Polarity 9.3.3 軟體資訊交流 Windows

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Polarity 9.3.3 Windows

功能豐富,快速,安全,穩定,高度可定制的 Web 瀏覽器,提供最新的 Web 標準。 Polarity 瀏覽器也內置了 adblock 和不跟踪隱私問題。 Polarity 的所有這些方面都有助於提供獨特的瀏覽體驗,幫助您享受網絡所提供的最佳服務.

Alternative 瀏覽器是有目的地製作的。 Polarity 瀏覽器的設計要比其他瀏覽器的能源效率和重量輕得多,所以你可以瀏覽更長的時間,而不需要插入任何風扇。建立在隱私功能,如 DoNotTrack 和 Privoxy 允許用戶瀏覽信心。隨著廣泛的應用程序,主題和擴展選擇,你會感覺在家裡與 Polarity.

您使用的瀏覽器應該為您量身定制,易用性和效率。與其他瀏覽器不同的是,Polarity 旨在讓用戶可以自由選擇主題,應用程序,擴展等等.

廣告已經成為網絡上流行的一種現象,但通常會阻礙瀏覽器的性能。廣告可能會降低瀏覽速度,傳播惡意軟件,甚至更快耗盡設備電池。 Polarity 內置 Adblocking,所以你不用擔心.

瀏覽器已經成為計算機上使用最多的應用程序。那麼為什麼不盡可能高效? Polarity 專注於最小的 RAM 和 CPU 使用率,為低端和高端設備提供出色的瀏覽體驗.

注意:需要.NET Framework.

檔案版本 Polarity 9.3.3
檔案名稱 Polarity Installer.exe
系統 Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 開源軟體
作者 Stanley Lim
更新日期 http://polarityweb.weebly.com/
軟體類型 2018-01-07

What's new in this version:

Polarity 9.3.3
- Fixed tab stuttering when dragging, updated UAs

Polarity 9.3.2
- Change log not available for this version

Polarity 9.3.1
- Fixed issue where tabs shift back too slowly with pinned tabs, increased tab control efficiency and speed, increased browser startup speed, fixed crashing issue in ControlCenter

Polarity 9.3.0
- Fixed up some minor bugs and faster tab system

Polarity 9.2.9
- Updated UAs

Polarity 9.2.8
- Fixed bug where opening control center crashed the browser, fixed Document Explorer Crash

Polarity 9.2.7
- Change log not available for this version

Polarity 9.2.6
- Browser optimizations, updated autocomplete menu in Trident tabs and UI, added Baidu search suggestions as an option for omnibar

Polarity 9.2.5
- Change log not available for this version

Polarity 9.2.4
- Some fixes to the browser in regards to updating, refactored code for efficiency and lighter file size

Polarity 9.2.3
- Fixed mobile mode with weblight infinitely looping, added Data Saver option in Performance in Settings

Polarity 9.2.2
- Minor bug fixes

Polarity 9.2.1
- Change log not available for this version

Polarity 9.2.0
- Change log not available for this version

Polarity 9.1.9
- Added better bookmark handling, ability to nest folders within bookmark folders added

Polarity 9.1.8
- Minor color scheme changes throughout the browser

Polarity 9.1.7
- Fixed bug where downloading files would crash the browser, fixed contextmenu crashes

Polarity 9.1.6
- Fixed a few bugs in addon downloader, users can now whitelist sites from dropdown notification above when blocked by pBlock (for HTTPS/SSL conflicts only)
- added button to reload tracking protection database from file
- updated Flash
- worked on asynchronous calls to make tabcontrol more responsiv
- updated UAs
- enabled high DPI support
- updated ad filters with EasyList and EasyPrivacy
- added indicator for opening a file when completed from the downloads bar
- added preset VPNs with 10 locations around the world

Polarity 9.1.5
- Change log not available for this version

Polarity 9.1.4
- Fixed crashing issue when inserting new user into PolarPass

Polarity 9.1.3
- Change log not available for this version

Polarity 9.1.2
- Automatically refresh all tabs when reconnect to the internet, fixed bug where deleting last bookmark item in folder in bookmarks bar did not delete the directory

Polarity 9.1.1
- Change log not available for this version

Polarity 9.1.0
- Fixed bug where changing locale in browser did not work, updated to Cef 57, issue fixed where localized menus did not load, fixed issue where browser did not connect through proxy, engine cleanup, updated UAs, better HTML5 standards compliance

Polarity 9.0.5
- Bug fixes with encryption and decryption in PolarPass, updated UAs

Polarity 9.0.4
- Fixed crashing issue where GDI+ crashes the browser when loading long urls in the autocomplete menu

Polarity 9.0.3
- Fixed bug where bookmark link breaks when the url contains '@' after clicking from favorites menu, fixed bug where removing a bookmark item from the favorites bar would not delete empty folders, updated UAs

Polarity 9.0.2
- Fixed GUI in Settings applet, fixed bug where apps would not download in Polarity Portable, menu now automatically shows scrollbar for when the browser window is too short, updated Spanish translation, added autohide omnibar option when scrolling down pages

Polarity 9.0.1
- Fixed finder bug where it would continue to find text even after reloading, fixed bug where adding an article with a long title to reading list failed, updated error message for better explanation for GDI+ error on start

Polarity 9.0.0
- Updated default theme
- Status label now hides when hovered, indicates if fields were autofilled by polarpass
- Updated error page UIs
- Fixed Dropbox uploading issue
- Updated find function to be much more accurate with better UI
- New experimental canvas features
- Enabled Nacl
- Fixed issues with context menu in iframes
- Fixed directory issues
- Improved theming system which allows users to automatically let Polarity correct low contrasting themes
- Fixed major bug with removing bookmarks
- Fixed bug where turning of proxies does not work
- Switched to Instapaper from Readability for Reading Mode
- More engine optimizations for speed and lower memory usage
- Much faster processing of History items
- Updated Print to PDF, updated security icons
- Updated drop down menu UI
- Fixed bookmark deleting bug
- Adjusted Settings tab to be better suited with larger displays
- Updated ad block filters
- Updated UAs
- Fixed Trident Mode bugs
- Fixed issue where PolarPass coud not detect fill form
- Option to hide bookmarks bar with right click menu in bookmarks bar
- Added option to only autofill username or only autofill password in polarpass
- Support with loading localhost pages
- Fixed Youtube popup player crash
- Fixed directory bug where program path changes after open file dialog is used
- Option to view archive version of website powered by Wayback Machine if the website is could not be loaded
- Redesigned menu sidebar with the apps bar moved to the right side
- Keyboard shortcuts now listed in context menus
- Updated button components
- Fixed DPI issues with downloader, notification bar, and other parts of the browser
- Sped up tabcontrol performance
- File explorer facelift with option to disable
- Adaptable browser icons and shadows for light and dark UIs
- Theme files now support pictures
- Fixed issue where invalid folder paths caused Polarity to crash in add bookmark dialog
- Fixed context menu scaling on higher DPI monitors
- Fixed tooltips not appearing when hovering over tabs
- Added PhishTank integration to keep track of phishing and malware infested sites
- Option to scroll tabs with mousewheel
- Fixed window border adjustment size issues
- Added compression options in Settings tab under Performance
- Fixed inconsistent theming with find box in popup windows
- Fixed strangely proportioned icons
- Back and forward mouse buttons are supported again

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