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MSI Afterburner 4.6.1 Windows

MSI Afterburner 是世界上最被認可和廣泛使用的圖形卡超頻軟件,它可以讓你完全控制你的圖形卡。它還提供了一個令人難以置信的詳細的硬件概述,並附帶一些額外的功能,如定制風扇配置文件,基準測試和視頻錄製。 MSI Afterburner 完全免費,可以與所有品牌的圖形卡一起使用.

探索和超越顯卡的極限可能聽起來很可怕,但它實際上比您想像的要容易。 MSI Afterburner 超頻工具提供簡單和準確的訪問您的視頻卡設置。當增加 GPU 的時鐘頻率和電壓時,使用風扇速度控制可以使您在性能和溫度之間找到完美的平衡點。現在是時候發揮你的顯卡的真正潛力,並顯示你的設備是誰的老闆!

硬件 Monitor
看到相信!為了開始掌握你的系統,你需要監視和測試它。監控是確保遊戲和超頻時最佳系統穩定性的最佳方式。硬件監視器實時顯示關鍵的硬件信息; 溫度,使用情況,時鐘速度和電壓。你甚至可以在遊戲中在屏幕上顯示選定的信息,所以你可以密切關注關鍵的統計數據.

“我們相信超頻玩家總是在尋找頂端,我們知道絕對控制最小的細節是至關重要的為了獎勵我們的客戶,我們提供了對 MSI 顯卡的更廣泛的控制,Triple Overvoltage 功能將為您提供對內核,內存和 PLL 電壓的精確控制。“

散熱是一個重要因素顯卡性能。 Afterburner 讓您完全自定義一個預定義的風扇速度曲線,讓您一路決定散熱性能!

In 遊戲 FPS Counter
顯示在屏幕角落的 FPS 計數器是您遊戲中最好的朋友。它可以在屏幕顯示中為您提供有關係統性能的實時信息,所以您可以在遊戲時密切關注超頻設置的效果.

64-Bit Support
MSI 了解 Afterburner 用戶的操作範圍很廣平台。隨著現代 64 位系統出現越來越多的遊戲,Afterburner 已經包含了對 64 位應用程序的全面支持.

選擇外觀& 覺得你最喜歡! MSI Afterburner 帶有不同皮膚的選擇,動態改變程序的外觀和顯示內容。從設置菜單中選擇一個,或者在線下載自定義皮膚.

由於世界各地都在使用 MSI Afterburner,因此您可以從用戶界面菜單中選擇您的語言。所有主要語言都支持.

檔案版本 MSI Afterburner 4.6.1
檔案名稱 msi-afterburner-4-6-1-final.exe
檔案大小 45.5 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 免費軟體
作者 MSI
軟體類型 2019-04-22

What's new in this version:

- Added new MSI Touch of Modern skin by Drerex design

Added asynchronous dual fan control support for reference design NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20x0 series graphics cards. Please take a note that only 100% NVIDIA reference design dual fan control implementations are supported, third party proprietary asynchronous fan control solutions (e.g. EVGA iCX series asynchronous fans) are not supported and will not be supported in future versions. The following asynchronous fan control functionality is available:
- Added new “Synchronize fan speeds” button, which is allowing you to switch between synchronous and asynchronours fan control modes. Please take a note that new fan speed controls are available in v4 skins only, v3 and v2 skins are deprecated and no longer receive new functionality
- When fan speeds synchronization is enabled, MSI Afterburner’s fan control functionality behaves exactly like in the previous version, i.e. both fans are running asynchronically in default hardware automatic fan speed control mode but become linked synchronically if you enable manual or software automatic fan speed control mode
- When fan speeds synchronization is disabled, you may select and adjust each fan speed independently. For software automatic fan speed control mode independent temperature curves are also adjustable for each fan

Improved hardware monitoring module:
- Inverted hotkeys handling approach for multiple selected hardware monitoring graphs. Previously single graph settings mode was active by default, but you could apply some settings (e.g. “Show in On-Screen Display”) to multiple selected graphs with <Ctrl> hotkey modifier. Now such settings are applied to multiple selected graphs by default and <Ctrl> hotkey modifier is used to apply settings to single focused graph
- Group operation notifier has been moved to hardware monitoring graph properties header
- Improved backward compatibility with monitoring profiles created in the previous versions of application. It is no longer necessary to recreate the profiles having monitoring settings without On-Screen Display layout
- It is no longer necessary to click <Apply> button inside the On-Screen Display layout editor after changing current layout, now the changes are applied properly on closing the editor
- The progress of saving multiple graphs’ settings is now displayed in the caption of the application’s property sheet
- Optimized handling of “dirty” flag for settings decreases saving time for multiple graph’s settings when using multiple subsequent group operations
- Added new “Hide attached monitoring panel” command to the context menu of hardware monitoring window. You may use it to toggle visibility of monitoring window when it is attached to the main application window
- Now you may press <Ctrl> + <M> hotkeys to toggle monitoring window attachment

Improved voltage/frequency curve editor for both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs:

Now you may hold <Shift>and press left mouse button on initial desired horizontal position in the editor window to begin fragment selection, then drag mouse cursor to desired final horizontal position and release left mouse button to select a fragment. The following functionality is available for selected fragments:
- You may double click the editor window to reset fragment selection
- You may adjust the offset for any point inside the selection with mouse cursor to apply the same offset simultaneously to all selected points
- You may adjust the offset for any point inside the selection with keyboard cursor keys, <Enter> or <Shift>+<Enter> keys to apply the same offset or specify the same target frequency or voltage for all selected points

Improved skin engine:
- Skin engine no longer crashes when switching between the skins having the same site with and without alpha channel
- Added thumbless skinned slider controls support
- Added alpha path threshold support for skinned slider controls

Improved skin cross-compatibility layer:
- Extended list of applications supported by skin cross-compatibility layer
- Various compatibility fixes for third party skins supported by cross-compatibility layer
- Fixed issue with GUI stopping responding during adjusting skin scaling ratio on the fly in high DPI mode when skin composition mode was set to layered mode with alpha

Updated third party hardware database:
- Added new third party voltage control capable graphics cards to the database
- Added new third party graphics cards with multichannel GPU, memory and VRM temperature sensors to the database
- RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to v7.2.2

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