as expansions with multiple lines)
- Fixes a problem where the expansion type was not correctly updated in the mini menubar

Typinator 8.3
- Typinator now supports the Shuangpin input methods for Chinese
- Improved detection of potential conflicts in the diagnostics report
- The Typinator application is now signed and notarized with a secure timestamp
- Typinator now remembers and restores the width of the abbreviation column
- Profiling for certain internal optimizations
- Faster Quick Search in cases where many picture expansions match the search criteria
- If a picture expansion has a description, the description is shown instead of the picture in Quick Search
- Improved internal handling of changes to the kind (plain/formatted/picture) of an expansion
- Fixes an expansion problem in Wordfast Pro
- Fixes a problem where the columns in the abbreviation table could not be resized
- Works around a rare crash when sorting abbreviations
- Manually exporting a set as a “publication file” now always correctly sets the publication date to the current date
- Works around a problem with Catalina's automatic dark mode, where Typinator's menu icon was not correctly updated after an automatic light/dark change
- Fixes a problem where pictures were cut off or blank in the Quick Search results

Typinator 8.2
- Compatible with macOS Catalina
- When unregistered, Typinator no longer tries to use a legacy license from old preferences
- The distribution disk image is now notarized and can be mounted on macOS Catalina
- The built-in installer's localization settings have been updated to ensure compatibility with future versions of macOS
- Faster Quick Search, especially the first time after launching Typinator and when many items match the search term
- Works around a problem on some keyboards, where the ⌘= keyboard shortcut did not work
- Improved reliability of certain file operations with files that were specified by local paths
- Fixes a problem in the built-in installer, which could not register the installed application with the Finder in certain circumstances
- Fixes a problem that caused the built-in installer to stall on macOS Catalina, even though the actual installation succeeded
- Works around an expansion problem in Jump Desktop
- Fixes an issue in LICEcap, where abbreviations were not completely deleted in the “Save As” field when starting a new recording

Typinator 8.1
- Typinator now works with text entered via the built-in Accessibility Keyboard of macOS
- Clarified explanation for beta tests when the final version may require a license update
- In the expansion field, the clipboard can be pasted as plain text with ⇧⌘V or ⌥⇧⌘V
- Increased the maximum zoom factor of the expansion field to 250%
- Fixes insertion of the cursor position marker {^} with ⌘=, which did not work in version 8.0
- Removes the shortcut for “Text from Clipboard” in the {…} menu, which created a conflict with pasting as plain text
- Fixes a cosmetic issue with truncated header items in the abbreviation list
- Fixes a problem in dark mode, where description fields in input forms were not readable
- Fixes an issue with a truncated field label when a regular expression was selected at startup
- Fixes a compatibility problem with the mini menu bar on Mountain Lion
Typinator 8.0.1
- Fixes an incompatibility with system versions 10.8 to 10.10 (Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)

