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SnapGene 5.1.6 Windows

HitmanPro 是第二個意見掃描儀,旨在將您的計算機從惡意軟件(病毒,特洛伊木馬,rootkits 等)感染您的計算機,儘管您已採取所有安全措施(如防病毒軟件,防火牆等)。

HitmanPro 旨在與現有安全程序一起工作,沒有任何衝突。它可以快速掃描計算機(少於 5 分鐘),不會使計算機變慢(除了掃描的幾分鐘)。 HitmanPro 不需要安裝。它可以直接從 USB 閃存驅動器,CD / DVD,本地或網絡連接的硬盤上運行.

HitmanPro 為您提供免費的第二個意見。它旨在檢查您的安全措施是否正常工作。如果沒有發現(我們真誠希望如此),那麼你將永遠不需要許可證。當發現病毒時,您將獲得免費的 30 天的許可證,以消除威脅.

SurfRight 對惡意軟件文件進行了廣泛的研究,以確定惡意軟件的共同特徵(行為)。當 HitmanPro 客戶端掃描計算機中的病毒活動或具有惡意軟件特徵的可疑文件時,HitmanPro 客戶端會在其行為掃描中使用此研究.

Scan Cloud
對於被歸類為可疑文件,HitmanPro 客戶端向掃描雲發送請求確認這些文件確實是惡意的。掃描雲是由多台計算機組成的集群,駐留在 Internet 上。

Malware Removal
當掃描雲將文件歸類為惡意文件時,HitmanPro 客戶端將感染放入隔離區。各種技術確保所有感染完全消除,沒有誤報。

注意:無限制的免費掃描和免費的 30 天版本刪除檢測到的惡意軟件.

檔案版本 SnapGene 5.1.6
檔案名稱 snapgene_5.1.6_win.exe
檔案大小 36.7 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 SurfRight
軟體類型 2020-09-17

What's new in this version:

New Functionality:
- Added Agilent TapeStation ladders

- Corrected a regression that prevented decoding of features in Gene Construction Kit files
- Corrected a regression that prevented the bacterial transformation strain from being applied to the cloning product
- Fixed an issue with applying the "Limit file history" preference
- Improved detection of Gateway attR1, attR2 and attR4 sites
- Improved the default binding site shown when invoking the Edit Primer dialog for a primer with multiple binding sites
- Corrected an issue with simulating Gateway cloning using att sites that lie across the numerical origin
- Removed an outdated comment regarding PmlI losing activity when stored at -20°C
- Corrected the Import Primers dialog to proceed when Enter/Return is pressed
- Fixed an issue that could result in peak data disappearing when editing Sanger sequence traces
- Corrected a regression that prevented Shift-selecting a range of primers in Primers view
- Removed the "Fixed Line Width" button from the side toolbar in the Anneal Oligos dialog
- Corrected various stability issues when using cloning dialogs
- Ensured that the Sequence view minimap is consistently shown
- Fixed an issue with migrating the chosen enzymes when cloning while using a custom local enzyme set
- Corrected a regression that could cause the Browse Common Features dialog to switch from Sequence to Map view when the displayed feature was changed
- Improved the tooltips for history operations
- Ensured that changing the sequence methylation reliably updates the methylation state in the Description Panel
- Improved the document icon for DNA alignments to include a shadow
- Corrected an issue with splitting the view after having previously done so
- Corrected an issue with using Shift and the Left/Right arrow keys to move selected ranges across an entire gap in an alignment

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