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維也納是一個開源的 RSS / Atom 閱讀器,能夠存儲收到的文章,並通過包含的 SQLite 數據庫進行管理。使用 Objective- C 和 Cocoa 構建 Mac OS X 操作系統,該程序提供了與專業商業新聞閱讀器相媲美甚至更好的各種有用功能。通過在家庭或便攜式 Mac 電腦上安裝這個出色的 RSS 管理器,任何人都可以輕鬆地與他們喜愛的新聞來源保持聯繫,接收關於您的博客或圖庫訂閱狀態的即時更新,管理播客,欣賞多媒體內容,閱讀 RSS 文章即使你的電腦沒有網絡連接,當然也可以輕鬆地與你的朋友,家人同事和互聯網分享你的新發現的內容與電子郵件的集成工具,並分享到最常用的社交網絡 Facebook 和 Twitter.6235896
Visual 風格 Vienna for Mac 使用經典的 RSS 飼料管理器佈局,與 3 個獨立的部分操縱上市和閱讀的 RSS 文章– 左側是可以完全由用戶管理的目錄結構,右側是 2 個面板,用於列出這些目錄中的內容,並顯示當前選擇的新聞文章中的內容。所有內容可以按主題名稱,日期,作者,標誌,附件等等列出。集中搜索引擎可以輕鬆地隔離您想要查找的文章。自定義選項非常廣泛,包括從每個 RSS 提要刷新到文本字體和提要導入 / 導出工具之間的所有內容。如果您正在尋找輕量級,免費,穩定且非常容易使用的 RSS 管理器,則需要仔細觀察維也納和這個偉大的應用程序所提供的一切。

訂閱 Atom / RSS 新聞提要和播客。簡單直觀的用戶界面,可自定義的工具欄。內置選項卡式瀏覽器。全部搜索所有檢索到的文章。自動檢測網頁上的新聞傳送。用於組織相關饋送文章的智能文件夾自定義文章顯示樣式。三個獨立的閱讀佈局。博客整合。支持在文章中下載附件過濾顯示的文章。手動重新排序訂閱列表。完整的 AppleScript 支持。本地化為幾種語言。注意:需要 64 位處理器.

檔案版本 Vienna
檔案大小 3.84 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.8 or later
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 The Vienna RSS Project
軟體類型 2010-01-13

What's new in this version:

- The XML source for feeds is now saved, and there is a new menu item “Show XML Source” to display it.
- Add support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) in the built-in web browser.
- Many user interface improvements.
- Enable searching for text in the web browser. (Note that this required using the command-shift-g keyboard shortcut for
- Find Previous, replacing the old shortcut for New Group Folder.)
- Enable printing of web pages.
- Double the number of simultaneous feed downloads during refreshing from 10 to 20.
- Minor speed improvements for some operations.
- An informative error page is displayed in the web browser when a page cannot be loaded.
- Add support for the blog editor Blogo.

- Fix a long standing bug where deleted articles would reappear after emptying the trash.
- Eliminate drawing artifacts in the Folders and Articles headers. (Patch from Dan Crosta)
- Fix a crash reported in Vienna forum topic 21303
- Fix a crash when sorting articles by enclosure URL.
- Fix a bug where clicking on a feed link launched Vienna but failed to subscribe to the feed.
- Fix the article view scrolling problem reported in Vienna forum topic 20814
- Fix the mark all read bug on Snow Leopard reported in Vienna forum topic 20877
- Prevent an infinite redirect loop. This was happening with the factcheck feedburner feed.
- Vienna’s interface now correctly dims when the application is the background.
- Fix a bug where changing the layout would hide the tab bar until relaunch.
- Fix drawing errors and artifacts in the grey title bars.
- Check for https URLs as well as http on the pasteboard when adding a new subscription.
- Fix background drawing errors in main window and remove custom window background.
- Fix drawing errors in Downloads window and remove the custom background.
- Add a workaround for feeds that contain more than one item with the same guid. (For example, the WordPress Trac.)
- Fix “Help -> Keyboard shortcuts”, which didn’t work in some cases.
- Numerous fixes to localization of help pages and other strings in German, French, and other languages.
- Eliminate deprecated method warnings on Snow Leopard.
- Turn off animation of tab resizing. It was slow, superfluous and sometimes caused drawing errors in the tab bar background.
- Update SQLite to version 3.6.18

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