Typinator 8.0

- New “statistics mode” shows how often abbreviations have been used and when they were used most recently
- “Magic keys”: Short presses of modifier keys (⌃⇧⌥⌘) can now be used as parts of abbreviations, as if they were real characters
- Reorganized editing of expansions in the Typinator window with embedded graphical menu bar and larger expansion area
- The contents of the expansion field can now be zoomed
- New technique for specifying the language to be used for date elements (day and month names) now supports multiple languages in the same expansion
- It is now possible to specify the time zone to be used for date and time markers
- Integration with PopChar: When PopChar 8.2 or newer is installed, Typinator's Quick Search can find and insert Unicode characters by name or number
- In the list of Quick Search matches, the abbreviation column is now adjusted to the longest abbreviation
- The list of Quick Search matches now displays the actual picture for picture expansions
- Many built-in functions (Uppercase, Lowercase, Capital, Left, Right, Mid, Repeat, Choose, List, Any, Case, Replace, Regex, Extract) now maintain the text styles in formatted text
- Improved handling of the splitter between the lists and the expansion area
- Description texts in input forms now accept basic markdown formatting (currently supports bold, italic, and links)
- Typinator remembers the location of form windows separately for forms of different sizes
- In addition to the backspace key, the forward delete key can now also be used to clear hotkeys in Typinator's preferences
- Typinator's scripting vocabulary now includes statistical information (total number of expansions and corrections, saved keystrokes, average typing speed)
- The minimum system requirement has been increased to OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
- Removed the redundant Close button at the bottom of the Typinator window
- Typinator now disables itself for text typed in Alfred's search field
- Improved handling of situations where a copy of Typinator was already running when a new instance was launched
- The diagnostics report now contains information about the set folder path and all foreground and background processes
- Internal reorganization of localizations ensures compatibility with future versions of macOS
- Internal cleanup of legacy techniques that are no longer needed or supported
- Typinator now asks for permission when running a script that reads or writes contact information
- Compatibility with Microsoft's Edge browser
- Updated listing of non-standard settings in the diagnostics report
- Improved handling of cases when subscriptions could not be updated
- Localized messages for subscription checks
- Although the Notes field of subscribed sets is read-only, it is now possible to select text and copy it to the clipboard
- In the expansion field, the key combination shift-tab can be used to decrease indentation of list items in formatted text
- Fixes a cosmetic issue with the automatic scroll bar in the expansion field
- Fixes a problem with multi-line text fields in input forms, where some form fields were not large enough for the specified number of lines
- Works around a problem with import of snippet files from recent versions of TextExpander
- Fixes a cursor positioning issue in the Brave Browser
- Improved internal checks to detect and avoid certain critical conditions
- Fixes a problem with overlapping items in the About window
- Works around cursor positioning issues in Typora and Front
- Works around a layout problem after changing screen resolutions
- Fixes incompatibilities with Catalina

Typinator 7.9

- Improved visibility of Typinator's menu bar icon in Dark Mode
- Improved support for update checks in intermediate beta versions
- Cleaned up unused 32-bit code in the built-in installer
- The message about conflicting abbreviations now also includes part of the expansion
- Typinator now takes mixed line separators into account when importing text files
- In the “Quick Define” window, existing abbreviations can be replaced with new expansions by pressing the command key (now also works with command+enter)
- The diagnostics report now contains information about related processes, which may cooperate or interfere with Typinator
- Extended system information in the diagnostics report
- New version of the predefined “DOuble CAps Exceptions” set includes GHz and MHz
- Updated built-in versions of the English and TidBITS auto-correction sets as well as the Product Names set
- The diagnostics report now lists processes that have requested secure input
- Detection of multi-line text fields in input forms has been made more reliable in certain corner cases
- Script environment variables are now correctly set for inline script invocations
- Works around a problem with clipboard-based expansions in Nisus Writer when custom menu shortcuts with multiple keys are defined
- The menu bar icon's pull-down menu now has the correct appearance in Dark Mode
- Works around a problem with temporary folders that caused installations and updates to fail in certain circumstances
- Fixes a problem with incorrect invocations of the built-in Case function
- Fixes an issue with expansions and cursor positioning in Script Debugger
- Fixes typos in French and German translations
- Fixes a problem with special keys (like {tab} and {return}) when the caps lock key was down
- Fixes a problem where Typinator could enter pause mode when processing certain incorrectly formed input fields
- Fixes an issue with cursor positioning in Slack
- Fixes a problem where clicks on the triangle next to the “T” icon in the menu bar activated the Typinator window before opening the menu
- Works around a rare issue with Typinator's built-in crash protection
- Fixes a crash during certain clean-up tasks
- Works around expansion problems in Typora
- Fixes an expansion problem with legacy versions of Notebooks

Typinator 7.8
- Typinator is now distributed as an Apple-notarized application
- Plain text and HTML expansions now adopt Mojave's Dark Mode
- Typinator's menu bar icon now uses the correct accent color when clicked
- The vertical alignment of the menu bar icon now matches that of other icons
- Info lines in contact mail and diagnostics report contain information about the system language and Dark Mode
- Improved compatibility with the Vivaldi web browser
- Typinator correctly disables itself when Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 is active
- Plain text in the expansion field of the “New Item…” window uses Mojave's Dark Mode
- Improved compatibility with the Maxthon web browser
- Clearer warning message when deleting abbreviations and regular expressions
- Import from TextExpander now also imports the description
- New version of the built-in “DOuble CAps Exceptions” set resolves a conflict with the “Product Names” set
- New initial versions of some subscription sets
- Improved detection of clicks on the triangle next to Typinator's menu bar icon
- Improved scrolling and clipping in the expansion field
- Fixes readability of selected quick search results on Mojave
- Fixes an internal inconsistency in the handling of expansions in Citrix
- Fixes an error in the handling of escaped control characters (n, r, t) in certain built-in functions
- Fixes a cosmetic issue with horizontal gesture scrolling in the “New Item” window
- Fixes a problem that resulted in lost keystrokes when an input form with text fields was used in certain applications

