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Unity 2019.1.10 Mac

Unity for Mac 是一個遊戲開發生態系統:一個強大的渲染引擎完全集成了一整套直觀的工具和快速的工作流程來創建交互式的 3D 和 2D 內容; 輕鬆的多平台發布; 在資產商店中擁有數千種高質量的現成資產和知識共享社區.

對於獨立開發人員和工作室,Unity 的民主化生態系統打破了創造獨特漂亮遊戲的時間和成本障礙。他們正在使用 Unity for Mac 來創造他們所熱愛的生活:創造能夠吸引任何平台上的玩家的遊戲。

Unity for Mac 功能:


創建 AAA 視覺保真,音頻和全油門動作的遊戲,在任何屏幕上都能表現平滑和清晰.

2D& 3D
通過使用共享約定的高效工作流程,獲得 2D 和 3D 內容創建的專用工具.




Unity Cloud Build
通過全新的 Cloud Build 服務讓你的構建變得輕鬆。在工作中檢測到項目中的更改,並且構建會自動發送到您的設備,或在 Web 上播放.

注意:Unity 是免費的,並提供 Unity Pro 的全功能 30 天試用版.

也可以:下載 Unity for Windows

檔案版本 Unity 2019.1.10
檔案名稱 UnityDownloadAssistant-2019.1.0f1.dmg
檔案大小 849.92 KB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Unity Technologies
更新日期 http://unity3d.com/unity
軟體類型 2019-07-13

What's new in this version:

- 2D: Fixed the rendering for edges on Spriteshape sometimes not happening when building on PS4
- Android: Fixed UnityWebRequest incorrectly failing due to malformed cookie
- Editor: Fixed Play mode Color tint is not removed when Play mode cannot be entered due to compiler errors
- Editor: Fixed the editor crash when using EditorStyles.WordWrappedLabel inside a toggle group
- Graphics: Fixed crash in Material::SetFloat after calling Graphics.Blit() due to missing BlitTexArraySlice shader
- Graphics: Fixed for texture streaming crash switching Quality Level
- Graphics: Fixed for Xbox 32-bit float formats in UAVs not working
- IL2CPP: Implemented the Environment:GetBundledMachineConfig method to always return a null string
- IL2CPP: Improved the managed thread pool performance on Posix platforms
- LWRP: Eliminated extra time spent on shader compilation during the build when "Optimize Mesh Data" is enabled
- Mobile: Fixed cases where displaying Standalone player on second display would cause developer console to display twice
- Prefabs: Fixed nested Canvases not getting treated as nested Canvases in Prefab Mode if the Canvas had no visual elements (CanvasRenderers) under it. This could cause properties to get reset due to being driven as a Screen Space Canvas
- Scripting: Fixed issue with "Coroutine continue failure" being emitted in some cases when calling StopAllCoroutines() on a AsyncOperation
- Scripting: Fixed possible crashes in Editor when methods in UnsafeUtility receive a null pointer
- Scripting: Fixed serializedProperty.objectReferenceInstanceIDValue returns 0 for missing asset references
- Terrain: Fixed trees not being generated from Code in the Built Game when Terrain Data is created via Code using the Constructor
- UI: Fixed issue where Re-enabling game object with "Toggle group" loses information about previously checked toggle
- UnityLinker: Fixed a crash that could occur when a method has an unmanaged constraint
- Vulkan: Fixed memory leak when using Vulkan
- Windows: Fixed builds that use IL2CPP scripting backend not starting on Windows 7
- XR: Fixed app crashing when device is removed

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