XSplit Broadcaster 3.9.1912.1002 軟體資訊交流 Windows

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XSplit Broadcaster 3.9.1912.1002 Windows

XSplit Broadcaster 是一個簡單而強大的 Windows 電腦直播和錄製軟件,為世界各地的無數的直播和錄製功率,是與您所愛的視頻遊戲製作豐富的視頻內容的完美選擇.


如果 XSplit Broadcaster,是你的畫布,那麼多媒體源是你的油漆。製作廣播時,將視頻和音樂中的所有內容添加到網絡攝像機和 Skype 中的遠程訪客。利用增強的音頻功能提供更高保真的聲音,並在使用我們的場景預覽編輯器前預覽和編輯新的鏡頭.

XSplit Broadcaster 由於我們的插件存儲,具有豐富的自定義功能,讓您進一步個性化您的廣播捐贈警報,音樂請求和更多。你甚至可以開發自己的!可能性是無止境的.


檔案版本 XSplit Broadcaster 3.9.1912.1002
檔案名稱 xbc_web_installer_3.9.1912.1002.exe
檔案大小 102.4 KB
系統 Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
軟體類型 未分類
作者 SplitmediaLabs, Ltd.
更新日期 https://www.xsplit.com/#broadcaster
軟體類型 2020-03-10

What's new in this version:

XSplit Broadcaster 3.9.1912.1002
Features and improvements:
- Unified login experience and other improvements
- Also applied to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, & Mixer widgets
- In-app Support chat integration
- Browser component updates & fixes
- Add Easing options for scene presets
- Hotkey processing improvements
- Screen capture compatibility update
- AMD VCE updates
- QuickSync adjustments for compatibility & performance
- Stream Dashboard Extension
- Add transparency option to game source
- Updates to extensions (Macros, Scene Switcher, Per Scene Audio, & Audio Mixer)
- Add vertical/horizontal layout toggling (Audio Mixer)
- Add decay rate to audio meter animation (Audio Mixer)
- Add `on replay start/end` macro (Macros)
- Create action to manually control slideshows (media and image) (Macros)
- Per Scene Transitions / Transition Override
- Add support for video/image filters
- Updates to NDI integration
- Nvidia Encoder compatibility update
- Add option to "Hide XSplit from display capture" in General Settings
- Allow user to choose a scene for local recording
- Add Live Scene option for Scene source
- Improved GPU prioritization
- Improvements to screen capture
- Ability to import scenes from OBS
- Allow to delete stinger/luma transitions that are in use
- Expose Aspect Mode option in Video Encoding Setup of channel properties
- Update Mixer output plugin video bitrate cap

- ADAPTERID is automatically duplicated and displayed as extra encoding parameter when NVENC is used
- Twitch Cheers Alert's properties window is loading forever
- Welcome screen texts are not translated when changing language
- Workspace mode and split view size may reset on restart
- Browser cache folders are created on Desktop
- Crash when loading a certain web page source
- "File in use" error message appears when editing a Luma transition (For verification)
- Audio Visualizer's audio source dropdown is blank (For verification)
- NullReferenceException may occur after logging in
- Some texts localization are untranslated on app restart
- NullReferenceException/SecurityException on login when running as non-admin
- Support Chat window issues in high DPI monitor
- Notification bar is cut in high DPI monitor
- CultureNotFoundException on startup
- Window Capture may not load in some cases
- Scene presets to have 500ms default transition time (For testing)
- Text fields and color pickers in source properties may require multiple clicks
- Fix Facebook page live comments in In-game HUD
- Authentication window can be opened multiple times
- Login with YouTube may not work (if XSplit VCam is started first)
- Microsoft sign in page on Mixer popup is small
- Hotkey combination bound to mouse button may not trigger the corresponding hotkey in the app
- Twitch channel requires user to re-auth after a few hours
- Stability fixes
- Audio desync on XSplit NDI source from NDI stream from a different application
- Extreme pixelation on video playback after resuming Local Recording
- Drop downs in source properties sometimes require multiple clicks
- Various In-game HUD fixes
- Renamed scenes may not be reflected in the Tools > Settings > Hotkeys tab
- YouTube Live pre-stream dialog: Extra scrollbars are displayed for Tags
- YouTube login does not stick on restart
- Green line on some camera source in GPU processing mode
- Game crash or distorted rendering upon resizing game window while In-Game HUD is enabled (For verification)
- Push-to-talk hotkey bound to a single key (no modifier) does not work on app start
- Audio dropdown list in Settings may show up empty
- XSplit Express Video Editor installation may not be detected
- Fixes to YouTube widgets (YouTube Live Chat Viewer, YouTube Live Alerts, & YouTube Super Chat)
- ArgumentNullException in starting with a new presentation
- NotImplementedException on closing extension window
- Some items on Tools and Help menu stay Korean even when changing to different language
- Localization flag does not update after changing language