Typinator 7.6
- Version checks can now be suppressed in full-screen mode (e.g., during a Keynote presentation)
- Built-in helper applications are now 64-bit to support the next version of macOS
- Internal cleanup and optimization
- Clearer log entries for cases when expansions were cancelled
- Search results are no longer cleared when moving abbreviations from one set to another
- Improved processing of nested expansions
- The license key field is now initially selected when the Registration window opens
- Improved handling of capture groups in regular expressions (especially when combined with nested expansions)
- Fixes an expansion issue in FreeChat
- Fixes a potential crash when the return key was quickly pressed twice to confirm a selected pop-up item in an interactive form
- Works around an expansion problem in the non-App Store version of WhatsApp Desktop
- Works around an expansion problem in Front
- Works around cursor positioning problems in RStudio
- Fixes a confusing message in the preferences window when Typinator has not yet checked for available updates
- Fixes a rare error that caused deletion of duplicate abbreviations when a copy with similar contents was removed
- Fixes a memory leak when accessing the name of the current time zone
- Works around an issue where the form window did not accept keyboard input
- Fixes an issue where included items were sometimes not listed in alphabetical order in the {…} pop-up
- Works around a cursor positioning problem in Airmail

Typinator 7.5
- Scripts can now access the expansion history
- Scripts can now check which text input caused the current expansion
- Scripts can access the terminator character that triggered a “whole word” abbreviation
- Scripts can cancel the currently processed expansion
- Button to show or hide invisible characters in the expansion field
- The key combination shift+return inserts a line separator (instead of a line feed) in the expansion field
- After inserting a script invocation via the {…} pop-up, Typinator now selects the parameter placeholder
- “Smart” replacements and spell checking are now correctly disabled in the “Inline Script” assistant's source text editor
- Diagnostics report contains more detailed information about crash behavior
- When a script in an expansion triggers another expansion, the initial expansion is completed before the second expansion
- Improved technique for recovering from certain memory-related crashes in High Sierra
- Repeated execution of precompiled scripts (“scpt” files) is now faster
- Within the same Typinator session, precompiled AppleScripts now retain their properties
- During manual update of subscriptions, the progress report now scrolls automatically, so that the most recent entries are always visible
- Updated versions of some predefined subscription sets (TidBITS AutoCorrection and Product Names)
- Fixes an issue in the CSV export that produced empty lines in multi-line expansions
- Fixes a misplaced list of Quick Search matches in certain multi-monitor configurations
- Fixes a crash when importing sets in the tyset-rep, txt-rep or csv-rep file formats
- Fixes an issue with semicolons in input fields with variable assignments
- Works around limitations of SoftMaker products (TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations), where Typinator's quick expansion technique did not work
- Typinator avoids conflicts with the Boshiamy input method by disabling itself when this method is active
- Works around an expansion problem with certain special characters in WhatsApp Desktop
- The “whole word” checkbox is now correctly disabled in subscribed sets
- Fixes a crash after updating multiple subscriptions

