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F-Secure Antivirus 17.6 Windows

F-Secure Antivirus 提供針對病毒,間諜軟件,受感染的電子郵件附件和其他惡意軟件的實時防護。自動更新和高級實時響應可確保針對所有新威脅提供最快的 PC 保護,而 DeepGuard 5 漏洞利用保護可將您的保護提升到一個新的水平。適用於 Windows PC 的頂級防病毒程序!

防病毒是一種安全解決方案,它使用基於雲的高級技術來保護您免受現有的在線威脅並在新威脅出現時對其進行有效響應。易於安裝,不會降低計算機的速度。 F-Secure Antivirus 將保護您。免費試用 30 天的 PC 高級病毒防護。

保護 PC 免受病毒,間諜軟件和其他惡意軟件的侵害確保您擁有先進的惡意軟件清除技術停止對計算機的有害攻擊通過主動的安全解決方案保護計算機保持安全性始終保持最新,並具有自動更新功能安全使用計算機,而不會降低計算機的速度注意:30 天試用版。

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檔案版本 F-Secure Antivirus 17.6
檔案名稱 F-SecureNetworkInstaller-AV.exe
檔案大小 1.7 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 F-Secure Corporation
更新日期 https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/anti-virus
軟體類型 2019-05-10

What's new in this version:

F-Secure Antivirus 17.6

Banking protection clears the clipboard:
-  For added security, all the information is wiped from the clipboard when a banking session ends

Restart reminder added:
- A reminder is shown if your computer needs to be restarted; for example, after real-time or scheduled scanning has removed a harmful system infection

Improved statistics:
- The product main page now shows a statistics counter for various security actions, such as files scanned and website reputations checked

Other general improvements:
- The Time limits feature has been renamed to Device use limits; the functionality of the feature remains unchanged
- Croatian language support has been added
- Some user interfaces have been re-implemented using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. If you do not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 installed, it will be automatically installed during installation/upgrade

Overall scanning engine improvements:
- The engine uses the browser’s “mark-of-the-web” to decide if a file should be analyzed in the Security Cloud. This improves the detection of potentially unwanted applications
- Performance improvements to scanning when you install applications
- Improved website reputation look-ups from the Security Cloud for Browsing Protection
- Improved reliability for engine updates

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