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Finale 27.2.0 Windows

Finale 支持您,可以輕鬆創建您可以想像的任何音樂符號,並以最能支持您的創造力的方式進行工作。無論您的靈感來自何處,從簡單的鉛版圖到準備好萊塢電影成績,該應用程序都是可信賴的通往最佳輸出結果的途徑。捕捉音樂靈感。刻一個美麗的分數。與他人分享您的藝術視野。正如每個音樂家都是獨一無二的一樣,每個人都使用 Finale 軟件編寫音樂的原因也是如此。

您的音樂符號反映了您的藝術才能:不要做出讓步。加入全球最重要的雕刻師和出版商,他們依靠該應用程序展現出最佳的外觀。它包括一個龐大的優質 Garritan 聲音庫,以激發您的創作過程並打動您的聽眾。 Finale 的獨家 Human Playback 使這些聲音生動起來。該程序使您可以選擇共享音樂的方式。產生打印的頁面,PDF,MIDI,MusicXML 和音頻文件。向前和向後兼容,使協作很容易。



Finale 讓您自由。瞬間,您可以無數種方式移動小節,更改琴鍵和變換音樂。 Finale 音樂應用程序甚至還提供編輯輸入,例如指示何時將筆記寫在樂器的範圍之外。

美妙的聲音激發您–和您的聽眾。 Finale 獨有的 Human Playback 可以在演奏者的細微差別下進行任何音樂播放。此外,該應用程序還包含一個龐大的世界一流 Garritan 樂器聲音庫,可提供令人驚嘆的逼真度。請在下面收聽。

音樂旨在共享。創建時,借助內置的 MusicXML 支持,您可以與用戶以及其他人來回共享文件。準備分享結果時,您可以製作印刷的活頁樂譜,音頻文件,pdf 等。無論如何才能產生最佳性能。

注意:30 天試用版。試用期結束後,將無法保存和打印。

也可用:對於 Mac

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檔案版本 Finale 27.2.0
檔案名稱 FinaleDemoSetup.exe
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 MakeMusic, Inc.
軟體類型 2022-06-01

What's new in this version:

Finale 27.2.0
- All of Finale’s standard Document Styles have been updated to use SMuFL-compliant music fonts
- Added two new Document Styles using the Finale Ash and Finale Engraver fonts
- The Jazz Default Document has been fully revamped in collaboration with musician Darcy James Argue and now uses SMuFL-compliant Finale Jazz Font
- All of Finale’s default documents now use SMuFL-compliant fonts. Legacy versions are still included
- The new font Finale Jazz Text Lowercase has been added
- The Finale Jazz font now includes new and updated chord suffix characters, including a variety of parentheses
- The Share dialog now displays the email addresses of the users the document is currently shared with
- The Share dialog has been updated to reflect the simultaneous public-private state that can occur due to playlist sharing in SmartMusic

- Fixed an issue where batch export can fail on some systems
- Parenthesized music text expressions now retain parentheses on export
- Enclosed measure numbers are now exported as rehearsal numbers
- Files with Special Part Extraction now export more accurately
- Text on blank pages at the end of a score is now imported
- Chord symbols are exported and imported more accurately
- Exact duplicate measure-attached Smart Shapes are no longer exported

- Multimeasure Rests. Multimeasure rest symbols are now correctly aligned when using handwritten SMuFL-compliant music fonts.
- Symbol Selection. When using the Search field in the Symbol Selection dialog box the SMuFL categories now remain alphabetised.
- Stem Connections.
- Fixed an issue where some stem connections would be offset for specific noteheads when converting from a legacy font to a SMuFL font.
- Fixed an issue where other stem connections in a measure would be misplaced when altering a notehead in that measure. See Stem Connections.
- Documentation. The Finale User Manual has been updated with more accurate information and other continued improvements.
- Printing. Fixed an issue where documents may print with incorrect margins.

Finale 27.1.0
New Features:
- It is now possible to convert legacy non-SMuFL MakeMusic fonts in documents to SMuFL-compliant music fonts
- Human Playback now recognizes expressions and articulations that use SMuFL-compliant fonts
- The TG Tools Easy Harmonics, TG Tools Easy Tremolos, Create Coda System, and Drum Groove plug-ins have been updated to use the correct characters in SMuFL fonts
- The Symbol Selection dialog box character grid can now be navigated with the arrow keys
- New libraries using the SMuFL-compliant Finale Maestro music font have been added for Accordion (articulations), Accordion Register (text expressions), Figured Bass (text expressions), Guitar (articulations), Guitar (smart lines), Guitar (text expressions), Ornaments (articulations), and Accidentals (articulations).

- The Symbol Selection dialog box now filters out blank and unused character slots
- Articulations created with the Petrucci and November fonts now play back correctly after closing and reopening a document
- The Reset and Reset All buttons now work as expected in the Clef Designer when using SMuFL-compliant music fonts
- Very large MusicXML files can now be successfully imported
- Exported MusicXML files now correctly capture tempo data in metronome marks, even if playback is not set in the text expression

Finale 26.3.1
- Change log not available for this version

Finale 26.3.0
- If Finale encounters a problem when saving a document, a warning message with suggested actions is now displayed
- Documents using the Handwritten Document Style now recognize entered chord suffixes containing flats
- Note stems are no longer displayed with incorrect thickness when navigating in Simple Entry
- Exported MusicXML files now retain more specific notation details in multiple areas
- Accessibility alt tags have been added to many images in the user manual

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