Typinator 7.4
- Unlimited Quick Search results in scrollable list
- Typinator now works with text entered via Keyboard Viewer
- Newly added sets are now inserted directly below the selected set, if possible
- The diagnostics report now contains information about non-standard settings
- Internal cleanup based on application types that are no longer possible
- Improved suggestions for AutoCorrections in the “New Item” window
- The list of Quick Search matches now uses a slightly larger font, which makes the items easier to read
- Improved logging of certain exceptional cases
- Additional information during installation clarifies the situation when a newer version is not covered by the current license
- Typinator now uses the selected device for sound effects for feedback sounds and no longer uses a separate volume control for sounds
- Improved handling of line breaks in clipboard contents when expanding {clip} markers
- Extended diagnostics report with information about active time and previous crashes
- Improved appearance of abbreviations with prefixes and suffixes in Quick Search matches
- Fixes an update problem when a previous version of Typinator was installed in a folder that no longer exists
- Works around a problem that resulted in multiple expansions in certain border cases
- Fixes a problem where the {clip} marker produced the result of the previous expansion when two abbreviations were typed in quick succession
- Fixes a memory leak when combo fields (alternatives with free text) are confirmed with the enter key
- Avoids creation of “bookmarks” when Typinator performs a clipboard-based expansion in MS Word
- Subscribed sets are no longer shown as target sets in the “New Item” window
- Fixes an issue where the header “ABBREVIATIONS” was initially shown as the target set in the “New Item” window
- Works around a potential crash when importing snippets from aText
- Fixes an error in the English User's Guide, which contained the French search terms for finding the most recent abbreviations
- Typinator no longer installs the StockQuotes script, since the service is no longer supported
- Improved calculation of the typing speed
- Fixes a problem with keystroke markers that contain the return key with modifiers, such as {key:⌘↩}
- C-style comments (starting with //) are no longer suppressed in headings and description fields of input forms
- Fixes a problem with confirmation of characters when CJK input methods were used in interactive forms
- Works around a bug in BlueGriffon that caused BlueGriffon to crash when Typinator expanded an abbreviation in sheet windows
- Fixes a problem where expansions did not work after changing the keyboard input source while filling an interactive form
- Internal options for fine-tuning application-specific delays during expansions
- Works around a problem with the “Please wait…” and “Pasting…” messages of Microsoft OneNote, which slow down clipboard-based expansions
- Works around a cursor positioning problem in Trello
- Fixes a problem where certain expansions with header fields in input forms failed
- Fixes a cosmetic issue with updates on High Sierra, where the download progress window remained on the screen for too long
- Fixes incorrect information about the last version check, which sometimes was not updated correctly
- Improves the technique for restoration of MS Word clipboard items
- Fixes a problem where certain feedback sounds did not work on some audio devices
- Fixes feedback sounds that did not play when certain expansions were triggered from Quick Search
- Works around a bug in High Sierra that occasionally crashes Typinator for some users
- Fixes a problem where empty default values were not correctly handled in certain input fields
- Works around an issue where input fields did not work correctly when the label ended with a period

Typinator 7.3
- Typinator can now import text substitution files exported from System Preferences/Keyboard/Text
- Typinator can now add and edit links in formatted text expansions
- Access to Typinator's variables via AppleScript
- New marker for the offset from UTC in the format +hh:mm
- In a Formatted Text expansion, the built-in DecodeHTML function now produces formatted text from the HTML description
- Typinator remembers the spell checking options (check while typing, grammar check, automatic correction) separately for plain text, formatted text and HTML expansions
- Faster updates of the sets after changing the sets folder
- Internal optimization speeds up background activities and reduces memory allocation
- Internal cleanup reduces memory footprint of Typinator
- Date and time information in the diagnostics report now uses the local time zone instead of UTC
- The diagnostics report now contains information about the length of expansions and internal optimization
- New expansion technique avoids dropped keystrokes in certain borderline cases and results in slightly faster expansions
- When Typinator is not registered with a license key, the message at the top of the window now tells what to do
- Diagnostics report includes information about “quick expansion” settings
- The download link in the “Predefined Sets” sheet now points directly to the Typinator Snippets section on the Extras page
- Improved clipboard restoration technique avoids cases where command+V immediately after an expansion pasted the expansion again instead of the previous clipboard
- Subscriptions are now checked only during periods of inactivity
- Typinator now decodes HTML expansions nested in formatted or plain text expansions
- Preferences for smart substitution and spell checking options are now saved immediately
- Fixes a problem where the find panel did not work in the expansion field because all the buttons were disabled
- Works around a cursor positioning issue in Microsoft Outlook 2016
- Works around a rare crash when checking for a newer version
- Fixes and clarifications in the built-in help page on Regular Expressions
- Fixes an expansion problem in Reaper, where the typed abbreviation was not completely deleted
- Fixes a problem with a confusing version alert when there was a problem with the network connection
- Works around an expansion issue in Microsoft OneNote, which resulted in dropped line breaks
- Fixes a problem that resulted in empty expansions in rare cases
- Fixes a layout problem in the German localization, which resulted in a narrow editable part of the expansion field
- Corrects an error in the German AutoKorrektur set
- Fixes a problem with certain CJK input methods, when the abbreviation and expansion started with the same letters
- Improves handling of clipboard-based expansions in certain applications with special requirements
- Works around a problem that resulted in truncated or overlapping user interface elements
- Works around a cursor positioning problem in VS Code
- Works around an expansion problem in Bomgar
- Fixes a problem where the “What does this symbol mean?” menu command could not show an explanation for secure input mode
- Works around an expansion problem in FoldingText
- Fixes a vocabulary conflict in certain AppleScripts (such as the Convert script)
- Works around a cursor positioning issue with the VSCodeVim extension in VS Code
- Fixes a crash in certain cases where Typinator incorrectly detected and repeatedly handled nested abbreviations
- Fixes a problem where keystrokes did not work in certain situations in Typinator's save/open dialog windows
- Works around a cursor positioning problem in Ship