XSplit Broadcaster 3.9.1909.1601
- Change log not available for this version

XSplit Broadcaster 3.8.1905.2118
- Change log not available for this version

XSplit Broadcaster 3.7.1902.0712

- Unlock full x264 presets

- System.FormatException occurs when attempting to stream/record in some resolutions

XSplit Broadcaster 3.6.1811.2313
- Camera source turns to black if border is enabled
- Virtual camera crash in Firefox
- Allow to disable "yellow bar" notification banner and update links for older clients that cannot disable the bar
- No device is listed in Audio device list (Settings -> Audio tab) if Corsair ST100 is present
- Facebook Live: "Start Streaming" button on Easy Setup does not work right away
- YouTube Live: Privacy is not changed on Stream Now

XSplit Broadcaster 3.6.1811.2309
Features and improvements:
- Allow to use Nvenc on Secondary GPU
- Native NV12 support on NDI Output (sender) (For testing)
- NoteSpecify ndialpha:0 startup parameter
- Allow to use non-default D3D device
- Improved popup handler on login authorization form
- Use new webpage dialog layout for custom extension dialog
- Remove option for internal decoding for Elgato cards
- Add quality options to NDI Source (receiver)
- Improvement to Hotkey assignment panel
- Startup/loading optimization
- Update Video Processing Mode tooltip
- Add status icons for plugins in store (downloaded/not downloaded/update available)
- Attach exe name to window capture names
- Improve error message when device does not support DX hardware level 10.1
- Virtual camera update
- MacrosRetain input values on reloading scene/source
- MacrosAdd custom action to change an items' transition effect

- Application uses more CPU when RTSP camera source is configured with audio disabled
- RTMP header shows different audio and video bitrate
- Freeze occurs when Logitech camera resets during stream
- AppCrash occurs on Optimus laptops using NVidia Driver 397.93 or newer
- Repetitive camera restarts on Optimus Laptops using NVIDIA Driver 397.93 or newer
- Crash when adding a video without frames
- Xbutton1 and Xbutton2 don't work on Application Mode when used as hotkey combinations
- Set Twitter character limit to 280 characters
- Changes are retained on the Advanced tab after clicking the Cancel button
- Incorrect Game Source list on the Preview Editor when menu is clicked
- Freeze when loading presentation on CPU mode while WASAPI is enabled on the affected machine (For testing)
- Blank source properties dialog and plugin store
- Extension plugin may load directory and not the actual plugin
- Application may not restart after changing settings
- Splash screen shifts upward during login
- Viewport does not scale to absolute 100% after window resize
- Missing NDI Output hotkey on the menu
- Wrong GPU clock reading in status panel
- Source properties with open file dialog can accept drag and drop
- Skype source no longer connects to new Skype versions
- System.ArgumentException occurs when switching to Split Mode while Preview Editor is active
- Plugin information window disappears after sending invalid plugin review
- Invalid URI error may appear on login
- Incorrect resolution/fps displayed on the Stream Settings dialog when using a free license and custom settings will result to watermarked stream
- Possible crash on startup - no error message just silent application crash
- Plugin Store becomes empty when app restart is halted after updating plugins
- Main menu locks up when streaming to Youtube Live after clicking twice on the menu entry
- Possible crash/freeze preceded by camera/capture card source showing XSplit watermark
- x264 stream bitrate stability problem
- Wait cursor is displayed while dragging the Share Stream dialog
- Share Stream dialog can be maximized
- Some menus get disabled after invoking stream that will not continue
- Application becomes unresponsive after opening the Screen Capture menu
- GameSource cursor fails to render correctly on the mixer
- Incorrect frame rate in metadata of recording
- artner Referral Tagging does not work
- Smashcast Chat ViewerCannot connect to Smashcast channel
- Extra logging in startup errors
- Splash animation is not working
- "Show mouse clicks" on Screen Capture does not work
- Inconsistent menu entry for NDI source
- IdentityNotMappedException on startup/login
- No account activation message when logging in w/ offline mode
- Watermarks are briefly shown when XSplit virtual camera becomes active
- Projector is still captured when "Exclude XSplit from display capture" is enabled
- Stream-start and Stream-end events are not captured in Text source and plg configuration HTMLs
- Snap Cameramissing camera feed when opening Video Output
- MixerSystem.IndexOutOfRangeException occurs after Setup Wizard is completed and hardware encoder is set (related to XBC-7393)
- Camera may stay in use even after switching to another camera
- Splash screen may appear over the Notice Dialog
- Crash may occur after successfully authorizing with 3rd party service
- Restart loop after re-login with 3rd party service
- TextShadow and outline value does not reflect on the source property content preview
- Video PlaylistPlayback completely stops on a missing video in the playlist
- MacrosDrop-down controls may not stay visible long enough while selecting options
- Per Scene AudioAppHang may occur when switching scenes
- Text Custom Script interval issues with Animations
- Facebook Live WizardEasy Mode is active when channel setup is opened via Custom URI
- Facebook LiveArgumentException may cause some prestream lookups to not work
- YouTube LiveTitle and description from prestream dialog does not update into the stream
- Unable to toggle audio input source on StreamDeck
- Text sourceInserting multiple line breaks and delimiter instances messes up text size on reload
- Twitch IRC Chat ViewerUI not updated when Scroll animation is enabled
- YouTube Super Chat AlertCannot login account
- YouTube LiveJapanese IME input does not work properly on the Title box
- NVENC is not listed as encoder on Facebook Live Easy Mode
- First frame of video gets stuck in playback area
- Playback is low resolution

