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IsoBuster 4.6 Windows

IsoBuster 是一個屢獲殊榮,高度專業化和易於使用的 CD,DVD 和藍光(BD,HD DVD)數據恢復工具的個人電腦。從 CD,DVD,BD,硬盤,閃存盤,USB 記憶棒,多媒體卡,緊湊型 CF,MMC,SD,軟盤,SSD,更通過 NTFS,UDF,FAT,HFS,ISO,IFO / VOB 和文件簽名 IsoBuster 恢復數據.

如果您需要支持多種類型的介質,則不累計成本。 IsoBuster 是一個高度專業化但易於使用的光學媒體數據恢復工具。它支持所有的光盤格式和所有常見的光盤文件系統。啟動 IsoBuster,插入光盤,選擇驅動器(如果尚未選擇),並讓 IsoBuster 安裝介質。 IsoBuster 立即向您顯示位於媒體上的所有曲目和會話,並結合所有存在的文件系統.

通過這種方式,您可以像 Windows 資源管理器一樣輕鬆訪問每個文件系統的所有文件和文件夾。而不是只限於一個 OS 為您選擇的文件系統,您可以訪問“完整的圖片”。從舊會話訪問數據,訪問您的操作系統(例如 Windows)沒有看到或隱藏你的數據等.


檔案版本 IsoBuster 4.6
檔案名稱 isobuster_install.exe
檔案大小 5.09 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Smart Projects
軟體類型 2020-06-23

What's new in this version:

- Support for NTFS cluster sizes of 128 KB and higher. Since Windows 10 v1709 and Windows Server 2019 the older maximum 64 KB boundary has been increased to 2 MB, so changes needed to be made
- Support for multiple NTFS MFT records in a single sector
- Faster extraction and cloning, depending on write and read speeds but obviously still limited by the read speed on failing media or devices
- Work-around for a certain type of data corruption that appears to happen frequently using certain USB card readers (internal and external). Symptoms are the sudden loss of files and or partitions etc. Usually in combination with FAT. Remaining files and/or folders may get names such as "USBC◘╧è◘" or "USBC..". Possibly related to ADATA NH92 adaptors though that is not certain! After researching the issue online it seems a lot of people think this is a virus. I see mention of the "USBC virus" and "USBC malware", yet it's not. It's a hardware / firmware failure that happened while data was being written to the SD card. IsoBuster is now able to detect and compensate for such issues on the fly so that files and folders can still be found and extracted
- IsoBuster now displays the average speed when extracting
- Support for ISO9660 and its derivatives, Joliet, Rock Ridge etc. mistakenly copied/cloned to a USB stick with 512 bytes per block
- Right-Mouse-Click when holding SHIFT adds the option to work on a range (From-To) when doing a -Surface Scan- or -Scan for missing files and folders [Professional license]- or -List erroneous sectors-
- Right-Mouse-Click when holding SHIFT adds the option to create a managed image file or clone that is [Empty]. No actual reading is done yet and the user has full control over which type completion is to be performed or what type of engineering is to be done [Professional license]
- Right-Mouse-Click when holding SHIFT adds the option to show the Sector View dialog with the object's last LBA instead of its first LBA

- Various speed and memory improvements when parsing NTFS
- Various speed and memory improvements when parsing Brother-FAT and FAT
- Various speed and memory improvements when parsing ISO9660 and its derivatives, Joliet, Rock Ridge etc.
- Various speed and memory improvements when parsing the Pioneer DVR file system
- Improved FAT parsing when only the backup boot sector is available
- Both FAT addresses are shown in the FAT File system properties dialog (if there are two FATs)
- Improvements in the 'debug dump' image file functionality. Activated when contacted to try and debug an issue
- The search-suggestions-drop-down now displays under the search control instead of to the right of it, very much like previous-search-commands
- An object (for instance file) with no size (0 bytes) cannot have unreadable sectors (so it should not be listed as such, even if its address is in unreadable space)
- Improved support for old style Macintosh Partition maps
- Better file signature detection of quick time formats: mp4, mov, 3gp, 3g2, m4a, m4b, m4p, m4v during a scan for missing files and folders
- Improved file signature detection and assembly of fragmented *.avi files
- Improved *.swf, *.wmf, *.pxc, *.exe, *.dwg and *.ico file signature detection (less chance of false positives)
- Added file signature detection for: *.alb, *.pwm, *.pwp, *.amr
- Added more shortcuts, Ctrl+ and Crtl-, to read and show sectors in Sector View
- Also allow the creation of a customizable file system from a single track session or a single partition USB/HDD/SSD
- TreeView now does 'hot tracking' when hovering over objects
- Better internal click and right click management when making further selections afterwards, e.g. search
- Changed the layout of the right-mouse-click popups to hopefully make more sense (may need a small adjustment when you're used to the old layout)
- Dynamically create right-mouse-click popups to allow much more flexibility in the future
- Plenty of other improvements, quite a few changes and re-writes in the core code / engine, as this is a living project and to deal with the ever growing new functionality
- Various other GUI improvements

- No known, reported or encountered bugs .. so nothing needed to be fixed

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