Typinator 7.2
- Typinator can now perform remote expansions in Citrix
- Typinator now supports the AppleScript commands “move” and “duplicate” for moving and copying rules
- Faster expansion in many situations
- Improved timing and context validation when restoring saved clipboard contents
- New technique for fine-grained adaptations to applications that need special handling of expansions
- Improved reliability of quick expansions in certain cases
- The diagnostics report now also contains timing information
- The “Start at Login” option is now turned on by default when Typinator is installed on a computer for the first time
- When secure input mode is already enabled when Typinator starts up, Typinator correctly reports that this was caused by an unknown application
- Updated versions of built-in AutoCorrection and Product Names sets
- Works around an issue where Outlook inserted “smart” spaces in expansions
- Fixes an expansion issue with Firefox on macOS Sierra
- Fixes an update error after editing an abbreviation
- Typinator now correctly disables itself in LogMeIn
- Works around an expansion problem in Final Draft
- Fixes a cursor positioning issue in Visual Studio Code
- Fixes a problem where parts of quick expansions were dropped
- Fixes a problem in Twitter's message box in web browsers, where Typinator deleted too many characters
- Fixes a problem with simulated keystrokes for keys on the numeric keypad
- Fixes a problem that caused export of sets as publications to fail in certain cases
- Works around a potential issue in the handling of formatted text expansions
- Fixes an expansion problem in Safari on older versions of macOS
- Works around a conflict with the built-in text replacements of macOS
- Works around an issue that caused insertion of the clipboard instead of the expansion in some web browsers
- Works around an issue with international keyboards that prevented usage of certain key combinations as hotkeys

Typinator 7.1
- When an input form is open, it is now possible to temporarily switch to other windows, for example to copy/paste text into form fields.
- New “quick search” AppleScript command.
- The home and end keys now jump to the first and last items in lists.
- Typinator now ignores the “backspace before expansion” marker that was used in previous versions of Typinator.
- Improved display of expansions in the Quick Search results.
- Reduces network traffic caused by subscription checks.
- Typinator now automatically detects and cleans up duplicates of subscriptions.
- Improved handling of conflicts between sets shared via Dropbox.
- Works around a conflict with “smart” cut and paste in Tex-Edit Plus, where spaces were inserted in certain expansions.
- The diagnostics report now contains additional information about internal optimization.
- Works around a rare crash when opening the User's Guide from within Typinator.
- Fixes a problem where a pop-up choice with an empty text result was not suggested as the default value at the next invocation.
- Works around an expansion problem with the Vim plug-in in Visual Studio Code.
- Fixes an expansion problem in the mail address field of MailMate.
- Fixes a problem on macOS Sierra, which caused insertion of pictures from the Includes folder to fail.
- Works around a problem that caused incorrect behavior of formatting keystrokes in long plain text expansions for certain target applications.
- Works around a bug in LibreOffice, which fails to pick up Typinator's expansions from the clipboard.
- Works around an issue with leftover abbreviation characters in Coda.

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