XSplit Broadcaster 3.5.1808.2937
- Fixes: GameSource cursor fails to render correctly on the mixer

XSplit Broadcaster 3.5.1808.2926
- Change log not available for this version

XSplit Broadcaster 3.4.1806.2229
- No longer able to toggle selected source visibility using space bar
- Blackmagic WDM source may show "Camera Not Available"
- Remove Flash prerequisite on certain systems
- Error when starting stream/recording in some system (due to audio format)
- Updates to Facebook integration
- New installed source or extension plugins are broken on relogin
- Improve handling of redownloaded web installer
- GS FPS limiter: New value may not be saved after hovering out of the source props window
- Stream only device not installed (or gets uninstalled during update)
- System.NullReferenceException occurs on when starting stream on some outputs via Hotkey
- Facebook Live output can get stuck on "Initiating stream"
- Plugins randomly listed as missing on startup

XSplit Broadcaster 3.4.1806.2217
- Change log not available for this version

XSplit Broadcaster 3.3.1805.0302
- Change log not available for this version

XSplit Broadcaster 3.3.1803.0508
- Crash on stopping output with NvEnc hardware encoder
- Crash/Freeze streaming/recording while Recordings window is open
- System.InvalidCastException occurs when loading a presentation with Logitech webcam on a non-active scene

XSplit Broadcaster 3.3.1803.0505
- ArgumentNullException keeps popping up when streaming while German language is selected
- Authentication of social network from share dialogs does not reflect on Accounts tab

XSplit Broadcaster 3.3.1803.0502

Features and improvements:
- Faster/simplified media information retrieval in Recordings window
- New windows capture mode on Windows 10
- Persist camera video input settings
- Integrate native RTMP stream source
- Option to save separate audio tracks for mic and system audio
- Add plugin category in permissions list
- Make options for browser source to force reload
- Encoding on high DPI settings shows wobbly stage
- Add desktop (monitor) selection in the source properties
- Categorize hotkeys in settings
- Different color for the center horizontal and vertical lines for snap to grid
- Macros extension
- Option to upload log files
- Improvements to YouTube Live plugin flow
- Update title bar text when performing pre-stream bandwidth test or ingest selection
- YouTube Live: Allow to set New Live Event end date to exceed 24 hours
- YouTube Live: Add "Ultra low-latency" option
- Niconico: Increase audio bitrate support for up to 192 kbps
- Facebook Live: Add 1080p bitrates
- YouTube Live: Allow max bitrate to go beyond the max value noted in Video Encoding tooltip

