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RogueKiller Portable (64-bit) Windows

RogueKillerPortable 是一個用 C ++ 編寫的反惡意軟件程序,能夠檢測和刪除通用惡意軟件以及一些高級威脅,例如 rootkit,流氓,蠕蟲等。它是 RogueKiller Portable 的完全脫機安裝程序.

基於查找惡意軟件的通用方法根據其行為(啟發式),經典的反惡意軟件分析(特徵碼發現)和未記錄的黑客行為,該軟件可以查找 / 刪除大多數基本惡意軟件(惡意軟件,特洛伊木馬等等)以及某些高級威脅,例如 ZeroAccess 或 TDSS

RogueKiller 可移植的 64 位是由一個小型團隊維護的微小反惡意軟件,因此新的檢測結果基於“最廣泛傳播的威脅”。軟件迅速做出反應,以整合檢測和清除可能被認為是全球威脅並影響全球大量用戶的東西。

以下是 Rogue Killer 能夠執行的操作的簡短摘要:
殺死惡意進程停止惡意服務停止惡意服務卸載惡意 DLL 從進程中查找 / 殺死惡意隱藏進程查找和刪除惡意自動啟動條目,包括:註冊表項(RUN / RUNONCE,…),任務計劃程序(1.0 / 2.0)和啟動文件夾查找和刪除註冊表劫持,包括:Shell / Load 條目,擴展關聯劫持和 DLL 劫持讀取 / 修復 DNS 劫持(DNS 修復按鈕)讀取 / 修復代理劫持(代理修復按鈕)讀取 / 修復主機劫持(主機修復按鈕)恢復被“假 HDD”類型的流氓隱藏的快捷方式 / 文件 / 修復惡意的主引導記錄(MBR),甚至隱藏在 rootkit 列表後面 / 修復 SSDT –影子 SSDT – IRP 掛鉤(即使帶有內嵌掛鉤)查找並恢復已修補的系統文件 / f 由 Rootkit 提供支持 McAfee Stinger 是一個獨立的實用程序,用於檢測和刪除特定病毒。它不能替代全面的防病毒保護,而是一種專用工具,可在處理受感染系統時協助管理員和用戶。自述文件詳細信息中列出了與每個 Stinger 版本一起添加的新簽名或增強簽名的詳細信息。

McAfeeStinger 利用下一代掃描技術,包括 rootkit 掃描和掃描性能優化。它可以檢測並清除 Stinger 應用程序中“高級”菜單選項下“威脅列表”選項下確定的威脅。

McAfeeStinger 現在包括 Raptor,這是一種實時行為檢測技術,用於監視端點上的可疑活動。 Raptor 利用雲中的機器學習和基於自動行為的分類實時檢測零日惡意軟件.


檔案版本 RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
檔案名稱 RogueKiller_portable64.exe
檔案大小 35.4 MB
系統 Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 Adlice Software
軟體類型 2020-02-24

What's new in this version:

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
Updated to core 4.1.3:
- Fixed url for signatures download

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
Updated to core 4.1.2:
- Updated libraries (openssl / libssh2 / libcurl /libyara)
- Fixed an issue in Path parser
- Update to rkflt 0.9.3
- Update to rksvc 1.2.0
- Fixed an issue where certain command lines could hang until timeout in rkflt
- Improved performances for scanning filesystem network resources
- Fixed scheduled version check
- Updated translations

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Updated to core 4.1.1
- Service: Defer crash upload in a worker thread
- Fixed potential issue with hanging processes (including web browsers)
- Fixed EULA showing in installed mode

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Updated to core 4.1.0
- Fixed a possible crash in Buffer module (implicitcasts)
- Fixed an issue where threat name wasn't properly parsed
- Reduced API calls frequency
- Update to rkflt 0.9.2
- Update to rksvc 1.1.0
- Fixed possible crash at exit
- DockLock: Prevent RW from rebooting
- DockLock: Prevent RW from using shadow copy removal
- DockLock: Fixed an issue where renaming whas not fully detected
- DockLock: Added RIPlace detection and blocking
- Updates libraries (jansson / cryptopp)
- Driver loading sanity check
- Added gamer mode (no notifications during full screen)

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Fix for getting username from SYSTEM account
- Fixes for scheduler engine
- Fixed FP remediation for Proc.Svchost detections
- Fixed exclusions when path have spaces
- Minor fixes
- Added "refresh" button for custom scan paths directories tree (to use on external drives (un)plugged)
- Fixed laggy UI at startup

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Added button to export RTP history
- Added button to export service log
- Added button to clear RTP cache
- Fixed warning about modules disabled when explicitely turned off by config
- Fixed an issue with exit warning not showing
- Updated German translation
- Updated Turkish translation

Updated to core 4.0.4:
- Fixed Bad.Extension on Zero-filled
- Fixed heuristics in command-line scanner
- Fix for telemetry
- Fixed bad reference decrement in Yara scanner
- Fixed initialization order in worker threads
- Fixed ACLs removal in Debug module
- Fixed potential crash in Exclusions and History Events modules
- Minor fixes

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Fixed possible crashes in logging
- Fixed an issue with processes CLI exposing pipe names (some VPN softs)
- Fixed an issue where DocLock reset was not removing old entries
- Now displaying full command line instead of process path in history/events
- Cloud upload (async) when needed
- New telemetry data
- Minor fixes
- Updated German translation

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
-  Added ability to reset doclock folders to default
-  Improved doclock remove all folders call
-  Fixed possible crashes
-  minor fixes

- Fixed an issue where self-exit displayed a warning
- Added ability to reset doclock folders to default

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Real Time Protection
- Malware Protection module
- Documents Protection module
- Real Time Protection settings and UI changes
- Minor fixes

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Updated to core 3.2.17
- Added Background scan
- Fixed possible crash at scanner destroy
- Minor fixes
- Added background scan (low CPU usage) setting for scheduled scans
- Icons refactoring

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Updated to core 3.2.16
- Fixed possible crash when exiting during a scan
- Minor fixes

RogueKiller Portable (64-bit)
- Updated to core 3.2.15
- Fixed common folders/files ACLs
- RogueKillerDLL 2.4
- Using Restart Manager whenever possible
- Added registry setting to force debug logging
- Fixed an issue where folders were not properly quarantined and removed
- Added Critical flag manipulation before processes termination
- Fixed an issue where exclusions were not working with shortcuts
- Minor fixes
- Fixed an issue with licensing button notifications

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