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vMix Windows

VSO Downloader 從數千個網站下載音頻和視頻流內容。流式傳輸內容被自動檢測,無需複製或粘貼網址。下載高清流媒體只需選擇查看您的網頁上的高清分辨率,VSO Downloader 將自動記錄高清分辨率。下載可以自動轉換成各種格式,包括 MP3,AVI Xvid 和 H264,和 MPEG4。 VSO Downloader 獨立於網絡瀏覽器,所以它適用於所有這些,Internet Explorer,Firefox,Chrome 和 Opera。一個特殊的恢復下載功能可以讓你關閉 VSO Downloader,如果需要的話,可以在下次使用的時候重新下載。一個廣告攔截器是集成的,只有相關的內容被下載。各種設置可以讓您根據自己的需求微調節目.

VSO Downloader 功能:
從 YouTube,Dailymotion,Metacafe 等視頻和音頻流媒體網站下載視頻流。從任何網站下載音頻流:潘多拉 + 更多下載網絡電台,下載電台下載高清視頻流在您的網頁上選擇高清分辨率支持的所有格式:FLV,MP4,WMV,MP3,AVI,SWF ... 流媒體內容自動檢測和下載(無需複制和粘貼網址)下載後自動將視頻文件轉換為各種格式:AVI,Xvid,AVI,H264,Mp4,Mpeg4,手機和蘋果格式:Ipad,Ipod,Iphone。 MP3 轉換器集成,下載視頻在 MP3 + FLAC 和 M4A 轉換包括音頻規範化設置下載 YouTube 到 MP3 HTTP Icecast(Shoutcast)HTTP 動態流(HDS)安全流 RTMP / RTMPT(非註冊用戶下載 50%)下載加速器整合快速錄製流,不再等待緩衝同時下載多個文件獨立於所有的 Web 瀏覽器工作:Internet Explorer,Firefox,Chrome,Opera 等... 廣告攔截器:檢測廣告,不會下載智能自動文件重命名(也可以手動進行文件重命名(F2))恢復功能從停止的位置開始下載重放視頻暫停一個或全部下載重新打開程序時重新啟動未完成的下載應用過濾器選擇要檢測或忽略哪些文件決定全部下載檢測到的媒體自動或根據您的請求軟件在後台工作,可以通過托盤圖標預覽控制活動文件和下載檢查的縮略圖支持所有主要 VPN 支持的代理服務器注意:演示版本中的功能有限.

檔案版本 vMix
檔案名稱 vmix23.exe
檔案大小 341 MB
系統 Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
軟體類型 未分類
作者 VSO Software
更新日期 http://www.vso-software.fr/products/downloader/vso-downloader.php
軟體類型 2020-03-18

What's new in this version:

- Fixed issue with latest StreamDeck software update
- Increased number of vMix Calls in 4K edition from 2 to 4
- Fixed high CPU usage with multiple callers in update

- Updates WebRTC library for DTLS 1.2 support, required by Chrome and FireFox in March 2020 updates
- Improves connection reliability through difficult firewalls by only requiring a single port to be open for both audio and video where available. (called "WebRTC Bundling")
- General connectivity improvements when faced with unreliable internet
- Improvements to video/audio for iOS (iPhone/iPad) callers

- Fixed Mix dropdown in Triggers not showing all available mixes
- Fixed a bug in SRT output causing encoder to stop in some situations

- Fixed issue when adding an NDI input that has Multicast enabled
- Added support for selecting Mix when using Triggers and Scripting
- Removed SmartScreen warning when installing on a system for the first time

- Fixed a memory leak in the SRT input
- Fixed GT scroll transition direction not saving when set to Left
- A text field in GT with the events disabled checkbox (such as for a clock) will now update even if a datachange transition is in progress
- Input speed may not load correctly from a preset on systems in some regions
- Improved playback smoothness for 50p video files

- Fixed different flicker introduced by bug fix of preview/output label flicker

- Updated NDI to latest 4.2 release
- Fixed MultiCorder MOV checkbox for NDI not saving when disabled
- Fixed BusXSolo shortcut not working
- Added 1080p streaming presets for Facebook
- Creating a new preset in vMix now correctly resets the 4 outputs
- Fixed flicker in preview/output position labels

- Added workaround for Google Chrome update causing vMix Video device to no longer work
- Fixed FMLE no longer working as the streaming application
- Updated vMix Desktop Capture to with fix for old CPUs without AVX support

- Fixed incorrect version of SRT library included with installer
- Fixed issue with SRT streams stopping on some systems where more than one SRT output stream is enabled

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