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Vectoraster 7.4.8 Mac

Vectoraster for Mac 是用於 macOS 的圖形程序,用於基於圖像或漸變創建基於矢量的光柵圖案和半色調。立即在 Mac 中下載並創建基於矢量的柵格圖案!

可以在整個圖案中更改和更改柵格圖案和點形狀,以產生許多不同的樣式。始終顯示結果柵格,並在您更改參數時實時更新。然後可以將結果輕鬆地作為矢量導出為 EPS 或 PDF 文件,將圖像導出為 JPEG,PNG 或 TIFF,或者簡單地複制並粘貼到大多數圖形軟件中。適用於 macOS 的 Vectoraster 是一種了不起的工具!

許多不同的點形狀類型,包括圓形,多邊形,字體字符和導入的自定義矢量形狀或圖像。詳細控制您希望點形狀,變換和顏色在柵格上變化的方式。根據柵格點如何根據源圖像,您在 Vectoraster 中實時定義的漸變或兩者的組合而變化。高級線柵格模式,其中線的寬度可變,而不是點。許多不同的柵格圖案,可以詳細控制點的放置方式。輕鬆旋轉和偏移柵格圖案,並添加多種失真,如波浪和扭曲。複製柵格輸出並將其直接粘貼到大多數矢量圖形軟件中。將文件導出到 EPS 和 PDF 以進行矢量輸出,並導出到 JPEG,PNG 和 TIFF 以進行位圖。將點數據(位置和大小)導出到 CSV 文件以進行進一步的 CAD 或其他處理。 Vectoraster 中的新增功能:
參數漸變源。除了使用導入的圖像作為柵格的源外,現在還可以定義可以在 Vecto 柵格中調整的線性和徑向漸變。更動態的屬性。極大地增加了在柵格中具有不同點方面(如形狀,大小和顏色)的可能性。新界面。經過重新設計,使其更加一致,高效和響應迅速。改進的筆觸和填充屬性。改進了點填充和筆劃參數的單獨設置,可以單獨使用或一起使用。靈活的柵格變形。現在,您可以將多種變形組合到您的柵格圖案中(如波浪,扭曲或隨機化),每種變形都可以改善對位置和比例的單獨控制。注意:在演示版本中,所有導出的柵格中都會隨機丟失柵格點。

檔案版本 Vectoraster 7.4.8
檔案名稱 vectoraster7.dmg
檔案大小 15.2 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.11 or later
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Lost Minds
更新日期 暫無資訊
軟體類型 2020-05-08

What's new in this version:

Vectoraster 7.4.8
- Negative Point aspect values are now allowed
- Fixed a problem with loading files that use unavailable fonts
- Fixed a small precision problem in the diagonal spacing of alternating raster points with the same spacing option enabled
- Improved technical diagnostic information in the support/feedback dialogue
- Improved connection security and handling of network problems during license syncing

Vectoraster 7.4.7
- Added/fixed support for many more image formats for source images, including photoshop psd, tga, raw and more
- Additional license information is now available from the About window

Vectoraster 7.4.6
You can now import images from your Photos albums via the Browse dialoge (Under Media in the sidebar)
Fixes some issues with the font selection panel for Text sources

Vectoraster 7.4.5
- Fixes some precision problems when exporting thin strokes on small filled points

Vectoraster 7.4.4
- Fixes a bug with the full screen preview
- Some under the hood improvements

Vectoraster 7.4.3
- Fixes a crash with changing the blur filter of a source image while the raster was generating
- Fixes a bug where importing some high resolution source images would sometimes convert them to a lower resolution

Vectoraster 7.4.2
- Index-based values You can now vary parameter based on point order, for changing the color or transformation of every other point in the raster (Take a look at the new Alternating star raster sample file)
- Some interface fixes and adjustments
- Improvements to mouse wheel zooming and scrolling
- Added link to the lost code form in license code entry interface

Vectoraster 7.4.1
- Fixes a bug where Point fill and stroke color wells would be disabled
- Updates to sample files (Available from the Help menu)

Vectoraster 7.4.0
- Adds new combined sources mode for all variable parameters, letting you control them with a combination of multiple sources
- Adds a new toggle button to quickly enable/disable Raster pattern distortions without removing them
- You can now zoom with mouse option-scroll wheel or trackpad pinch gestures
- Improvements to interface and preview rendering
- Apple application notarization (New Apple security requirements)
- Fixes a bug with undo/redo of some raster pattern distortion properties
- Fixes a bug with linear gradient sources with small sizes
- Fixes a bug in the Align raster to edges utility

Vectoraster 7.3.8
- Preferences panel reorganized
- Fixes some bugs related to changing document artboard size
- Fixes a bug with raster distortion strengths in imported Vectoraster 6 files
- Parameter interface layout tweaks
- Updates to frameworks for updates, license handling and general macOS support

Vectoraster 7.3.7
- The Smoothing parameter for polygon point shapes (and more) now accepts negative values, letting you make new pointy shapes
- Improved adaptive value ranges for parameter sliders
- New setting to toggle GPU accelerated interface rendering on/off. Default is on for retina macs
- Fixes a bug with launching Vectoraster by double-clicking some .VRaster files

Vectoraster 7.3.6
- Performance improvements, especially on macOS 10.14 and retina macs
- Multi-scale can now also scale point stroke along with pattern and point size
- Fixes a bug with Multiscale not scaling radial raster patterns from the center
- The disable interface animations setting now works as intended

Vectoraster 7.3.5
- New variable point fill and stroke opacity parameters
- Improvements to display zooming
- Improvements to Finder quicklook previews and file thumbnails
- Fixes some interface bugs on macOS 10.14
- Fixes a rare network full version unlocking bug

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