- Fixes:
- Fix crash in stream recording allocation
- Incorrect scene name displayed on the permissions window after swapping scenes
- Crash may occur with RSS reader via the Text plugin
- Title bar may show "Live" even though it is not
- Elgato Game Capture WASAPI audio issues
- Video audio gets de-sync when using WASAPI output
- 4K video may stutter and display artifacts when using CPU mode
- Settings window can be launched before prestream dialog opens
- Possible crash during login when XSplitBroadcaster virtual camera is used on TeamViewer
- Stream gets stuck restarting when attempting to reconnect
- Disallow changing Audio Input for Elgato HD filter to avoid video stutters
- Incorrect GPU usage value on the bottom panel
- Some sources reload on change of language
- Folder location reverts to default upon reboot when network path requires credentials
- XSplit Game Source Helper may be visible on certain setups
- Some windows are scaled small on high DPI settings
- Open file dialog is left open when source properties window is closed
- Add Stinger & Stinger Creator - Failure to convert files
- HTML tags are parsed on the Permissions window
- DivideByZeroException occurs on logout/exit for newly created accounts
- Silent crash on exit when Projector is still open
- Unhandled exception occurs when using illegal character in editing stinger name
- Presentation packager may crash during export process
- Crash encountered while changing the interval for Media Slideshow
- Text: Adding the plugin on stage gets very laggy if many fonts are installed
- Presentation Packager: Unable to load video files
- "Error #100 Invalid planned start time" when creating new scheduled live video
- Facebook Live: Continuous multiple clicks lead to multiple opened windows
- Video encoding bitrate on the tooltip do not adjust when toggling the audio bitrate - affects Facebook Live & YouTube Live
- Pre-stream dialogs are scaled small on high DPI settings - affects Twitch, YouTube Live, & Facebook Live
- Youtube Live: Live events become missing if a troubled live event is not ended

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2927

- Stream reconfiguration may fail
- Some advanced settings options are not reverted to default values on restore
- Possible exception when adaptive bitrate is enabled
- Update error when using Hijri date
- Akamai: Exception occurs when testing bandwidth
- Browser source compatibility for NVIDIA GTX 10xx series
- Possible exception (access violation so app crashes) when reading GPU clock speed for NVIDIA
- Stream Delay is ignored when "Automatically save recording to local drive" is enabled
- TypeInitializationException in enumerating SystemFontFamilies upon login
- Twitch: Server dropdown can exceed the screen edge

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2916

- Video playback issues for live stream recording
- Paste info dialog does not display properly for some languages
- Sharing an image to Player.me shows 502 error
- Current language may not have check mark on menu
- Selected language is not retained on logout
- RTMPS no longer works in 64 bit build
- MFP is not detected when already installed on Windows Fall Creators update
- Exported videos are pixelated

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2902

Features and improvements:
- This version is now 64 bit and only compatible with 64 bit Windows(r)
- Facebook Live: Add status option for page and list all future scheduled for all timelines
- Improvements to loading speed
- Delay notification of updates (also helps improve loading speed)
- Add restart option on My Plugins if an output was updated using Update All button
- Tracktl: Add Trackparty in source name

- Game capture optimization for DX9 32bit does not work in Fall Creators Update (RS3) of Windows 10 (1709 Build 16299)
- Application can freeze when removing SWF source
- Possible exception when reading audio sources
- Crash on Live Gamer HD2 filter during video output resolution update when using MJPG color space
- Advanced settings options are not reverted to default values on restore (For testing)
- Extension window opens after updating from the store
- Login form flickers on auto-login / Some UI elements may show ahead of time
- Exception and crash occurs upon login on offline mode
- UriFormatException occurs when adding custom extension without protocol
- Loading a presentation always defaults the scene position to scene 1
- Unable to startup on an AMD Crossfire setup
- Screenshot of active scene is not working on split mode
- Text source scrolling function uses too much CPU
- Presentation Packager: Export/validation process may get stuck when an empty Image Slideshow is in presentation (For testing)
- QNAP DJ2: Discovery window does not open

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