XnView MP 0.96 軟體資訊交流 Mac

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XnView MP 0.96 Mac

XnViewMP 是一個多格式圖形瀏覽器,查看器和轉換器。它可以讀取 GIF,BMP,JPEG,PNG,TARGA,多頁 TIFF,相機 RAW,JPEG 2000,MPEG,AVI 和 QuickTime 等 500 種文件格式。 EXIF 和 IPTC 元數據也被支持。圖像查看器有一個類似瀏覽器的瀏覽器,允許瀏覽目錄內容。 XnViewMP 支持紅眼修正,作物和 JPEG 圖像無損轉換,生成 HTML 頁面和聯繫表,並提供批量轉換和批量重命名。幻燈片放映過渡效果,屏幕截圖,WIA 和 TWAIN 支持(掃描儀和數碼相機),圖像比較和文件操作。 XnViewMP for Mac 是一個高效的多媒體查看器,瀏覽器和轉換器,使用起來非常簡單!

使用 XnViewMP,您可以通過多種方式瀏覽,組織和查看圖像:
縮略圖查看 FullScreen 查看 FilmStrip 查看幻燈片與 FX 圖像比較 XnViewMP 允許您處理圖像編輯工具:
調整大小,旋轉,裁剪無損旋轉& 裁切(jpeg)調整亮度,對比度... 自動色階,自動對比度修改色彩深度和放大倍數調色板應用過濾器& 效果除了導出到 70 多種格式。 XnViewMP 讓你創建:
SlideShows 網頁聯繫表格視頻縮略圖庫文件列表圖像和條更多。 XnViewMP 的一些其他顯著特性是:
元數據支持& 編輯(IPTC)JPEG 無損轉換重複文件查找器批處理批量重命名打印模塊也可用:下載 XnView for Windows

檔案版本 XnView MP 0.96
檔案名稱 XnViewMP-mac.dmg
檔案大小 49.52 MB
系統 Mac OS X 10.9 or later
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 Pierre. e Gougelet
更新日期 http://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/
軟體類型 2020-03-23

What's new in this version:

- AVIF support
- Experimental 'Fit window to image'
- Search: category contain/is
- Search: in pathname
- Capture: Hide Xn
- Compare: shortcuts
- Paste keep ratio
- Show info always visible
- Batch convert: 'Close after conversion'
- Paste special
- Paint: Background color for Text
- 'New image' in image mode
- Copy/Paste GPS data
- Width/Height in mm placeholder
- Batch Convert: Numeric numerator + output filename available in "Text"
- Batch convert: White balance

Bugs fixed:
- Move file & excluded folder
- Save a screenshot, statusbar not updated
- MacOS: Translation of standard buttons
- Rename & companion file
- Not possible to overwrite embedded thumbnail on some JPEG
- Rename field not visible in thumbnail view mode
- Maximum view tab not work
- Auto Correct doesn't work correct-ly
- Search Similar: can't close dialog
- Import: aae not copied
- {File type} place holder
- Transfer: Multiple lines
- Batch rename: spacing between columns
- Open second image & fullscreen
- "Properties" column shows incorrect # of colors
- Compare: close view
- Compare: Cannot turn off "Confirm file delete"
- Windows taskbar text
- Placeholder & Current date
- Tooltips on category
- GPS in detail view
- File Listing: Append to file
- Unknown file info not shown in toolbar
- Image viewer slow with big folder
- Slideshow: window doesn't close
- Customized format text color not used in 'details'
- Cut and paste files on selected folder can delete original files
- Film simulation crash
- Windows: if drive letter is lower case in pathname, duplicate entry in catalog
- MacOSX: Folder without subfolder can have arrow to expand
- Sharpen setting not used for folder's thumbnail
- Multiple spaces in Info view

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