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TeamSpeak Client (32-bit)

TeamSpeak 為在線遊戲,教育和培訓,內部業務溝通以及與朋友和家人保持聯繫提供了理想的工具。主要重點是提供易於使用的解決方案,具有高安全性標準,出色的語音質量以及較低的系統和帶寬使用率。具有客戶端 - 服務器體系結構,TeamSpeak 能夠處理多達數千個並髮用戶.它是如何工作的?託管您自己的 TeamSpeak 服務器,或從授權的 TeamSpeak 主機提供商處租借一個。與任何你想說的人...


What's new in this version:

- Added setting in Options/Design to disable tree tooltips as requested by user feedback. Tooltips are enabled by default
- Added contextmenu to move bookmarks and identities between synchronized and local lists as usability improvement for sight-impaired users
- Updated license agreement in installers
- Various internal changes for our new server accounting system
- Added support for percent-encoded server nicknames in ts3server:// links, invite dialog and chat
- Use more reliable timestamp server for Windows code signing certificate
- Refactored server nickname check and discard/apply behaviour in virtual server edit dialog
- Overhauled TSDNS code to better integrate new server nicknames into the existing resolve process
- Fixed rare possibility to lose synchronized items when myTeamSpeak server gets unresponsive
- Fixed subscribe mode producing errors when connecting to servers where your subscription abilities are limited by permissions
- Fixed empty license text in about dialog for non-german/english languages
- Fixed possible rare crash when exiting the application on all platforms
- Fixed possible crash on macOS in hotkey detection code
- Fixed client freeze when trying to resolve a server nickname and backend is unavailable or slow
- Fixed crash in bookmarks dialog found in crashdumps


What's new in this version:

- Added Server Nicknames feature. Register a server nickname on the webpage to let users easily connect to your TS3 server.
- Added support for new server property and permission, which allows you to enter registered server nicknames as server property to display it to all users on this server.
- Support for new black/graylist backend.
- Support for new server license features.
- Don't spam "failed to connect to myteamspeak server" notifications. Show it once after client start and then again only in intervals of 6 hours.
- Windows sound backend overhaul continued.


What's new in this version:

- Fixed possible issue when updating to future client release 3.1.5 would abort with a timeout error when downloading and installing the Microsoft redistributable installer for MSVC 2015 Update 3.
- Fixed package installer crash on Windows 32-bit OS.


What's new in this version:

- Angle is now the default OpenGL renderer to workaround issues with the latest NVidia driver update.
- Added new commandline parameter --force-opengl-desktop, which would force the old default renderer
- Fixes to recently overhauled windows soundbackend


What's new in this version:

- ClientQuery plugin is now managed by the online addon system
- Fix several hotkeys not binding properly
- Fixed rare crash in Windows Audio backend
- Fixed rare crash on exit


What's new in this version:

- Added new hotkey setting to use this hotkey only in the current server tab
- (experimental) added command line arguments to let users with broken gfx drivers force using Angle DirectX backend or software rendering: force-opengl-angle --force-opengl-soft
- Control plugin is now managed by the online addon system
- Various improvements to Overwolf integration
- Minor update to license agreement logic to avoid showing a new license text when users are not required to re-accept the license
- Windows Audio Session (WASAPI) sound backend improvements
- Readded possibility to use ts3server links with token and addbookmark parameters, which got lost with sync changes in 3.1. Instead of storing a token in the bookmark as pre-3.1, the token is locally stored in a file and used the first time a connection is established via the added bookmark. Such tokens will not be synchronized via myTeamSpeak
- Improved text in error reporter to make more clear what we are going to upload
- Updated some permission help texts
- Fixed incorrect channel password being used on automatic reconnect
- Fixed bookmarks manager drag&drop where autoconnect bookmarks lost their bold state
- Fixed order of autoconnect bookmarks to behave again like in pre-3.1 clients
- Fixed package installer failing on package.ini files encoded with UTF-8-BOM. TSDNS deprecated dialog is now a message in the server tab
- Fixes to sync status display in statusbar
- Minor fixes to myTeamSpeak recovery key behaviour, don't allow using a recovery key after logging out of myTeamSpeak account
- Fixed myTeamSpeak item collision dialog to no longer try to solve a collision while the item has already been deleted
- Multiple improvements and fixes to new hotkey backend introduced in 3.1.1
- Minor fixes to file browser introduced with recent filetransfer rewrite


What's new in this version:

Plugin API version updated to 22. Version 21 plugins will continue to work.
Improvements to Windows Audio Session sound backend
Added some informative tooltips and dialogs to myTeamSpeak dialogs, trying to explain what "Stay logged in on this computer" and "Synchronization" features do, as this apparently caused some user confusion.
Changed behavior in myTeamSpeak options page. Apply settings immediately instead of waiting for Apply/Ok click.
Added openglblacklist.json trying to workaround broken OpenGL drivers of some graphic cards, forcing software renderer mode.
Added help texts to sync item collision dialogs to explain how a collision happened and how to resolve it.
TSDNS fixes to workaround issues with broken routers. Using Google DNS servers as fallback.
Fixed channel subscriptions of non-existant channels bloating bookmark sync data. Bookmarks will auto-cleanup themselves on connect.
Open external links in online addons browser widget in external browser.
Limit channel auto-subscription to 500 channels to avoid exceeding maximum server packet size.
- Fixed filetransfer from password-protected channels
- Fixed updater UAC detection on Windows
- Treat empty profiles in plugin API guiConnect function as "use default profiles", fixing issue in Overwolf apps
- Reimplemented plugin API call getBookmarkList, added demo code to test plugin
- Fixed crash in plugin API sendFile function when passing a nullptr as return code
- Fixed opening the recovery key dialog from statusbar icon when sync data failed to decrypt
- Increased settings.db version to 7 due to new hotkey backend
- Fixed various crashes found through the crashdump upload system
- Fixed third icon in badges setup dialog not showing the proper badge
- Various fixes to importing pre-3.1 hotkeys
- Fixed certain unicode characters in bookmark nickname to trigger the "unsaved changes" dialog even if there was no change. Closing the bookmarks dialog with "Ok" once will fix existing bookmarks
- Fixed clearing cache during a running client session breaking badges
- Fixed server- and clientlog filter list breaking on entries including linebreaks
- Fixed port being ignored in bookmarks using IPv6 addresses
- Added "Cancel" button to myTeamSpeak account setup dialog
- Fixed pressing escape not deleting the key in a hotkey dialog created by the plugin API requestHotkeyDialog
- Fixed a crash in the ClientQuery Plugin
- When a style is uninstalled, the client now switches back to default
- When a soundpack is uninstalled, the combobox for selection is now updated properly
- Sound packs can now use relative paths again to reference to default sound pack files
- Default sound pack gets updated immediately upon installation through addon browser
- Addons are now sorted by name in the addon options

New hotkey backend:
- New Plugin API to allow plugins to "provide" new hotkey input
- Mouse Button 4 and 5 support on Linux
- Improved cross-platform keyboard key mapping to better handle keys on non US keyboards
- Fixed a bug that would cause the client to lose the ability to handle hotkeys on Mac after an update using the built-in updater
- Hotkeys created using Client 3.1.1 are not compatible with or below
- Moved Gamepad and Joystick support from the client to a plugin. This plugin is available in myTeamSpeak and will be automatically installed


What's new in this version:

- Fixed crash at start on Windows Vista