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MAutoPitch 14.04 Windows

MAutoPitch 是一個簡單但聽起來不錯的自動音高校正插件,專為人聲和其他單音樂器而設計。除了使音頻更加協調外,MAutoPitch 還提供了創造性的功能,例如共振峰偏移和立體聲擴展。它快速,易於使用且免費!包括在:MFreeFXBundle,MTotalFXBundle 和 MCompleteBundle!

市場上最先進的用戶界面 - 可程式化,可調整大小,GPU 加速的獨特可視化引擎,具有經典的計量表和時間圖多參數 M / S,單通道,最多 8 個通道環繞處理... 自動增益補償(AGC)具有 MIDI 的安全限制器 MIDI 控制器學習 64 位處理和無限的採樣率極快,針對最新的支持 AVX2 和 AVX512 的處理器進行了優化全局預設管理和在線預設交換支持 VST,VST3,AU 和 Windows 和 Mac 上的 AAX 接口,無論是 32 位還是 64 位,激活都不需要加密狗或 Internet 訪問終身免費更新註意:演示版本中的功能有限。

檔案版本 MAutoPitch 14.04
檔案名稱 maudioplugins_14_04_setup.exe
檔案大小 283 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 MeldaProduction
軟體類型 2020-04-14

What's new in this version:

- Added MCharmVerb free plugin (reverb based on the MTurboReverb's "R" algorithm), including a module to MXXX
- Adding attribute Cache="0" to GUI section of the custom device GUI in MXXX would disable the internal caching, which is handy for development
- Added preset & copy/paste features to arpeggiator preset matrix useful to copy banks for example
- Exporting IR from MFreeformEqualizer and MCabinet now includes the gain adjustment and the output is always 24-bit for better compatibility with hardware the IRs may be used in
- Added "Normalize loudness" switch to MConvolutionEZ
- Added Swapper2out module to MXXX
- Added "Fine control" switch to multiparameters
- XY pad editor mode for multiparameters now provides 4 different size and follows parameter origins automatically
- Metronome added to MXXX
- Stereo scopes now provide a normalization switch
- Added device "Custom GUI" flag to MXXX
- Random device button also loads a random device preset now in MXXX
- File lists now provide multiple columns if the size allows it
- Minor GUI and performance improvements
- Fix: Custom device GUI for MXXX could crash if an image for a slider hasn't been found
- Fix: Multiparameters in cyclic banks mode could not display the name of the first bank at the end
- Fix: Channel mode buttons weren't available for modules in MXXX
- Fix: Uninstaller could delete itself even if it has been cancelled
- Fix: MXXX custom device GUIs could get clipped or resized
- Fix: MXXX devices may have not been selected properly in the categorizer when switching between A-H presets in different folders

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