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VirtualBox 4.3.2 Build 90405 Mac

世界上最流行的跨平台虛擬化軟件使您能夠在 Mac,PC,Linux 或 Oracle Solaris 機器上運行多個操作系統。Oracle VM VirtualBox for Mac 是針對 x86 和 AMD64 / Intel64 硬件的通用全虛擬器,針對在服務器,桌面和嵌入式使用。 VirtualBox 不僅是面向企業客戶的功能非常豐富,性能卓越的產品,而且也是唯一免費提供的開源軟件專業解決方案.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 的一些新功能包括:

支持現代 Windows 和 Linux 的虛擬化支持 guests
Oracle VM VirtualBox 能夠提供準虛擬化接口,以促進軟件的準確高效執行。一旦定義了虛擬機平台,Oracle VM VirtualBox 就可以利用內置的虛擬化支持(Linux guest 虛擬機上的 KVM 和 Windows guest 虛擬機上的 Hyper-V)來提高 guest OS 的性能.

xHCI 控制器支持 USB 3.0 設備
Guest 操作系統現在可以直接識別 USB 3.0 設備並以全速 3.0 運行。客人現在可以配置使用 USB 1.1,2.0 和 3.0 設備。

改進的拖放& 刪除支持
從 Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 開始,改進了在來賓和主機操作系統之間的雙向拖放支持; 支持最新的客戶添加拖放支持.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 允許在 XTS 模式(128 位或 256 位)下利用 AES 算法加密虛擬磁盤映像。由於 DEK 作為虛擬機配置文件的一部分存儲,因此加密引入了進一步的安全功能,在啟動虛擬機時將要求提供密碼.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 現在支持在後台啟動虛擬機在虛擬機繼續工作時可關閉的前端進程.

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檔案版本 VirtualBox 4.3.2 Build 90405
檔案名稱 VirtualBox-4.3.2-90405-OSX.dmg
檔案大小 112.88 MB
系統 Mac OS X
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Oracle
軟體類型 2013-11-03

What's new in this version:

- VMM: fixed restoring of the auxiliary TSC MSR in VT-x that caused host BSODs on Windows 8.1 hosts and unpredictable behavior on other hosts
- VMM: provide fake values for a couple of MSRs to make more guests happy on certain hosts
- VMM: fixed detection of VT-x on certain machines where the BIOS would not set the VMX LOCK feature bit, which affected the VM settings in the GUI
- VMM: fixed TPR threshold which caused BSODs on Windows XP guests that use the I/O APIC (VT-x only)
- VMM: fixed PATM saved state incompatibility for software virtualized VMs
- VMM: don’t fail if AMD-V isn’t available if the VM is configured to use software virtualization
- GUI: fixed guest resize breakage on visual representation mode change (when switching from normal to fullscreen etc)
- GUI: make sure the guest screen is resized after restoring a VM from a saved state if the host screen size changed
- Webcam passthrough improvements including GUI support
- Guest Control: implemented more IGuestSession methods
- Guest Control: added support for deleting and renaming guest files + directories in VBox-Manage
- Guest Control: various bugfixes
- API: incorrect handling of hardware UUID default value, resulting in an all zero
- DMI/SMBIOS UUID, which leads to Windows requesting re-activation (4.3 regression)
- 3D support: miscellaneous fixes
- Storage: fixed detection of CD/DVD media when switching from an empty to a host drive with passthrough enabled
- Storage: fixed hang of the VM process when the disk is full under certain circumstances
- NAT: listen for changes of NAT Network setting at runtime
- NAT: NAT Network DHCP server now saves leases to a persistent storage
- Main: monitor changes in host DNS configuration
- Windows Additions/3D: fix Google Earth plugin rendering
- Windows Additions/WDDM: autoresize fixes

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